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  1. Luke Dacote

    Should Doom (4) be scary?

    I've always felt that the horror elements in Doom should come across through disturbing imagery and creative use of sound. It's not a series that needs jump scares and an ultra serious tone. Many people forget that Doom 1 and 2 were pretty scary for their time and Doom 64's design is still quite creepy. I can't be the only one who still dreads having to enter a dark lit room when replaying the classic Doom games. Basically what I'm saying is: the game should be designed to be a fun action game but go all out with it's hellish aesthetic. Soundwise, it would be nice if they could find a nice balance between the ominous music and the metal tracks but I'm fine if they continue with the more atmospheric root.
  2. Luke Dacote

    Doom box art cover t-shirt

    A new t-shirt appeared on Bethesda Store recently with the print of the Doom box art. I've been looking for a proper Doom shirt for a while so naturally I got excited. Unfortunately it seems the print is really low quality and looks rather faded. You can see it for yourselves here: http://store.bethsoft.com/apparel/mens/t-shirts/doom-box-art-tshirt.html Anyway does anyone here know where I could purchase a Doom t-shirt with the box artwork?
  3. Luke Dacote

    Your opinion on Doom 64?

    After playing the game for the first time via Doom 64 EX, I will say I consider it to be the true sequel to Doom II. It's got a lot of great atmosphere, a lot of the levels are great and it can even be quite creepy at times. Still, it's nowhere near as memorable or as replayable as Doom 1 and 2. Some of the levels really aren't that fun and a lot of the puzzles are so cryptic. The overall experience though, is one I'm glad I put the time into. I couldn't imagine playing the game with a N64 controller though. The final level especially, seems to be made for a keyboard and mouse setup.
  4. Luke Dacote

    Challenges that make a Doom God

    Knowing the map inside and out, on all difficulties and is able to speedrun them all without taking a single percentage of damage.
  5. Luke Dacote

    doom knee deep in the dead resin diorama

    My bad.
  6. http://store.bethsoft.com/brands/doom/doom-knee-deep-in-the-dead-resin-diorama-deposit.html I need this in my life!
  7. Luke Dacote

    What is your most shameful Doom moment/death?

    Accidental rocket launcher deaths are the worst but the most annoying deaths have to be when you fall into a hurt floor pit with no way of getting back up. Especially if you were nearing the end of the stage when this happens.
  8. Luke Dacote

    Most annoying monsters in doom?

    Pain Elementals, Lost Souls and Revenants. I can deal with the other monsters, but those three are just a chore to deal with.
  9. Luke Dacote

    The name of the Doom Marine.

    I typically go with his novel name 'Flynn Taggart'. Having his name be 'John *Whatever*' is too cliche. Pretty much every 80s and 90s acton hero has the name John: Rambo, Matrix, McClane, etc. Flynn Taggart actually sounds more like a character. If not this though, I'm going with Buddy Dacote from the Doom Bible.
  10. Luke Dacote

    Has anyone beat doom 2 without dying?

    Me too. Doom 2 on the other hand, I need more practice. I can just about beat the game on 'hurt me plenty' with saves. If I don't save I usually give up after the first ten or so levels. And I'm not even close to beating that game on Ultra Violence.
  11. Luke Dacote

    How do you make a Doom film that kicks ass?

    I'm currently writing a screenplay for my own Doom movie (I'm an aspiring filmmaker). It's going to be a hardcore action-thriller, with gore a plenty but also a lot of suspense and horror. I'm basing it on the original game, the Doom comic, the Doom bible and the first two novels. The following is what I have in mind for my own personal Doom movie: As of now I've named Doomguy, Flynn Taggart but this may change if I come up with a better one. His personality is very different from the books however. He's more of a John McClane (Die Hard), Dutch (Predator) and Ash Williams (Evil Dead) hybrid. He's Irish American and was brought up Catholic (this will tie in with the Hell aspect of the game). He's a little reserved and introverted but can also be a bit of a sardonic wiseass. I also plan to have his character change over the course of the film. He starts out normal but after fighting his way through Demons and psychological torment, he begins to lose his grip on reality and becomes the blood-thirsty, one-liner spewing Doomguy from the comics. The movie for the most part is a lone survival movie, focused soley around Doomguy's journey from Phobos to Hell itself. The first act of the movie sets up the UAC base and why Doomguy is sent there. Hell will be the major setting during the second half of the movie. It will be revealed just as it is in the game with Doomguy realizing that the lost Deimos base floats above it. I plan to make Hell just as horrific as the name implies, adding a bit of a religious element but at the same time, keeping it very Doom-like. All the monsters from the original game will appear. I'd also like to include some Paul Verhoeven style satire to the movie but for now, I'm keeping the tone pretty serious. There will be action but most of it will come in the second half. The first half will be building up the atmosphere and suspense. I want the feeling on isolation and helplessness that the games imply. All the weapons from the game will make their appearance though I plan to save the SSG for the sequel. I thought it was odd that in the games Doomguy is using an old-fashioned shotgun when it's supposed to be the future so in the movie, the shotgun will be a family heirloom that Doomguy keeps for sentimental reasons (The same for the double-barrel). The film's score will be a nice mix of orchestra, synthesizers and heavy metal. Many of the iconic tunes will be included with some new stuff to create more of a foreboding mood. I've written about 40 pages as of now with Doomguy still on Phobos. The tricky part is trying to make a simple run-and-gun FPS into an engaging storyline. Still I get a kick out of writing this script. It's my first swing at fan-fiction.
  12. Luke Dacote

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Same here. The fact that Doom 2 doesn't have intermission screens makes the game feel like just a bunch of levels, rather than an actual journey. Just knowing your basic geography in the game, added to the atmosphere. In fact, if it's possible, I think it would be great if someone made a mod for Doom 2 which split the 32 levels into episodes and gave us intermission map screens.
  13. Luke Dacote

    Inferno Intermission map

    All these little details, the atmosphere and foreboding imagery are one of the main reasons why I prefer Doom 1 over 2. Doom 2 for the most part just felt like a bunch of levels, whereas Doom 1 felt like a journey.
  14. Luke Dacote

    Choose 2 monsters for Doom from Doom 2

    Former Commandos do feel appropriate to Doom 1 and would add a bit more challenge to the early levels. My other pick would probably be Arachnotrons which I feel would have been great during the Inferno levels. Think about it, you play through Inferno battling all these robot spider things, then finally you reach E3M8 and you meet the biggest one of them all, the Spider Mastermind. It would be an epic build-up. Kind of like when you first play The Shores of Hell you think the Baron of Hells are the strongest enemies, until you meet the Cyberdemon.
  15. Luke Dacote

    What are your Doom Habits

    The shotguns in RE4 are good solely for the fact that it's so satisfying when the enemies' heads explode. Once you got it levelled up to maximum damage, it's the best weapon in the game. It's one of my favourite games also but the Doom shotguns still reign supreme.
  16. Luke Dacote

    What are your Doom Habits

    1) Over reliance on the shotgun and SSG. 2) Using the chainsaw whenever I'm in a narrow room with zombies, imps, demons or lost souls. 3) Rarely using the Plasma Rifle and storing up all the cells for the BFG, which I also only use sparsely (More so in Doom II). 4) Going to the secret exit if it means I get through the level quicker. For Example in E2M5 and E3M6. 5) Head Banging to the Intermission music after beating a level in Doom 1.
  17. Luke Dacote

    How Is the BFG9000 held?

    I just assumed all of Doomguy's weapons (besides the pistol) have slings so he can just carry them on his back. Either that or he puts them all in his Mary Poppins-esque Backpack:
  18. Luke Dacote

    Doom Year Resolutions 2014

    To beat Final Doom on at least Hurt Me Plenty.
  19. Luke Dacote

    Merry Christmas Doomers!

    A little late but Merry Christmas to you too!
  20. Luke Dacote

    Ideal/preferred keyboard and mouse configuration?

    For the most part, I use the tried and true WASD and mouse configuration. Its offers the perfect accuracy and speed that you'd want from a PC shooter. However, I know there's plenty of Doom players out there who prefer the classic keyboard only controls. Recently, I've actually managed to get through Knee Deep in the Dead and The Shores of Hell on Ultra Violence using this configuration but I still can't beat Inferno. I guess I still need more practice.
  21. Luke Dacote

    How good of a doom player do you consider yourself?

    Probably a 5 or 6. I have no problem playing through the first three episodes of Ultimate Doom on Ultra Violence (though I still haven't beaten Inferno using keyboard only controls). But I still have a bit of trouble getting through 'Thy Flesh Consumed' and 'Doom 2' so I usually play those on Hurt Me Plenty. Since this is my first year playing Doom on PC, I'll hopefully get better in the coming years. Also I beat Doom 64 for the first time on I own Doom but Final Doom is still a bit too much of a challenge for me.
  22. Luke Dacote

    Playing the steam version on Windows 8

    I apologise in advance if this has been brought up before but this is a problem I can't find a solution to. I recently purchased the original Doom 3 and RoE off steam. I started Doom 3 and during the second cutscene it froze and I had to restart. Ever since I've been able to get further and further but the game still freezes at random moments (like switching to the torch, interacting with the arcade machine or when thing get too hectic). I've tried using more compatible modes and lowered the graphics but it still doesn't work properly (sometimes it freezes on the main menu). I'm currently using a Windows 8, 64 bit laptop with Intel Core i5. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Luke Dacote

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I know many love Doom 2 for being more action packed but I just prefer the more even pace of the original. I find the layout and length of the maps better in Doom 1 plus I find it more satisfying to build up an arsenal since each episode feels distinctive. With Doom 2, you can basically just rely on the SSG, rocket launcher and BFG for the whole game. And the main reason why the SSG and the BFG are so effective in Doom 2 is due to the large wave of enemies that the game keeps throwing at you. Doom 1 just felt more strategic and logical. You get a sense the developers had a clear idea in their heads when designing the levels rather than just throwing in a ton of enemies in a convoluted map. At least that's how I feel.
  24. Luke Dacote

    Best 'Weapon X' to Counter 'Monster Y'

    I'm surprised no one mentioned how useful a chainsaw is against the demon/spectres/pinkies. Yeah it's a little slow but they can't harm you while you do this and it saves ammo. Plus since they're such a big target, they're easier to hit than the zombies. Doing this in Doom 64 is even more satisfying since the chainsaw is more powerful thus its quicker to kill a horde of them in a matter of seconds. I also find using the chainsaw on lost souls to be quite handy at the right moments.
  25. Luke Dacote

    Playing the steam version on Windows 8

    Okay thanks. I try and see if there's anything I can do. I'm still interested if anyone else has a better solution.