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  1. So yeah, last night was rough. On top of getting what seems to be the flu and practically working myself to death, my gf and I had a violent separation and I'm currently in the process of relocating. I've got a few people who are willing to take me in while I get more money saved for an apartment, but just wanted to give yall an update as to why I haven't touched my YT channel in a couple of weeks. Bear with me, guys! 

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    2. Voltcom9


      Wow that sounds pretty rough. Hang in there things will get better man.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      Wow, hard times man! :-( Sorry to hear it...

    4. Nevander


      More GF problems? Sounds like it's time to focus on yourself for a while to get your shit together. You'd have more money for yourself too. :)

      No worries about the lack of uploads, if there's a valid reason there's no need to apologize. Stuff like you're describing always takes first priority. Hang in there.