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  1. If you're anything like me, you start a bunch of megawads, but then have difficultly finishing them. I used to make lists of books I planned to read in the coming new year (still do, I guess) and figured it would be good to do the same for WADs. Here are my goals for 2015:


    Hell Revealed (currently on MAP27)
    Reverie (MAP24)
    Stomper (UV) (MAP22) (gave up on MAP29)
    Whitemare 2 (MAP25)
    Plutonia (replay) (MAP15)
    BTSX 2 (MAP13)
    Da Will (MAP07)
    Stardate 20X6 (MAP05)
    Doom 2 Master Levels


    Perdition's Gate (on UV this time)
    The Lost Episode: The Evil Unleased (UV)
    Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders (UV)

    TO PLAY:

    Plutonia 2 (HMP)
    Plutonia Revisited
    Memento Mori (UV)
    Memento Mori 2 (UV)
    Doom64 EX
    Obituary (HMP)
    The Evil Unleashed (UV)
    Slaughter Until Death (UV)
    The Troopers' Playground (UV)
    The Lost Episodes of Doom (ZDoom Special Edition 2.0) (UV)


    Mayan Mishap (HMP)
    Innocence: TNT (UV)
    ConCERNed (UV/UV/HMP)
    Doom 2 Reloaded (HMP)
    Valiant (HMP)
    Prototype (UV)
    Putrefier (UV)
    PhobosDeimos Anomaly (UV)
    Monument (UV)
    Favillesco 1 (UV)
    Favillesco 2 (UV)
    Favillesco Alpha 1 (UV)
    Doomed Space Wars (HMP)
    No Rest For The Living (PSXDoom Lost Levels) (HMP)
    Favillesco Alpha 2 (UV)
    Doom 2 in Name Only (Russian) (HMP)
    Breach (UV)
    The Darkening: Aftershock (HMP)
    Dead.Wire (UV)
    Violence (UV)
    Revolution (UV)


    Heretic: Sinful Discharge (HMP)
    Icarus (UV)

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    2. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      TheCupboard said:

      Make sure you have Heretic 1.3

      Missing out on E4 and E5 would a real shame. That's when Heretic gets challenging.

      Of course! I went from the Shareware episode directly to Shadow of the Serpent Riders (bought it at the computer store back in the day, and still have it.) Great stuff.

    3. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      Halfway through the year, I'm impressed at the number of checkmarks up there. It looks like I might actually have a shot at playing everything I planned, and then some.

    4. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      Can't believe the year's close to winding down, already. New goals are to finish off the 3 WADs I started on (Plutonia 2, Doomed Space Wars, and Valiant) and also to complete BTSX2.

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