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  1. How is this even possible? I’m 23 years old, and I have nobody left. The friends I had since high school have all gone their separate ways. One moved 500mi away. Two are fathers who don’t have time or make time to ever really go out unless there are drugs or sports involved. One just sits in his room and plays FF XIV all day with his Australian guildmates. Two became juiceheads that do nothing but go to the gym, do flips at the beach, and hang with their girlfriends. And the biggest thing is that I have NOTHING in common with any of them anymore. Even if we were to all come together again, we wouldn’t even be able to talk to each other in the same tongue anymore. Not even my girlfriend. I don’t know why I’m even with her sometimes when we have nothing in common. I don’t like sports or lifting or smoking weed or FF XIV. I like card games like MTG and tabletop games like D&D. I like cars and computers. I like metal music and playing guitar and drums. I like PC gaming and local coop stuff. None of them enjoy what I do. I figured I’d practice some MTG on the computer with Magic Duels. I went to FNM tonight and kinda just got shoved away because nobody wanted to bother with a newbie or even be in my presence. So I just left. I’ve tried going to bars and shows and talking to people but I just get ignored and feel like I’m just pestering these groups of friends having a good time. I’ve gone out with coworkers but they’re all older folks whom I can’t relate to at all. Same with meetups using the Meetup app. I can’t make conversation with these people. I’ve tried talking to other people I grew up with, but they’re all doing their own thing too and none of them are into the same things I am either. And then I’ve tried that “friends will come to you” strategy instead of actually searching. It turns out nobody gives a shit unless you make the effort (which is funny because I make the effort and get turned away). I wish I could just clone myself - make a bunch of me’s to hang out with. Because I really don’t see myself finding any new friends anytime soon. Doomworld is pretty much the only place I feel accepted, so thanks all. I wish you guys weren't all out in Cali or Europe or Russia or whatever because hanging out with you all would probably be really cool. Sorry for ranting, just needed to kinda get that off my chest.
  2. I played the FUCK outta Crash 2 when I was younger, but I can run through the game in just a few hours now :/ It's one of my favorite games ever made but idk about playing it forever haha
  3. It honestly just seems like you have beaten all the content and got bored of it, not to mention you came out sounding like a complete asshole to begin with. I didn't really mean to lash back at you like that but you're complaining more than I did playing through MAP08 of Disjunction and pretty much telling me I'm wrong for enjoying PoE. Instead of tripping over your neckbeard, let other people enjoy the game instead of bashing it for all these things that you don't enjoy. That's like me going into a thread and saying "YOU ARE STUPID FOR LIKING MAP30 OF ALIEN VENDETTA ANDY J IS A FUCKING IDIOT WHO NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO MAP". Do you have ideas to fix PoE? If so, please tell me and I'll send it over to Chris Wilson for you. Go play D3 or something, jeez. You really sound like those bloggers on Kotaku whining about how feminism is ruining video games and how anime needs to be more widely accepted.
  4. You make it sound like double-dipping makes the game unplayable. You can't go in and one-shot a fucking T16 boss because you found a T16 map. It still requires expensive ass gear, proper skill tree progression, and understanding the mechanics of the fight. You also don't HAVE to double-dip. It's not forced. Just like any other online game, you aren't forced to play any build, run any deck, use any loadout, etc. Some people don't have fun by running OP tier-1 shit. And guess what. EVERY ONLINE GAME IS GONNA HAVE A META. They're gonna get rid of double dipping and then people are gonna complain that fire damage is too strong. Then they nerf that and now shock damage is too strong. There's always gonna be one thing stronger than the other. Every single online game ever had a meta. It's just the way it is. They reduced ES levels by a lot, and no it doesn't reign supreme when there's a lot less sustaining your ES pool. You forget that life-builds are usually armour or EV based, which are their own layer of defense on top of high life scaling. Required mods like Vorici items is a completely different route than "VAAL REGALIA -> CI -> VP -> GHOST REAVER = GG". You're practically saying "people can still play ES therefore it is still broken". You can't just take any gear and go facetank Shaper. It requires proper knowledge of many different things in the game, and also a ton of currency. Show me that CwC Scorching Ray build and I can guarantee he wasn't using 5c worth of gear. Do you just not want people to be able to beat The Shaper? Strong AoEs and clear speed is why people enjoy the game. If you don't like it, then don't play it. As for melee builds being sub-par, you can build a melee build that is just as good as your projectile build, your summoner build, etc. You probably completed all the content, you understand all the mechanics, and now you're getting mad that it's too easy. You can't just take any guy off the street and give him a keyboard and mouse and expect him to be able to reach Shaper by next week. You need to understand how the game works, and there's a LOT of shit to understand. It almost sounds like you want the game to be completely unplayable. If you beat all the content, congrats. But your complaints are so narrow-minded that it irks me. I don't really understand what you want, and I don't think you do either. I'm so glad you aren't part of GGG's team.
  5. Chinese WoW sounded awful. Who put those regulations on it? Blizzard or China?
  6. Idk when the last time you played was. Double-dipping has been pretty much eliminated. 3.0 is nerfing the absolute hell out of ES. VP will no longer have any effect on ES. It will still be strong with Life builds but it's not like you can run a Berserker with VP and go face tank the Shaper. EVERY ARPG consists of crit and AoE, come on... you can't even say that as an insult. That's like getting mad at Doom because they put guns in it. I also don't see the problem with projectiles... The last broken build I could recall that involved projectiles was HoWA Spectral Throw. Before that, top meta builds were melee.
  7. It seems like everybody I know played this game back in the WLK days. I played it for the first time during WoD... I missed all the good times. But I wanna play for the questing purposes and because I really like the lore behind it. I'm not big on 40-man raid night. My social autism gets the best of me.
  8. ...which ones would they be? (Mods are allowed). 1) Doom2, easy. So many WADs to play through, I'm pretty sure I would never get bored. 2) Path of Exile. So much to do, so much to grind, so much variety and customization. So much dev support. 3) World of Warcraft. Once again, so much damn content. I played heavily for a few months and think I only saw about 10% of what the game has to offer. I'd love to have more time to play it.
  9. So watching my old LP videos, I'm really considering going back to my old style of playthroughs instead of doing everything from pistol-start. It's not that I don't want to do pistol-start runs anymore, but it's almost like there's no sense of continuity and it doesn't feel like I'm actually "progressing" through a WAD like you would a story-mode in any other video game. But the pistol-starts work as a sort of walkthrough for people planning UV-Max runs or something along those lines. 


    What do you guys think? Should I stick to pistol-starts as I did with Disjunction and Ancient Aliens? Or go back to the roots? Or does it really even matter? 

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    2. Nevander


      I say drop pistol starts. Even if maps are made with a pistol start in mind, it doesn't mean it's actually meant to be done from pistol start and may be unbalanced even still. Keeping your progression is the most logical way to play because the game and mapset allows you to do so. Less stressful, and more logical to the extent that you are actually progressing through a WAD instead of just pressing the reset button every time.

    3. stru


      I like that theory Nevander. Just because they CAN be played from pistol start doesn't mean they SHOULD. Pistol starts are for speed runners and masochists, which I am neither.

    4. GarrettChan


      You look like a masochist though, so Community Chest Map29 is for ya ;P JK

    5. Scotty


      It'll make maps easier which... to be honest would make the videos better to watch in some circumstances, seeing you ranting for 20-30 minutes about balance and RNG (usually unfairly :D ) through Disjunction did get a bit grating sometimes.

    6. stru


      @Scotty I'm considering playing Sunlust on UV and if I don't play from pistol-start, I think I might have a chance :o 

    7. Scotty


      Oh shit, haha, i think weapon carryovers won't make much difference on the final maps in Sunlust... they really are that difficult. Try map29 with the IDFA cheat and you'll see what i mean :D

    8. stru


      @Scotty Which maps are the toughest of Sunlust? So I can try them out and see lol 

    9. Scotty


      29, 30, 32 probably. The ending of map32 is absolutely insane!

    10. elderdragonbrasil


      My opinion: Megawad you shouldn't do pistol start. I have to agree to the other comments: you should enjoy the playthrough. Some mappers make the difficult a real nightmare.

      Some Wads I would even suggest to play on HMP, because, the difficult is really insane!



    11. elderdragonbrasil


      Oh, and don't forget to watch my TNT: Rev playthrough, because I need feedback, cause I am n00b doing videos in english, lol

  10. I'm wondering if you could put Doom mapping on a resume, and how you'd present that to future employers... I'm sure if you can support how it ties into your job, it would work really well (especially if you won a Cacoward for it :p)
  11. tfw you wanna play Sunlust because it's such a beautiful WAD but can't beat all of the levels... 


    1. Phade102


      Then play the levels you CAN beat, use them as practice, then go back to the levels you cant. All the levels are beatable, but they are meant to be a challenge. Come on Stru, you did map08 of Disjunction. You can do this.

    2. Yugiboy85


      You could always lower the difficulty. Sometimes, it's best to just swallow your pride and just lower the difficulty a notch. 

    3. leodoom85


      Those levels are passable, it just needs more practice and don't be afraid of being a save spammer. Sometimes, you'll need it in case of urgency...

    4. Paul977

      @Phade102 There are many maps in Sunlust that are way way way harder then map 08 of Disjunction.

      If you play with many saves and watch uv-max demos for the hardest map (sunder-like difficulty one) you maybe can do it. Not all the levels are hard thought (e1 is very reasonable), I'd say the hardest maps are like 8-10

    5. MysteriousHaruko


      I just load supergun.wad and slaughter those monsters. 

    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Most of these replies here say: "Can't do the hard stuff? Play easier stuff, or make it easier. Problem solved."

      How about "Practice the hard stuff until you can beat it, because that's how you get better."?

    7. leodoom85


      Maybe it's because not all people has the same degree of learning curve as you...we're agree that learning the hard way is ideal but we all have a different time of learning.

    8. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @leodoom85, maybe you should take your time to think about the subject a little longer before simply writing anything, just because.


      Learning curve has nothing to do with it, because the moment you resort to OPopie-weapons mod, or dial down the difficulty, you already capped the learning curve, if not ruined it. On top of that, the advice Phade102 gave, "player the easier maps until you can beat harder ones" is the worst possible advice you can possibly give, because SunLust needs to be practiced on a map by map basis. Let alone that there is virtually no learning curve to be had when people practice stuff they already can do.


      More often than not, the reason people learn at a different place is that people employ bad practice routines, or give other people bad advice at how to get better, as is clearly the case here.

    9. stru


      I'm sure I could finish it with enough practice, but the problem I have with running maps of that difficulty is that I lack persistence. I get annoyed when I'm doing everything right and get hit in the back with a stray cyberdemon rocket from across the map or the archvile horde doesn't infight and instead all go for me. 

    10. leodoom85


      Practice is one thing but the patience can betray you :(

      And, @Nine Inch Heels, I'm agree with you in this one.

  12. What has this thread become..
  13. Memfis, what WAD really needs a sequel?
  14. Besides waiting for a new Skillsaw WAD, what other WADs would you shit yourself over if you saw a sequel to it? I'll go first: WE NEED EPIC3.wad. I forgot how beautiful that WAD was. Nearly every map in that WAD was a masterpiece.
  15. Congrats Ling! Best of luck, just don't forget about us :p