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  1. hi hobo, some time ago I told you if it was an idea to add the total stats, but they are already there. Now I may ask you if it is an idea to add the name of the doom maps you play to the total stats? only the maps? : D This is because we all keep the list of maps we play on google sheet. With the doom launcher we will have it all there - map name - hours? thanks you Caiuz.
  2. hi your mod is great! but can you make the mod compatible with Legend doom 2.8 and Corruption cards 1.7 mod? I play them together and making doom maps is too good! test them together! With your mod you could add features to legend doom 2.8 and it would be even more "RANDOM" !! but I can't get them to work together. This is why I ask you if you can make them compatible, or is there a vanilla version? old version? thanks. ps : excuse for my english .)
  3. yes ! press one switch and one switch open one door but i don't know how ?
  4. hi doomers I have a room where I want to put two buttons that, when pressed individually, open a door. how can i do this? should i use a script? in this map I don't remember what it is, 4 switches open a door. thank you
  5. Caiuz

    Tired of the usual doom?

    corription cards modify the ambient and legend doom the weapons .
  6. Caiuz

    Tired of the usual doom?

    See this presentation These mods for me make doom a roguelike! SHARE THE SEEDS FOR NEW EXPERIENCE ! THANKS TO THE AUTHORS OF CORRUPTION CARDS AND https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=67939 LEGEND DOOM https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=51035 and DOOM LAUNCHER https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/69346-doom-launcher-doom-frontend-database-v320-122020/ and authors Oblige 7.70 http://oblige.sourceforge.net/ and OBADDON https://caligari87.github.io/ObAddon/
  7. @hobomaster22 in the next update , can you include a total play-time of doom-launcher in the top bar next to "doom Launcher" ? or a option ? I know it is useless, but it can be useful to know how much total time we have played doom. thanks for great launcher :) ps : total play time it's a sum of each map or megawads that we played
  8. how add tabs? there is not "+"
  9. @hobomaster22 there is on my doomlauncher 3 a bug for select file(add files- play menu ) as my screenshot . On version 3.2.0 thanks for your app. ps : excuse for my english , I hope you understand :D
  10. Caiuz

    Arachnotron Doom Launcher 1.1.4

    the only thing missing from this launcher is being able to see the demos of the maps
  11. Caiuz

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    Played with Brutal doom rc07 was one of the best megawads I've played. The design of the levels is complex and enormous. The enemies are really put to perfection, traps, where death is assured. Good work. I'm waiting for Paul to follow up on this megawad!