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  1. tfw you wanna play Sunlust because it's such a beautiful WAD but can't beat all of the levels... 


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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @leodoom85, maybe you should take your time to think about the subject a little longer before simply writing anything, just because.


      Learning curve has nothing to do with it, because the moment you resort to OPopie-weapons mod, or dial down the difficulty, you already capped the learning curve, if not ruined it. On top of that, the advice Phade102 gave, "player the easier maps until you can beat harder ones" is the worst possible advice you can possibly give, because SunLust needs to be practiced on a map by map basis. Let alone that there is virtually no learning curve to be had when people practice stuff they already can do.


      More often than not, the reason people learn at a different place is that people employ bad practice routines, or give other people bad advice at how to get better, as is clearly the case here.

    3. UglyStru


      I'm sure I could finish it with enough practice, but the problem I have with running maps of that difficulty is that I lack persistence. I get annoyed when I'm doing everything right and get hit in the back with a stray cyberdemon rocket from across the map or the archvile horde doesn't infight and instead all go for me. 

    4. leodoom85


      Practice is one thing but the patience can betray you :(

      And, @Nine Inch Heels, I'm agree with you in this one.