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  1. I just realized I never uploaded my SoD MAP15 video. I've had that recorded for about a week. I should probably do that tonight. 

    1. GarrettChan
    2. Nevander


      I was wondering what was taking ya so long. No rush of course. :)

  2. I've torn off the mask of reality to stare at the face of god.
  3. I feel like this has been known for a while. Not sure if this is truly the downfall of WPA2.
  4. I spent all weekend playing Starbound. I bought this game like three years ago and never touched it. Why did I wait so long? This game is amazing. 

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Yeah, I agree. I mostly play it modded now.

  5. It's coming. When? Soon

    (Shoutouts to @DBThanatos for editing the "V" in the logo)


  6. I actually expected you to look like George Costanza. I'm disappointed.
  7. I had the same issue with my friend's PC. For some reason, the CPU was only using 1 out of the 8 cores of his AMD CPU. L4D2 ran at 10fps on low settings. It ended up being a BIOS issue. We returned everything and went Intel. Either something is preventing your hardware from working to its maximum potential, or something is eating up all of your PC's resources. Download MSI Afterburner and MSI Kombustor to do some stress tests. My first tip is to gtfo Windows 8. That was an OS catastrophe. Either downgrade to Win7 or upgrade to Win10. Fresh OS install so you can rule out all third-party apps. You could also try reseating your hardware. If you open up cmd and type "systeminfo", does it reflect everything correctly? Mobo might be malfunctioning. GPU might be going bad. CPU might be fucked up. RAM stick might be shitting itself (even though these usually bring in some BSODs with them). Is your PSU strong enough to handle all of your hardware? You'll probably want a 450w MINIMUM. I've built computers on $500 worth of hardware that could run Battlefield 3 on High/Ultra. You should not be having problems. Something is indeed wrong. **EDIT** Just saw the replies. Glad to hear you got it resolved. I'll keep this reply here in case someone comes across this in a Google Search or something.
  8. Water does not belong in Doom unless it's a flowing texture used for detail, that's it. I've seen some of those cool multiplayer mods on Zandronum use it, but even then it isn't necessary. It would definitely get annoying in abundance.
  9. If I ever finish my LP of Speed of Doom, I will be doing Going Down (unless a new @skillsaw WAD comes out of nowhere like Ancient Aliens did). If I do, I'll 100% be using @A_D_M_E_R_A_L's QoL mod since I've been telling myself I'd use that for the last two years. I don't trust the D10 like I did last time :p 

    1. Phade102


      Going down is a fantastic choice! Really fun. But what is QoL exactly?

    2. stru


      Quality of Life! Really just graphical improvements with ADMERAL's mod though

    3. skillsaw


      Going Down is great! You should play it.


      There's nothing coming from me in the near future anyways.

    4. Nevander


      If you want a good HUD to use you should try NC HUD by @Blue Shadow. It's my favorite custom HUD and it shows everything you could ever need to see.


    5. Nevander


      Also speaking of QoL type mods, I made a couple tiny WADs that I use regularly when I play GZDoom these days when playing WADs that use vanilla Doom stuff.


      Blood Fixer:

      Smooth Weapons:


      And of course I also use the HUD I posted above in combination. I'd be interested in seeing what @A_D_M_E_R_A_L's mod is too. I love QoL type mods, they really make Doom more fluid and enjoyable than ever without changing the game's mechanics.

    6. A_D_M_E_R_A_L


      @Nevander and @stru, you both can see my work in all of its glory in my Alien Vendetta PT here. Also I love how Stru consideres my mod as QoL (Quallity of Life)


  10. There are so many, but the few I could think of off-hand are: BTSX MAP01 (Entering by @esselfortium) Every Valiant track by this fucking legend named @Jimmy (MAP10, MAP15, MAP31, MAP13 was my personal favorite) Alien Vendetta's MAP04, MAP08, and MAP20 Valiant's Theme Track (I'm pretty sure this was from one of the old Gundam games) Lunatic's MAP01 (from Tyrian 2000) Disjunction's MAP01 (from Jazz Jackrabbit 2) and MAP11 (not sure where this one was from, but it's epic). Scythe's MAP30 (You suck!) F2H's MAP01 (Doomrider by Primevil) Ancient Alien's MAP02, MAP07, and MAP22 Epic's MAP05 (was also used in Epic 2's MAP11) Epic 2's MAP01 (from ES Daggerfall), MAP05 (Magus' Theme), MAP21 (Eruyt Village from FF XII), and MAP28 Eternal Doom's MAP17
  12. My first girlfriend back in high school tried to be sexy by teasing me with her panties, meanwhile they had shit stains all over them. Just add that to the list of traumatic experiences and one more fetish that I'll never ever have.
  13. just realized i could play it in my browser too! runs like ass but i'm so glad i found this
  14. My first PC game I ever played was Chip's Challenge. It was a puzzle game released on Windows 95. I believe it came bundled with certain versions of the OS. I remember visiting my uncle as a kid and spending all weekend in his basement playing that game, as well as some of the others. My neighbor had SkiFree, Rattler Race, and everything else in the WEP that we played for hours on end. When our family got our first PC, my father's friend came over to help us set it up and installed Ultimate Doom which ran off of DOS. I believe it was just the shareware version at the time, but I remember a few years later where I got the Doom Collector's Edition that came with Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom (with Doom95 Source Port I believe).