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  1. Caiuz

    Arachnotron Doom Launcher 1.1.4

    the only thing missing from this launcher is being able to see the demos of the maps
  2. Caiuz

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    Played with Brutal doom rc07 was one of the best megawads I've played. The design of the levels is complex and enormous. The enemies are really put to perfection, traps, where death is assured. Good work. I'm waiting for Paul to follow up on this megawad!
  3. i must load the PB or BD on gzbuilder ?
  4. hello guys, I want make a maps that have the weapons and upgrade of brutality or brutal. How should i do it? :) I have make some maps , but I would like to make a maps for doom classic and for guys that test it with project brutality or brutal doom but with the new weapons. :D Do I have to do it with action scripting?
  5. There is the solution? means something? the wad is Shadow of the Serpent Riders , when i make a new map or load the iwad of heretic thank y
  6. Caiuz

    GZ Builder ,DoomBuilder 2 + Brutal doom

    thanks you can give me some examples?
  7. Hi guys I wanted to know if it was possible to add the brutal weapons of doom in my map in doom format. I saw that in GZBuilder I add the marine that weapons of brutal doom. I have read that I can add with decorated, but how? There is another system without programming? thanks for the answers