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  1. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    Finally finished Valiant last night! I played the last two episodes over the past couple of weeks. Apparently I played the first episode in 2015, and the next two in 2016 (all on HMP.) And then was scared off by MAP19, if I recall. Anyway, I did these last episodes on HNTR, and it was still fairly tough, but also an absolute blast. Now I can finally move on to Ancient Aliens!
  2. Salt-Man Z

    Any lesser known short but sweet wads?

    Way Too Many Dead Guys All of the Doomer Boards Projects Alpha Centauri Ater Fieri Prototype
  3. Salt-Man Z

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Nic Monti's Alpha Centauri has been mentioned a few times previously, but I just wanna give it another shout-out. It really is phenomenal. It's got all the trademark Montiisms--the organically-curved architecture, strong emphasis on verticality, room transformation--but it also has maybe the strongest sense of place in any of his oeuvre. It really feels like you're investigating an overrun, abandoned colony. It's also one of his absolute nastiest WADs, combat-wise.
  4. Salt-Man Z

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    DBP21 might be mine. I mean, flying vampire Hitlers, come on.
  5. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    Finally played through the fourth episode of Valiant. I dropped down to HNTR, and it was still pretty brutal (especially the first couple of maps!) Fun stuff, and gorgeous.
  6. Salt-Man Z

    Best custom boss battles from any doom wad?

    Rise of the Wool Ball has a really great boss fight that feels like a proper old-school video game boss fight, and not Just Another Dehacked Monster.
  7. Salt-Man Z

    Collection of kid friendly mods?

    I would definitely try the Wool Ball games. They're a lot simpler, but still a lot of fun.
  8. Salt-Man Z

    Beginner-friendly Heretic wads?

    Try Sinful Discharge, perhaps? It's always been one of my favorite Heretic mods, fairly IWAD-y, I think, maybe a little more puzzle-y. It's basically Episode 6 to me. It says jHeretic required, but I play it in GZDoom with no real problems.
  9. Salt-Man Z

    BACULUS: 2020 WAD Overhaul

    Awesome. I had an absolute blast with Baculus the first time through. I did find ammo fairly stingy at times, so I'm looking forward to the improvements!
  10. Salt-Man Z

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    Aw, geez, you guys! Seriously, though? "Resort to Violence" might be the best map name I've ever seen.
  11. Salt-Man Z

    Return to Hadron Episode 3 - Idgames release

    Are you planning on doing a final version of the 3-in-one release as well?
  12. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    ^Derelict Vessel is an awesome map, and yes, often quite confusing. I'm currently playing through the original H!Zone episodes for Heretic, by way of NightFright's H!Zone for ZDoom WAD. I played the first episode yesterday, and it's pretty hit-or-miss, with some obscure progression and a couple busted bits, but it's fun to have more old-school Heretic content.
  13. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    I've owned Heretic on CD for 23 years, and somehow never played the three Episode 6 maps. Rectified that last night. M1 was kinda goofy, but M2 made for a really good single-player map. M3 could also have been pretty neat if it had been fleshed out a bit more.
  14. I LOVED the first Abysm, so I'm looking forward to playing this!
  15. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    In a bit of a "replaying favorites" mood, and have been thinking of going back through Stomper for ages now, even knowing it will be forever unfinished. (And yes, I know some of it was repurposed into Freudian Slipgate, but I bounced right off that WAD the first time I tried it.) I did discover there was a 2nd beta for Stomper, so I've started in on that.
  16. Salt-Man Z

    What are you playing now?

    This poor neglected thread. T_T I've recently finished off Magic Doom, which was a quirky blast of fun. Also A Doomer Board's Christmas Carol, which was wild, though I think I preferred the first DBP Christmas WAD by a hair. I liked the use of bells (Keens) to trigger progress/secrets (once I figured out how they worked, at least; it might have been nice of them to set up a more-obvious example early on.) Currently halfway through replaying the 4-level Prototype, a fave from a few years back.
  17. Salt-Man Z

    Magic Doom

    Started playing this last night and didn't really want to stop! It's a little quirky, but a total blast to play.
  18. Salt-Man Z

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Man, every time I upgrade GZDoom I have to spend half an hour reimplementing all of my settings, and my performance gets worse...
  19. Salt-Man Z

    Would like suggestions of wads with their own custom music plz

    Awesome! That'll help me fill out my collection:
  20. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP09: Skulking Death (UV/continuous) 13:46 | 100% Everything This one was a cool little nasty level. Glad I got the (easy) supercharge at the start. I especially enjoyed the final third past the Mastermind. The outdoor area was cool, too; I almost gave up on the blue armor, and then figured I'd try one last trick... :) I took the lefthand path at the early fork, so when I came back the other way, I found the spider room kinda pointless (though cool-looking!) And I was going to say that ammo seemed really tight, as I ran out of both bullets and shells at times--but then again I passed up two shell boxes early on since I didn't need all 20 (and then retrieved them later before exiting) so... :)
  21. Salt-Man Z

    Return to Hadron Episode 3 - Idgames release

    ^ Was wondering this myself. I've been meaning to play the first two for a long time, now I can do all 3 together at once, hooray!
  22. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    Doing a little catch-up, here. Played over the last, say, 36 hours, but only sitting down to write 'em up now... MAP04: Wasted Luxury (UV/continuous) 19:41 | 100% Kills | 100% Items | 0% Secrets This one was... fine? The rooms were kinda neat. The lightswitches were a, let's say interesting idea; seems an odd choice to have the switch outside the door, so you can't tell what it does. (The right-hand door I went through before hitting the switch, so I had no idea that the switch at the end of the room was supposed to turn the lights back on. Not a big fan of the raise-then-lower lift pillar. I also spent way too much time hunting for the SSG, which made me kinda sour when I gave up and left without it. MAP05: Skyline (UV/continuous) 23:44 | 100% Everything This one was pretty neat. The trap where the water level drops to reveal a pair of mancs was fairly memorable (and panic-inducing!) We have another repeatedly-press-switch-to-incrementally-lift-bridge thing going on, I'm bored of these already. And man, as a keyboarder, making the run to the secret RL teleporter was a major PITA. Also seems kinda unfair that 4 baddies only show up if you find the secret. And in a similar fashion, the 4 imps the 'port in when you pick up the level-end 'zerk are pretty jerky, too; they killed me the first time when they surprised me and I thought i could punch my way out. MAP06: Destination Defenestration (UV/continuous) 15:33 | 100% Everything Does the author have some sort of obsession with lifts that need to be incrementally raised? 'Cause we've got another one here, although it's unique in that it's a floor trigger that raises the pillars necessary to proceed, and also as near as I can tell there's no need to raise them further? Jumping out the window was fun, though, as was the little war that waited outside, though the way to parkour over the gate to the last portion of the map was perhaps a little obtuse. Still, I liked this one quite a bit. MAP07: Rat Run (UV/continuous) 7:24 | 100% Everything Just an absolutely linear map with a tiny little maze (the titular rat run?) at the end. Lots of decorations and pillars in corners to snag yourself on (especially on the bridge over the underground lake; not a fan.) Glad I have the SSG from last map, as it made short work of the all the revenants. My time would have been quicker if I hadn't needed to double back from the exit to find the secret I missed. Turns out it was a totally-unmarked crate at the beginning? Meh. MAP08: Constriction (UV/continuous) 6:33 | 100% Everything This was a nasty little map, and I loved it! Probably my favorite of the WAD, so far. Not a lot really to point, other than maybe the interminable hallway of doors, that maybe overstayed its welcome by just a hair. Great level, though.
  23. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP03: Urban Renewal (UV/continuous) 7:58 | 100% Everything Not a bad little map, albeit incredibly linear. I all-but-maxed the entire level barring the secret in about 4½ minutes, the spent the next 3½ retracing my steps to find the secret... which turned out to be the box of shells tucked around a corner that I had been saving until I was ready to leave... :facepalm: I do wish I had been able to visit more of the outside area, but I did appreciate that it was almost nonstop action from start to finish. Fun stuff.
  24. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    Okay, I'll give this a try on UV. GZDoom/continuous/saves, as usual. MAP01: Drop Pod Excursion (UV/continuous) 3:30 | 100% Everything A short little opener. I didn't want to waste (?) the early berserk, so I start pistolling everything outside, then got tired of that (and down to like 75% health) so I went back and zerked the rest of 'em. I too was not a fan of the invisible walls on the street; I saw the shotgunners in the windows, and tried dodging to the side only to slam into a wall I wasn't expecting. Actually, I found myself getting hung up on a lot of corners once inside the building, owing to either the cramped architecture, or the samey textures that made doorways blend into the walls around them. Fun enough map, though. I dig the music in this WAD. MAP02: Bunker Buster (UV/continuous) 11:42 | 100% Everything Ammo starting to squeeze a little bit. I switched to the pistol a couple of times to conserve shells. I like the main conceit here where you have to navigate around a central area to lower and grab the keys. I was expecting some ambushes upon key pickup, but none were ever forthcoming. And I didn't see the point of the blue bars lowering each time you entered. (I didn't know that's what that switch did the first time I went in.) Also not a fan of the initial blue key pickup, where there's a switch that (near as I can tell) only serves to cut off access to the key, lowering again once you leave the room. The last thing I found was the chaingun secret, of course. I couldn't even figure out how to straferun over to it initially, so I managed to open the alcove from ground level, sending out the two HKs. It took me probably 6-8 tries to make that jump (keyboard-only!) and discover the chaingun that would have been a big help just a minute earlier, instead of taking on HKs with a pistol and a dwindling supply of shells! Still, another fun level.
  25. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Mars War

    I actually finished this WAD up Friday night, just never got around to posting... MAP26: Maximum Security (UV/continuous) 31:09 | 95% Kills | 97% Items | 60% Secrets This might be the first (and only, not counting the IoS) level that I didn't max. I could tell from the automap there were like 3-4 random closets still unopened, but who knows how to get into 'em? Anyway, this one was... fine. The computer architecture was kinda weird/cute. The 3 gates that almost let you right to the exit were amusing. The PE fight at the pit near the beginning was not. I died a couple of times (kept forgetting to save) and ended up just rushing them my carried-over BFG to end it. The ending fight also felt undermanned and anticlimactic, with what? two revvies, and two knights? Not a huge fan of this one. MAP27: Marketing (UV/continuous) 19:11 | 100% Everything A shorter affair that (again) was going so smoothly I kept forgetting to save. So I got nailed by the early central ambush a couple of times, and had to repeat that interminable berserk pinkie hallway at least three times before I wised up. (I refused to waste ammo on all those pinkies.) Mostly this one turned out fun. I enjoyed the little My House, though I wish there had been more to do there than open the closet in each room. The cyberdemon I made the mistake of confronting head on, wasting a bunch of BFG ammo and taking damage, killing him before discovering the crusher switch. The last secret had me baffled for the longest time: I could see the chainsaw from the window, but how to get to it? I eventually gave up the search for a teleporter, and decided I'd just jump into the nukage (save first!) and see what happened. Of course, I never hit the nukage because the path raised up out of the muck to catch me. Huh. MAP28: Doom User Interface (UV/continuous) 28:31 | 100$ Everything I liked this one a lot. Rather interesting to provide two ways into the meat of the map. I passed up on the teleporter, and so found the blue area more organically. (I will almost always choose a visible path to a blind teleport!) The yellow key area with all the lifts was cool, but it did get tiresome having to repeat the number of times I did (to make sure I got everything, and of I course I got lost along the way more than a few times.) I agree with what some said above that the double row of imps near the exit was a great visual. Good level. MAP29: Choices 15:48 | 100% Everything This sure was something! I took the chaingunner route first, ugh, wow. I did like how things opened up at the end with the infernal ambush. The revenant path was less interesting, as I just ran around in a circle and BFG/SSGed them all to death. (I don't actually remember the cyberdemon, but then it's been 4 days!) The second (third?) section is the least interesting/memorable part, even though it has the largest footprint. Could have had a bit more going on there. MAP30: Icon of Sin (UV/continuous) 10:09 | 54% Kills | 66% Items | 100% Secrets I hadn't realized the cyber fight was optional, didn't see the teleport there, I guess? I barely got any use out of the invul, as the cybers knocked me around like a pinball. Ran out my BFG on them, and then offed the last 3 or 4 with my SSG. The final fight is just basically the Doom 2 IoS, though? That's pretty lame. I did actually complete it legitimately, even not having figured out the secret of raising the lift. An okay finish let down by the IoS. MARS WAR OVERALL (UV/continuous) Pretty 90s, yeah, but one-man megawads are an achievement in themselves, and this one's pretty good. Some great maps, and only a couple of stinkers. If I wasn't playing with the Club over the span of a month, I'd probably blitz through it in a couple weeks and think, "Yeah, that was pretty decent." I did much the same with Vile Flesh earlier this year (though that WAD was superior to this one.)