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  1. plums

    What are you listening to?

    Nice! The later Jesus Lizard albums don't get very much attention, not like their earlier stuff.
  2. Quick questions, is Eternity demo-stable? (I assume no unless you're using the -vanilla parameter which doesn't work here; hopefully demos are compatible between different OSes if it's the same engine version.) If I do FDAs will it be helpful, and will anyone be able to watch them since it looks like the project needs a devbuild of EE? Is it better to do the Boom-format maps in dsda-doom with -complevel 9 (or 21)?
  3. plums

    MUS files, max polyphony?

    Also, any reason in particular you're converting midi to mus in the first place? It's not needed even for vanilla doom (though vanilla converts it internally so you're still subject to the polyphony limit).
  4. plums

    MUS files, max polyphony?

    I was under the impression that polyphony was limited to 9 voices, since an OPL2 chip is limited to 9 channels. I'm not sure if that's actually true though. In theory you could test it by making a midi that just plays different notes and sustains them until the end of the track, and just see where playback starts cutting out notes.
  5. plums

    Basics of testing

    No, as long as it's a D1 or DR type action, no tag is required. Woof, DSDA-Doom, and Crispy Doom are all good for testing limit-removing maps. For Woof or DSDA-Doom you need to use the -complevel 2 command-line parameter, or set the default compatibility to be "Vanilla" in the options section. With all of those ports, as long as you're playing in software mode (DSDA-Doom option only) and not using any special port features that change behaviour of how things work ("Mapping error fixes" or "Casual play settings" in DSDA-Doom, for example) testing in one port means it will be 100% compatible behaviour-wise and usually 100% identical visually with the others. (there are a few rare edge case exceptions you're unlikely to run into.)
  6. I can give this a spin but not for a few days, so depending on how big & tough the maps are it might not be quick enough for your end-of-the-month deadline. If there are any maps that should be prioritized let me know. Also I have basically no experience with Eternity as a mapping format or port to play in, but that shouldn't be too big a deal.
  7. plums

    Share Your Sprites!

    Yessss this is amazing, to the fireblu mines!
  8. The full MBF21 specs are here: https://github.com/kraflab/mbf21/blob/master/docs/spec.md. In particular you want to look at the Thing Groups, which allow you to prevent enemies' projectiles from damaging each other, and/or prevent infighting if one enemy type damages another. (As an example, Barons and Hell Knights can infight under the right circumstances, like if one blows up a barrel, and their melee attacks can damage each other, so they'd only be in the same projectile group.) Looking at the DECOHack specs it looks like you can specify this property in the thing block directly, as listed under the Thing heading: // MBF21 Properties (MBF21 feature set and later) fastspeed <INTEGER> meleerange <INTEGER> infightinggroup <INTEGER> projectilegroup <INTEGER> splashgroup <INTEGER> ripsound <STRING> If you still wanted to set the Monsters Ignore Each Other option, you can set it (and other global properties for the wad) in the OPTIONS lump: https://github.com/kraflab/mbf21/blob/master/docs/options.md Note that I haven't used any of this myself personally, I'm just aware of the features and the relevant docs online :)
  9. @Duke of Pathoris Thanks! It definitely wasn't highly playtested or balanced, more just something I put together for myself that I thought I'd make public because why not, so I'm not surprised if you feel it could be improved. You should definitely play Faithless (probably without mods to start), I think it's one of the best things for Heretic ever made.
  10. plums

    What Heretic weapons would you bring to HeXeN?

    A while ago I made a quick thing for GZDoom that replaces the Heretic weapons with ones from Hexen: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/118179-hexen-weapons-in-heretic-with-faithless-support/ As part of that I gave each weapon a tomed version, however the whole thing was pretty quickly done, and most tomed attacks either come from ones from enemies (hammer shoots maulotaur fire) or from weapons that didn't get used normally (serpent staff shoots a quietus fireball).
  11. "Fun" fact: Randy Scott, former CEO of the company who made the 3DO port (Art Data Interactive), and for whom the blame on the port being so bad entirely rests upon, was charged in 2017 with molesting two children from the music school he was running. This April he was sentenced to time served (the time he spent in jail awaiting trial is counted as his sentence and he doesn't need to go to prison any longer, as a plea bargain for pleading guilty) and has to register as a sex offender for the next ten years, a fairly lenient punishment IMO. https://www.ocregister.com/2023/04/16/owner-of-oc-music-teaching-schools-gets-time-served-for-molesting-2-students/ https://mynewsla.com/orange-county/2017/07/20/little-girls-molested-by-their-music-teacher-lewd-acts-on-oc-children-denied/
  12. No idea why you're getting two monsters, but maybe I can help with the probability. A_RandomJump uses a chance of jumping, going to the next line if this chance isn't met. This is different to some ZDoom functions where the probabilities are actually a "weight," or chance of a thing happening vs other items in the random list. Right now, as you stated, you have a 50% chance for a caco, and then a 50% for a baron OR a loop. In other words 25% chance baron, 25% chance to do the whole thing again. This means the caco is actually more likely to occur. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but probably not; and as it is there's a small chance of an infinite loop occurring, so you should rewrite it anyhow. If you want two monsters with equal chance, the odds should be 1/2 (50%) on the first one, and then 1/1 (100%) on the second one, since you've already done the 50% check once. For 3 monsters it's 1/3 (33%) on the first, 1/2 (50%) on the 2nd, and 1/1 (100%) on the third, and so on. Side note: 50% chance for A_RandomJump is 128, and 100% is 256. For unequal odds on a series of binary jumps like A_RandomJump, things start to get complicated. I actually don't know if there's a general formula, there probably is, but what you can do is write down the probabilities of all outcomes you want and then set your A_RandomJump chance based on a percentage of the probability of all remaining choices. I'm not explaining that well at all, so here's an example, lets say you want these odds of monsters spawning: 45% cacodemon 30% hell knight 10% baron 10% mancubus 5% trooper The first one is easy, you want a 45% chance, 45% of 256 (256 * 0.45) is 115.2 so we round to 115 and use that. The total chance of the remaining monsters is 55%. 30/55 is 0.545454 so that's the actual chance you want to spawn the hell knight with, multiplied by 256 it works out to be about 140. 25% left. 10/25 * 256 is about 102, so that's the baron. 10/15 * 256 is about 171, so that's the manc. And then the trooper is all that's left so he gets 256, or 100% chance. (Maybe you don't even need A_RandomJump here, I don't know what coding convention is best practice in this case.)
  13. plums

    What were the first Pwads you've ever played amd completed?

    Had a shovelware CD full of levels, don't remember the first one I played but the first memorable one was definitely Mark Klem's Cringe. I still have a soft spot for the sprite edits with the acid-washed colours and Barons with shades 😎