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  1. Kate

    The /newstuff Chronicles #514

    How dare you say my map is awful! I'm going to sulk in the corner for about 15 minutes then stick to Oblige configuration files for the rest of my life. Or something.
  2. Kate

    Python Doom?

    By the way, I demand you change or remove the copyrights for these files as they are misappropriated and I refuse to have my name on any code that I did not directly write or modify myself without explicitly granted permission, as per the third license condition. They are not part of PyDoom, and therefore not officially copyrighted to me in any way. Thank you.
  3. Kate

    Python Doom?

    I started to work on it but lost interest in it, and was intending to pick it back up recently but my hard drive died and I lost all of my projects and work. The plan was to make some modules to piece together a framework for a 2.5D engine, since I was going to use it for my own projects. As such, it wouldn't purely be a source port since it won't play Doom on its' own (and certainly not accurately, since it wouldn't be able to emulate all of the bugs and quirks that vanilla Doom has, not being pure C, nor would I ever be remotely interested in trying to emulate anything beyond the most used/basic behavior since my own projects have different requirements), but instead supply components that would be needed to create an engine that can do so given a script that imports the components, initializes them, and supplies the basic game loop logic. I do not know when or if I'll be picking it back up. I might, but right now I have more important things to sort out.
  4. Kate

    License to Ilya (On IDgames)

    No, this is Patrick.
  5. Kate

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom's wobbly walls. I mean, I've known about them for a while now but I just remembered they exist again. And they're hilarious.
  6. Kate

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Yeah, catching onto details like that requires watching the show for more than... *taps on watch* 30 seconds. But I digress. Speaking of 30 Seconds, I should work on that.
  7. Kate

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm not apologizing.
  8. There's a couple of mods like this, but this particular one was actually modeled a bit after Chaos% for GTA: Vice City.
  9. By the way, I updated the post with a video, in case you have no clear idea what this mod is about. The mechanic is simple: Random stuff happens periodically while you play. It can help you, hinder you, or be totally harmless. You are at the total mercy of the Random Number Gods, they can be nice and give you all weapons and full ammo, or they can be nasty and revive everything in the entire map for you to fight again. Or both! The result will be different every time.
  10. What is this mod about, you ask? It's about the pinnacle of GZDoom and the many, many DECORATE features that it has to offer as a source port. How bad can it get? Well... It has a lot of features. A lot of features. And this mod will expose you to all of them. Constantly. Relentlessly. All at once. You will be crying tears of joy, of sadness, of frustration. If you survive, you will be the hero of all of the kingdom of GZDoom features. Graf Zahl will personally mail you a tiny violin for your troubles. (He won't.) The rules are simple: Random events are selected to happen as you play, cycling through one at a time, or applied “permanently” from the start of the game (or from when you last died if you're pistol-starting maps). However, these events can do practically anything to your game, even changing how the dynamics work entirely, for example suddenly leaving the ground and flying away, or monsters becoming psychedelic resize machines. There's no restraints for what an event can entail. This is the charm of it: You just have to deal with the hand you were dealt and survive however you can, if you can. Here's a small sample of the sort of things that can happen while playing, if you don't mind slight spoilers: Recommended way to play: With respawning. Add the following to GZDoom's command line:-host 1 +set sv_noweaponspawn 1 +set gl_enhanced_nightvision 0Or you can brave it in Single Player. But be warned: You can be caught in horrible death loops if you do so. If you choose to play this way, turn off autosaves and pistol start when you die. You will be thankful you did. Good luck, and have fun. Download here PS: Want a heads up on what's going on? Can't play like a real, hardcore GZDoom player? Can't quite stomach it like Cyberdemon(numbers) can? “A_Quiet FALSE” in the console will give you some rough idea of what's coming around each corner. Not that it'll help much, but at least you'll have some warning. Don't choke! PPS: Doesn't work? You need the latest GZDoom. The one at the top.
  11. Kate


    Since New Years Eve apparently, which means uploading has been broken for a little while now.
  12. Kate


  13. Okay, so since I hit the music size limit for Pink & Purple and I don't want to concede the music since it makes up 2/3rds of the map's overall theme and atmosphere, I've actually decided that I'll continue developing it as either a standalone map, or one of my other projects, which will let me put together more of it and give me more time to flesh out its' gigantic layout and give it some more love. However, I did cook up a speedmap which I feel would be a cool addition to the mega project, so here we go: Language Barrier Author(s): Kate Stone Build time: 100 minutes Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, SLADE Source Port: ZDoom (tested on 2.7.1 just to be sure) Music track: Custom (OGG Vorbis) Playtesting: To fix ACS scripts. Bugs: One flat, can't get 100% kills due to a scripting event. Inspiration: 5in100 (I did say it was finished in 100 minutes, did I not?) Author's comments: The monsters don't speak your language and you don't know how to speak Demon. That one imp that was pointing at the sky before being crushed by a giant Hello Kitty themed refrigerator did seem somewhat friendly, though, even though you couldn't understand a thing he said. Oh well, just go about your usual business and you'll be fine.
  14. ...Except you don't specifically need a MAP30 slot to make an Icon of Sin. The IoS ends the current level when he dies, automatically advancing you to the next one, so your map doesn't necessarily need to be the final map for it to really matter in some way if you're using him as long as he's at the end of the map, for the reason I stated above. The only thing I could see using the MAP30 special slot for is for a map which relies on monsters being able to telefrag you, which is kind of lame anyway.