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  1. I feel like there are so many indie games that are so overlooked and underappreciated because people are just obsessed with cinematics, waifus, or slaughtering their graphics cards with insane post-processing, anti-aliasing, and texture detail. I'm part of a few rather toxic gaming communities who are all obsessed with normie shit (Anything EA, Blizzard, Activision, or any ridiculously overhyped "horror" game that may have slipped through the cracks). There are so many games out there that are just practical clones of each other being released at the same damn time. And people are eating them up like flies on shit. If you want to make a successful video game in 2017, apparently you just need to make a card game or a MOBA shooter. Anyway, rant aside, here are some of my favorite underrated/indie games I've loved: Town of Salem Starbound Grim Dawn Firewatch Pillars of Eternity Path of Exile Osiris: New Dawn Vermintide 20XX
  2. I may be the odd one out here, but I actually prefer newer metal over the older stuff. Sound quality is a big part of it, but I'm also not a huge fan of the 80s-style metal voices we hear in Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.. Slayer is a prime example of noise that just isn't practical anymore. I also don't think it's safe to compare Cannibal Corpse and Black Sabbath. They are two WAY different styles of metal. Anyway, newer metal seems to have a wider range of frequencies that are usually mastered really well. With newer technology comes better sound. -------------------------------------- This song I found ended up having a lot of influence on the older style, but incorporated the use of good EQing, synthesizers, etc. Mind you I haven't pulled either of these tracks into Audacity to compare, but there is a lot of music out there that will have similar waveforms to Black Sabbath. It just may not be what we know as "metal" today because a lot of people just want fucking blast beats, pig squeals, and breakdowns.
  3. I got back into YGO last year since I had a couple friends that were getting back into it. Unfortunately, it's a fad that quickly died off and now nobody else in my area plays it. Go figure, just as I had a solid deck that I put about $50 into. I wouldn't play competitively though. Pendulums are so broken.
  4. So I probably won't be playing it since I'm terrible at Quake and spend my little amount of free time playing cancerous video games instead! So who's excited?!
  5. After Doom, I got into FPS games on console which pretty much all had reloading. For PC though, it was that shitty RGA mod that put Call of Duty weapons into Skulltag. I could never afford PC gaming when I was younger. Doom was all my computer could handle. And when I saw that someone modded a fucking Intervention sniper rifle and I could 360 quickscope revenants from across the map, I was in awe. So yes, that was my first experience with reloading a gun in a PC FPS.
  6. The devs pretty much said they just didn't want to make it. I think it's probably because Torchlight 2 is still pretty supported and they wanted to work on Hob. Runic also isn't exactly a big AAA company either (which, in a way, is good).
  7. Torchlight series :/ RIP
  8. To this day, I still have trouble with E4M2. E4M1 just requires patience, while E4M2 is a hell hole full of a ton of shit trying to kill you from every direction.
  9. Every damn day, I wake up wishing I was in New Zealand working for Grinding Gear Games. They sound like such an awesome company to work for, and working on one of my favorite games would feel so great. Even if it's just QA, tech support, or even moderating the cancer global chat and muting people spamming copypasta, I'd still enjoy every second. Shit, it's better than working at an old gym software company hoping soon I could make it to development and get out of tech support.
  10. Idk, Diablo 3 lost to Grinding Gear Games pretty damn hard. Overwatch slaughtered Battleborn though.
  11. You never like the way my logic works anyway so I don't know why you bother commenting on my posts. Anyway, we went years without CCGs like this. Within the last 12-18months, look at how many came outta f--king nowhere. If 10 ARPGs came out with Path of Exile's 3.0, I'd put up the same debate. It's not the fact that there are so many. It's the fact that so many are being made within SUCH a short period of time. I heard of 4 upcoming CCGs like this just in the last month alone.
  12. The thought of third shift and two friends is so fucking glorious to me right now. I'm actually jealous dude.
  13. With the heat it's getting, I don't expect it to make them nearly as much as it would if they made something the community actually wanted.
  14. So instead of designing something else like HL3, L4D3, even a fucking remaster of anything to Source 2, Valve decides to make yet another card game to compete with the rest. And honestly, why....? This is the last thing they needed to make. I understand Dota has such a high amount of followers, but we could really do without this. Why just add to the pile of unoriginal P2W garbage just because everyone else is doing it? (Implying Valve even has the time and energy to put into balancing and supporting a card game) I hope to god this gets scrapped. EDIT: Btw, Gwent is the only one I wholeheartedly support since it started as a minigame in one of the best western RPGs ever made.
  15. Username checks out!