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  1. Here's what I'd like to play through in 2016!
    Holdovers from my 2015 list are marked with •
    WADs in italics and marked with ► are currently being played.


    BTSX 2 (HMP) (starting from MAP15)
    • Stardate 20X6 (HMP) (MAP06)
    Valiant (HMP) (MAP08) (through E3)
    Revolution! (UV) (MAP19)


    • Perdition's Gate (UV)
    • The Lost Episode: The Evil Unleashed (UV)
    Hexen: Deathkings
    Innocence 2
    Innocence 3
    Innocence TNT

    TO PLAY:

    • Strife
    • Doom64 EX
    • Plutonia Revisited
    Cleimos 2 (UV)
    Coffee Break (UV)
    Community Chest 4
    Crusades (UV)
    Death Tormention 1 (UV)
    Death Tormention 2 (UV)
    Death Tormention 3 (UV)
    Doom the Way id Did: The Lost Episodes (UV)
    Doom 2 Unleashed
    Erkattäññe (UV)
    Estranged (UV)
    Going Down
    Incineration (UV)
    No End in Sight (E1-E3) (UV)
    Return to Hadron
    Strange Aeons
    Threshold of Pain


    CH Retro Episode (UV)
    rf1024 (HMP)
    Hell Ground (HMP)
    No Sleep For the Dead (UV)
    Way Too Many Dead Guys (UV)
    Innocence X (UV)
    Phobos Mission Control (UV)
    Nex Credo (HMP)
    The Phobos Incursion (UV)
    Shadow of the Wool-Ball (Med)
    Alien Vendetta: Black Label (UV)
    THT: Threnody (UV) (through MAP18)
    Echelon (UV)
    Bauhaus (UV)
    Mutiny (UV) (HMP as of MAP03) (through MAP06)
    No End in Sight (E4) (HMP) (through E4M3)


    NDCP (UV)
    Vanguard (HMP)
    Eternal Doom (UV) (through MAP21)
    Alien Vendetta (UV) (through MAP25)
    No Rest for the Living (UV)

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    2. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      You're right. It probably should be. I have poked around at the first handful of levels already. My list is getting pretty extensive already. It might be one I just decided to pull up one day. Otherwise for sure I'll tackle it in 2017...

    3. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      Alright, let's do this. Holdovers from last year that don't get finished this year will be dropped from next year's list.

    4. Salt-Man Z

      Salt-Man Z

      Oof, I'm officially in the middle of 6 WADs right now (not counting holdovers from last year.) I need to get that cleaned up (and maybe stop starting new WADs!)

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