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  1. Come back to us soon, Plums!

    1. Chip


      I think he got offended by the question "What does Doomworld think about veggie burgers?"

  2. plums

    What does Doomworld think about veggie burgers?

    Grocery stores around here have lots of good veggie burgers. Brands like Sol and Gardein do a lot of interesting things like black bean burgers and vegetable patties, as well as imitation meat burgers that generally taste good. There's the Beyond Burger too which you can get at A&Ws in Canada, as well as fancier places where they'll dress it up a bit more. Of course living in a large city helps with selection a lot. Fancy burgers are always nice and in that situation I much prefer ones that have interesting ingredients rather than ones that try to imitate meat.
  3. plums

    Dungeon Crawl WADs

    Avactor? Rylayeh (sort of)?
  4. plums

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    Thanks. It's hard to compare this aurally since the chorus engines on different systems can differ so much. 64/127 is indeed 50% chorus according to the midi specs.
  5. plums

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    Hi @Trevor0402, I noticed that all the instruments have a default Reverb and Chorus value of 50%. Is this accurate? It's particularly relevant for FluidSynth, since FS uses only those values for Reverb and Chorus, and ignores the specific settings in MIDI files.
  6. plums

    Never Stop Never Stopping - My First Level

    You kind of messed your PNAMES/TEXTURE1 lumps up when deleting textures, and PrB doesn't seem to like it. Here's hacky but functional fix where I just added some extra patches for the missing patch names. (and had to have two named SKY1 for some reason???) https://user.fm/files/v2-cae70c858c6be1444e29986a7451da24/NSNS_fixed.wad.zip
  7. That's interesting, I didn't realize that settings didn't get reset to default between every song. (Though now that I've read this, I vaguely remember having problems related to this a while ago with some MIDI playback software.) Do you have a list, or know offhand, which controllers don't get reset? It's probably best practice to just set all controllers for all tracks in a song to what they need to be, rather than rely on default settings. It's safe to assume that some of these songs will be used in other wads by other people, so trying to future-proof them would be best where possible. Also I'm someone that sets pitch bends to a "ludicrous" amount (±1 octave), even when I was trying to use Sekaiju for composing, so, sorry. I guess there's nothing I can do on my end to make sure it gets reset to default on someone else's song.
  8. Thanks, I'll make sure to reset all the relevant channels to neutral. I'll try to get it done tomorrow, but I might end up taking a bit longer. While I'm posting, should I lower the overall volume of my song more? I don't mind doing so but it would help to have either a reference song or a specific amount to lower it. Feel free to move my track slot around as needed.
  9. plums

    [Doom II] [complevel 9] Temple of the Marshes

    It's funny because I went back to it and I could tell that you definitely put some effort in, but at the same time, it just doesn't feel that visually exciting. I think it's a combination of a lot of brown textures in low lighting, without too many eye-catching variations etc. The entrance looks good like I said, and areas with lots of colour contrast like the lava are nice too. BTW I'm also a Linux user, I find SLADE a little easier/full-featured for map editing than Eureka, but if you're good with Eureka that's fine. (The latest version of SLADE also has some bugs that make it basically useless for map editing anyhow...) I think it's fine. If anything I would suggest making a map like this harder on UV at least, balancing for a player that finds most or all of the secrets. Not necessarily worth redoing this one though, unless you really want to. Anyhow I went back and recorded a "casual UV speed" demo, by which I mean I didn't push too hard and took my first exit, 1:13. Quite a lot of the map is really optional! tmarsh-speed-plums.lmp.zip
  10. plums

    [Doom II] [complevel 9] Temple of the Marshes

    Overall I liked this map, it had a cool opening and theme, and was short enough that any flaws didn't really detract from it too much. I also really liked the music. That said, there were a few things I thought could have been done a bit better. The biggest thing is that I often didn't get the relationship between the actions I was taking and the way the map progressed. At the start this was mostly limited to secrets -- I shot a bunch of semi-hidden switches and I guess these opened up some things? -- but towards the end with the silent teleporters I felt like I just bumbled my way along to the exit more than anything. Again, for a short map this isn't that big of a deal, it's not like I got lost or anything, it just detracted from the exploration feel that I think is the map's main appeal. The silent teleporting is visible because of the difference in y-offsets on the surrounding walls. It might be better to leave this as-is though, since it helps to orient the player a bit more by giving them a clue as to when they walked through one without looking at the automap. Visually it also seemed a bit sparse, the entrance to the temple is great but the interior seemed kind of bland and/or oddly textured at times. For the most part it did the job well enough. I found all the secrets and it made for a pretty easy playthrough overall on UV. I didn't need the rocket launcher at the end, everything was dead by the time I even found it. I'm guessing it's a lot tougher without any of them, especially that invulnerability for the red key fight.
  11. plums

    Mousewheel bound as the fire key

    If you used mwheelup to attack, how would you stop attacking? mwheeldown? Or would you just only attack as long as you're scrolling the wheel?
  12. plums

    How can I make my WAD have more than 3 skies?

    AV skies 1 and 2 are just normal patches and should work fine. AV sky 3 is four patches arranged in a single texture: So if you wanted to copy it, you'd need to copy all of the DO*HELL patches into your wad, add them to the patch table with SLADE, and then make a new texture that's 1024x128 with the patches arranged properly. OR if you're making a map for PrBoom+ compatibility, you can go into the texture editor, export the whole SKY3 texture as a png, and then import and convert that into your wad and then add that to your patch/texture tables with SLADE and it should still work as a sky. Crispy might support that too, probably most ports do, but I can't remember which ones offhand.
  13. plums

    How can I make my WAD have more than 3 skies?

    Make a linedef with type 271, set the upper texture to the sky texture you want, and set the tag to the sectors you want it to affect. Sunlust MAP16 has a big square with a GATE4 floor that is full of linedefs tagged 0-82, you could just copy that into your map and replace the upper texture with what you want. This will work in most modern ports, but not all of them (not Vanilla/Chocolate for instance). Could be a lot of reasons: * Your sky graphic doesn't actually tile * You're trying to replace a sky with a patch that is > 256px wide, but you're not redefining the actual sky texture * You're trying to use a texture that isn't 256, 512, or 1024 px wide * Your computer is haunted Post it if you can't figure it out.
  14. Can you post your whole MAPINFO? or just make sure all your maps have `cluster=1` in their definitions might be enough.
  15. For normal linear episodes Clusters are the groups of maps, separated by intermission screens. MAP01-MAP06 is Cluster 1, MAP07-MAP11 is Cluster 2, etc. When you change from one cluster to another, by default you get a text intermission screen.