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  1. Over the weekend, I met Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn in Game of Thrones. He was so damn cool. I also met Julian Glover who plays Grand Maester Pycelle in GoT, who was old as shit but one of the funniest guys I've ever met. 


    I also learned that conventions are much more enjoyable going by yourself, so that way you don't have other people holding you back from doing what you wanna do. I spent 4 hours on a tabletop war game, but it was worth every second. 

    1. Deleted_Account


      Winter is here Jon Snow.

    2. Phade102


      I agree absolutely. I prefer to go to conventions on my own, so you dont have friends saying "LEts go do this" You can go where you want.

    3. GarrettChan


      If you have a friend who understands how to deal with hobby differences, that would be different. To be honest, I like going with 2, and we can go to places with common interests, and split up doing whatever we like individually. However, this doesn't work more than 2 though.