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  1. maxspeed

    Zdoom 2.5.0 on Wine

    Yes i know that it can be compiled under linux, havent tested that recently, but it was hassle last time i tried to compile it from src and i just found it was easier run with wine. Its mainly preference thing, because i like to run all ports in same enviroment and only under wine it is possible run them all (zdaemon cant be compiled under linux). Though it would be ideal if there where a repository (or just .deb's) for most doom ports, so one could just simply install them through synaptic...
  2. maxspeed

    Zdoom 2.5.0 on Wine

    I updated to newest Zdoom version just today and now i cant get the mouse to work, any ideas? I allready set norawinput=true and now i can use keyboard. Without norawinput=true even the keyboard doesnt work. Is there some commands also for the mouse like norawinput that can be set? or something other that might be checked? Im running this on ubuntu 10.04, wine 1.2.
  3. maxspeed

    A Level A Day

    Dac11, good stuff.
  4. maxspeed

    A Level A Day

    DAC10 fun and retro, Feels very balanced level.
  5. maxspeed

    A Level A Day

    DAC9: (Prboom) R_TextureNumForName: NFFL53B not found The few maps that have worked with prboom have been fun to play though.
  6. maxspeed

    A Level A Day

    Same thing with 2.2.6. And for the non vanilla maps, it would be nice if it was said that what port is needed to run wad. Also as a linux player, it would be great if there was more attention to boom support.
  7. maxspeed

    A Level A Day

    Is it just that my iwad is messed or is there flat missing in DAC5 Twisted shadows. PRBoom 2.2.6 (linux) gives me this: R_FlatNumForName: BGREY06 not found.
  8. maxspeed

    A Level A Day

    Nice idea and levels are fun too!
  9. maxspeed

    megawad poll

    You cant go wrong with boxes and lots of barrels too ;)
  10. maxspeed

    Best doom2 level?

    MAP29, nothing else comes close!
  11. maxspeed

    Dummy sector traps

    Put monster just in front of teleport, place barrel behind it and explode barrel with crushing ceiling. Works fine ;)
  12. maxspeed

    Windeu sources

    Trying to find Windeu 5.24 source code package... Nevermind, found it, /idgames didn't seem to find it at first...
  13. maxspeed

    Pushing monsters?

    Ok, I'll test some more, moving the monster isn't problem, but moving it without waking it is harder. I'm trying to move monster just a little so it goes over teleport line and spawns in its 'sleep' state. It would make fun trap. But either monster moves too much and wakes or it doesnt move enough to teleport. But this should be possible, right???
  14. maxspeed

    Pushing monsters?

    Is it possible to push/move monster without waking it (in vanilla doom)? By pushing I mean exploding a barrel behind monster with crushing ceiling.