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  1. I feel like everyone I talk to on here is Eastern European or South American
  2. Why are there copyright laws on music for Doom wads? id software practically ripped half the MIDIs from Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 from other metal songs. And it's not like WADs are being sold on a shelf at Gamestop. I never understood these damn laws.
  3. I'd have to agree with Archviles. I've played enough maps where you hear the "URRRR" and explosion of a cyberdemon dying but you need him for infighting. I don't recall ever needing an archvile to live. Hearing that murloc warcry when a vile dies is music to my ears.
  4. Since nobody on this forum is from America, are officers in other countries just as bad? I hear Russian officers will beat the shit out of you, but how often do they shoot innocent people?
  5. You giving PoE 3.1 a shot? VP got nerfed and moved :p 

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I'm pretty up to date with the most recent changes, still won't play. Even though gutting VP was kinda nice, I don't have the motivation to race for 100 at the moment, or race for anything else, really.

    2. stru


      Not even to see all the cool new stuff? Come on! 


      In and out, 20 minutes. 

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Nope, not interested in that new content at all.

  6. My main concern here is that you didn't smell it, see it, or sense any other sign of it until you laid down directly on top of it. Then you were like "oh damn there's poo here"
  7. holy shit lmaooooooo
  8. That lighting is beautiful. Teach me your ways, lad.
  9. I think I had an issue with sky textures like this before, where it would render the sky as a tiled texture like a ceiling instead of a skybox. I can't remember if I ever fixed it and I'm pretty sure that's what made me stop mapping.
  10. 1600x900 windowed so that way I still have access to my taskbar without having to Alt-Tab.
  11. Nope, just good ol' shitposting.
  13. It's actually a Chinese cartoon discussion board.
  14. Nice missing textures! :p