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  1. WADs I'm playing in 2023


    Previous lists:

    2022 • 2021 • 2020 • 2019 • 2018 • 2017 • 2016 • 2015


    2023 Activity:

    ► currently being played

    ✓ finished

    ✕ gave up

    * indicates a WAD played (at least partially) for the DMWC

    (all WADs played continuous with saves unless otherwise noted)

    TO FINISH FROM 2022:

    ► Cyberpunx (HMP) (from MAP04)

    ► The City of Damned Children (HMP) (from MAP04)

    ✓ Atonement (full release) (HMP/UV) (from MAP27)



    Urania (HMP) (from MAP09, started 2017)

    Struggle (HMP) (from MAP32, started 2018)

    ► Eviternity (HMP) (from MAP28, started 2019)*

    The Wayfarer (HMP) (E1M8, started 2019)


    TO PLAY:

    ► 2022: A Doom Odyssey (UV)

    anything DBP



    Alpha Accident

    Ancient Aliens

    Maskim Xul


    Diabolus Ex

    Doom 2 in Spain Only

    Eternal Doom IV


    Knee-Deep in Knee-Deep in GZDoom

    Legacy of Heroes
    Return to Hadron


    They Flesh Turned Into a Draft Excluder




    Doom 2 Reloaded



    Plutonia 2


    The Long Trek Back Home

  2. Salt-Man Z

    Rupture: a Ultimate Doom episode ready for playtesting!

    Haven't been on DW as much this year, so I missed that this was a thing! Sorry to hear about your personal troubles, hope things have picked up since earlier in the year, but I'll send some good vibes your way regardless. :) Screenies look delicious, can't wait to dive in once this is finished and I'm done getting my butt kicked by Cyberpunx. :D
  3. Salt-Man Z

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Hey, congrats on the writeup in this year's Cacowards! I'm currently on the new maps (low 20s) and enjoying them quite a bit.
  4. Salt-Man Z

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Congrats on the release!
  5. Salt-Man Z

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Started replaying this sometime last week, loving it as usual. I did just get into an odd softlock on MAP15. I see there's an updated version, so I'll check that out, but just in case: I also left with a very large monster closet chock full of baddies, which I hope/assume was also fixed in RC2. (The level was sorely missing the big outdoor fight it's named for!)
  6. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    +++ Moustachio's "Atonement" has finally released, one of my favorite wads in recent years. (I've played the first four episodes already, including 1-3 twice.) It would fun to run it through the Club for that last layer of polish.
  7. Salt-Man Z

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Aaah, can't wait to dive back into this!
  8. Salt-Man Z

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    The first post is 6 years old; I think at this point the thread is for music-makers of all stripes.
  9. Hey, congrats on the anniversary DWMC! I've had some good times in this threads. (Admittedly not as much in recent memory, sad to say--not a knock on the quality of the Club! I just mean I haven't been Dooming as much lately, and when I have it's to finish up the stuff I'm currently playing and not starting new WADs that I'll still be working on next year... :) Anyway, I'll throw a vote down for the WAD that's been constantly in the back of my brain for the past 8-10 months now; I played it back in Dec/Jan, and still think about it: +++The Long Trek Back Home
  10. Seeing as how this was just recently bumped, let me just say that I played this back in Nov-Jan, and am still thinking about it! (And I was happy to see it get a mention in the Cacowards, congrats!) One of these days I'll get around to nominating it for a playthough with the Megawad Club...
  11. Salt-Man Z

    How do I get Eternal Doom running?

    Eternal has its issues, but is well-worth playing through. I think I probably appreciate it more every time I return to it. (I feel similarly about Icarus, but I feel Eternal is probably the superior product.)
  12. Salt-Man Z

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    Hey, I thought MAP31 was a lot of fun! (Only played the first version, though.)
  13. Salt-Man Z

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    This is hard, as I don't generally just play or replay single maps. But BTSX E1M1 has long been my go to for testing out source port settings, such a gorgeous level. I'm also down to boot up the original Mordeth anytime, anywhere. Still one of my all-time PWAD loves.
  14. Salt-Man Z

    Will a non-Eternity Engine version of Heartlands exist?

    Yeah, I use GZDoom for literally everything, but I had no issues adjusting to Eviternity just for Heartland.
  15. Salt-Man Z

    GZDoom with ReShade

    Yeah, plus GZDoom already has built-in options for ambient occlusion and bloom effects (both of which I love) without the vaseline-smeared look.
  16. E1M4: Treatment Plant (UV/continuous/saves) 22:51 | 100% Kills | 98% Items | 100% Secrets This map was a lot of fun, but I'm honestly not sure how well I'd rate it. At times it felt unpolished: I was able to "bump" the blue key by jumping at it from the window across the way, and then spent the next 5-10 minutes wondering if I'd done a sequence break. (Didn't end up mattering; by the time I made my way back around to the blue door, I immediately discovered where I would have properly picked up the key anyway.) To add to my confusion, for what seemed a long stretch, all the enemies I encountered were facing the wrong direction, making me really wonder if I had screwed something up! (I'll also add to the list something that I see a lot of other maps do, but it bugs me every time I see it, and that's having a blue armor accompanied by armor bonuses. Like, what's the point?) Also not quite sure what to think of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" MIDI, which is pitch-perfect for a lot of 90s PWADs, but for "the Way id Did?" I dunno. Otherwise, this map had constant combat (most exciting when the baddies were facing the correction direction) and lot of ground to explore; there were so many times what seemed like just a minor detour would end up by way more than that, leading me to have to do a couple circuits of the main loop to make sure I didn't miss anything. (I will say that how the map opened back up to the very beginning area was very cool.) In fact, even after I had found the exit, I kept stumbling on more and more areas that were somehow still brand-new to me. I missed only a single item, and due to how long it would have taken to retrace every step of the map, I decided to just assume it was an armor bonus in some corner I overlooked and call it a night.
  17. E1M3: Fuel Synthesis (UV/continuous/saves) 29:20 | 100% Everything Finally, a nice step up in "difficulty", in quotes because even though it's not yet particularly challenging, you're constantly kept on your toes by lots of baddies. Demons make their debut, and the numerous sergeants are a good threat. The secret exit was a challenge; it was the last secret I found (and therefore I knew it to be the secret exit.) Earlier, I had tried jumping over the rail in the outdoor area, but failed the first couple of attempts. Once I had it figured that that was the only way to get the secret, I of course nailed it easily. Great map. E1M9: Excavation Site 19:32 | 100% Everything I loved this one, it just felt like it "flowed" really well from one area to the other, and from key to door. Lots of secrets that were easy to miss, though I did eventually manage to track them all down. This map was also easily more dangerous, combat-wise, than anything else in the WAD thus far. Almost continuous run-and-gun. Loved it, but I agree the title doesn't really fit well.
  18. E1M1: Communications Bridge (UV/continuous/saves) 12:01 | 100% Everything So it's been close to a decade since I last played this WAD, and what I generally remember from back then (besides being reminded how cool Ep2 stuff is) is that the first episode really struck me as being more modern than I remembered the IWAD being. I'm still not as familiar with the Doom 1 IWAD as I maybe should be (but then, I've played waaaay more PWADs than IWADs) but I was--and still am--most familiar with Ep1, and DTWID always struck me as being, I dunno, a little too fancy? And maybe it's just me, but these maps feel much curvier than the OG ones, and certainly the secrets are way more involved (and there a lot of them!) Like, right at the start we have press-a-computer-panel-to-open-a-wall-panel-to-access-a-switch-that-does-a-secret-door, never mind the entire raise-the-bridge sequence near the end. Such unnecessary machinery! Now, this is still a pretty fun map! But it really feels more like an Ep1-themed map than an attempt to emulate an IWAD map (and it sounds from the comments like that's maybe more what it actually was...) E1M2: Military Bunker 16:34 | 100% Kills | 91% Items | 80% Secrets This is an odd duck, kinda sprawling all over the place with lots of optional/secret areas. I do like having secrets that allow for taking out the opposition from more strategic vantage points, which was nice to take advantage of here. Completely missed out on a secret that I spent waaay too much time trying to track down. I didn't mind the visuals so much here, and the actual geometry of the level was quite interesting. But man, the combat was pretty dullsville. I am playing continuous, so I don't think I ever used anything other than my shotgun, but on UV even the early IWAD levels provide some level of challenge. We haven't even seen a pinky yet!
  19. Shoot, I'm only halfway through Ozonia (pretty much ragequit at the end of MAP32!) but replaying DTWID (and/or its Lost Levels) has been niggling at the back of my mind for a while now. I probably played it shortly after its original release, and have even played D2TWID twice since then (the second time with the club back in 2014) so it's probably been pretty to close to a decade. So count me in, babyyy.
  20. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ozonia

    Just popping in to say: I fell behind, but I'm still plunking away at Ozonia. I'm about to start MAP15, and haven't found the last half-dozen or so maps to be as frustrating as a couple of the earlier ones. In particular, I want to call out the end of episode 1 for its eerie atmosphere (I confess I got sacred when Mother showed up again.) Also props to the above-the-clouds theme that kicked off episode 2: I have bloom effect enabled in GZDoom, and those bright white skies and clouds were gorgeous (I mean, I'm sure they're lovely without bloom, but with it, it's ::chef's kiss::.) I also can't overstate how much I loved the fact that when you fell off the edge, you were still floating in the air, with the return teleporter pads disappearing down into the mists below your feet. I feel like I liked Exomoon's maps just a bit more on account of their length (Ozonia's being intentionally smaller affairs) but Ozonia is definitely a worthy entry in a fantastic series.
  21. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ozonia

    I've fallen quite behind, which is perhaps to be expected. My nightly entertainment is either Doom, TV, or books, and the latter two have taken up more time recently than they had been. Plus, Ozonia is rather stressing me out to play! I'm on the fence about dialing it back to HNTR when I get to the episode break, we'll see... MAP08: Subterraneo I (HMP/continuous/saves) 10:17 | 100% Everything I still haven't figured out the hierophants/hellions, which makes this map supremely frustrating. SSG? Too slow. Plasma? Too weak. Rockets? The new baddies are too maneuverable! I replayed most of these 3 arena battles numerous times before succeeding. The first revenant battle only took two tries: once I knew what to expect, it was a piece of cake to just take the lone manc out from the doorway, then circle around the revvies when they appeared, using the few pillars as homing rocket relief. Hard to tell which of the other two setpieces was more difficult. In the platforming room, the steps out of the lava were very hard to see from down in the drink. I had a heckuva time with the hierophants; I wanted to use plasma, but it just took so long to kill them that way, and anything stronger had problems keeping up with their speed. I was ready to leave the map all topped off with a green armor and 200% health, when I went back to uncover the secrets, and lo and behold the plasma secret is stuffed with hellions! Goodbye almost all my health, blargh! >:| Glad to hear the hellions got a little nerf in RC3, but I'd love for the hierophants to, too!
  22. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ozonia

    MAP07: Satélite (HMP/continuous/saves) 21:35 | 100% Everything Another good one. I like how it feels very nonlinear at first, feeling your way around the cliffsides. More platforming across columns suspended over a damaging floor, but the organic theme made it even neater here. Not to strenuous a challenge here, except for the bit down at the inner crater of the island's interior with the hellions. Man, I'm starting to hate those guys. If they manage to sneak up behind you and you've got the wrong weapon armed (read: anything but the chaingun or plasma) you're basically already dead. They killed me before I saved for the first time (after exploring basically everything short of leaping into the AV lighthouse arena) so I got to play most of the map twice! The mentioned lighthouse arena I think also killed me once, I believe; I wanted to hug the base of the lighthouse to dodge the vile, but doing so made it easy for the spiders to creep up around me and kill me. The exit from the arena after grabbing the red key was pretty neat: grab a radsuit and dash basically all the way around the island again to get back on. I will say, it wasn't as fun the second time, when, after clearing out the map, I revisited the arena in order to top off my shell supply. The dash back out to the nearest lift cost me 24% health (down from 200, so, y'know, not a huge deal. But still!) Another good map, and the music was different, but gorgeous--actually reminded me of Super Castlevania IV at one point...
  23. Salt-Man Z

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ozonia

    MAP06: Altura (HMP/continuous/saves) 22:56 | 100% Everything A liked this one a lot! Unlike some of the previous commenters, I actually found this to be a (mostly) relaxing affair, definitely easier than the somewhat-similar MAP03. I liked the central conceit of raising the pillars from the slime to dash across. And whereas much of MAP03 I feel took place in rooms off the central lava arenas, in this map the nuke pits are more the star of the show. Most of the pressure came in the form of turreted mancs and spiders around the raised walkways, but at least with carryovers they didn't pose too much of a threat to a fully-loaded rocket launcher. The biggest shock was probably the spider ambush at the blue key, but I was never in any real danger of dying, given there is a lot of health lying around this map! The couple of heirophants were perhaps the trickiest encounters, as I haven't quite figured them out yet. They're tougher than you'd think, and you want to keep your distance, so rockets feel right, but they're too maneuverable. I think the chaingun might do the trick best, but it doesn't feel as satisfying... Not sure if this was intended or not, but behind the red door for the final battle, when you step out of the nukage, the first step out is still a damaging floor. Perhaps this was intentional since you're still nuke-adjacent?