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  1. I apologize for the delay in uploads for my SoD playthrough on YouTube. MAP07 is actually kinda tough without using BFG (which is what I was kinda going for). It's much easier with BFG spam but I'm not sure if I wanna do that just yet :p 


    I will try to get one up either tonight or tomorrow morning!

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    2. GarrettChan


      True, my goal is one, but I just don't want to get back, so I went on. I'm 5/7 on Moltres because Team Instinct sucks. I didn't bother get good IV on Articunos (got 2 and both are lower than 80% IV), but I got a 14/15/15 Moltres, and I am very satisfied. Well, if we can actually meet in the future, that's one more thing we can share, f some raid bosses together (I mean FIGHT, not F@ck) ;P

    3. UglyStru


      I had three 90%+ Moltres, four 90%+ Lugias, and three 90%+ Articunos run off on me. 10 wasted raid passes :( I think it's because I'm too underleveled and haven't gotten the gold medals for the types yet to help with my catch rate lol 

    4. GarrettChan


      Well, Lugia has a lower base rate of 2%. Even you can reliably throw a Great Curve Ball, you still only get around 9% with gold badge, so it's pretty normal. It's said that there's a bug, use a Nanab, then Golden Razz back and forth to increase catch rate. Although as a former programmer, I don't really believe this, I would try it out when Zapdos is here.