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  1. Bandwart

    Mancubus Pain sound sped up 200%

    After knowing how they did the Icon of Sin sounds, I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. Bandwart

    Cacowards 2013 nomination thread

    Wow I'm late to the party! I didn't get much time to play many good Wads, but out of the ones I did, my nominations go to Temple of the Lizardmen 3 and Damnation.
  3. Bandwart

    Updated - Damnation Wad Released

    This is very impressive. The level polishing is some of the best I've seen, map06 and map14 and map29 are masterpieces, and the addition of the skulltag runes and powerups added some great gameplay elements. I must say that all the boss fights are unique and well put together, though the last level (while epic and fun), is very chaotic and some people may just be annoyed with it. All the ambient sounds were great, though they were a bit excessively stacked in some areas. The music is also good and so is the story. Mentioning the story, all the detail and work put into the .rtf file is very well done and I think more wadders should do this kind of thing (but it could have done without all the images and pictures, considering the rtf is about 17 mbs). Overall it's a fantastic wad, and definitely not bad for your first. I look forward to seeing more.
  4. Bandwart

    FleshRend - A 9 map wad for The Ultimate Doom

    This looks very cool, I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Bandwart

    Quake 2 source-ports etc

    This is slightly off-topic, but does anyone know if there's a "Quake 2 Builder/Editor"?
  6. Bandwart

    Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

    No way I'm going to risk buying this like I did the original Diablo 3. Me and my bros ended up spending a total of 180 bucks, and we ended up quitting about two weeks later. Damn Blizzard just doesn't make great products anymore imo.
  7. Bandwart


    Impressive, though some levels were a bit repetitive. Worth the playthrough though, 3/5.
  8. Bandwart

    Brotherhood of Ruin: The Lost Temple

    Very good level design with unique atmosphere and good architecture, I liked the monster placement as well, keep it up!
  9. Bandwart


    Very good, 'need more good megawads like this :)
  10. Bandwart


    That was awesome! Great architecture and level polishing, fantastic atmosphere though the ambient sounds are a bit overused in some areas but the mp3 music is great! Excellent gameplay (though mediocre without Brutal) the addition of the skulltag runes was a good idea, great level progression though doing most of the levels pistol start doesn't work so well, and good story (people should definitely read the .rtf file that comes with the Wad, it's very well done).