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  1. joshescue18

    Old Still Life .wad

    The square area with three switches on MAP10 doesn't work right on LZDoom. Never mind, the compatability was set on Boom (Strict).
  2. joshescue18

    Stomper Beta 2 (Released for preservation sake)

    Download link is broken. Why are the files get deleted?
  3. What happened to megawad Stomper?

  4. joshescue18

    Criticality [/idgames]

    The download link is dead.
  5. Why won't you post this month's (November 2020) DWMegawadClub thread?

    1. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      because I am a cruel god


      (I'm getting it ready)

    2. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      For future reference, the only time you need to worry about me posting is when it's like, the 3rd or something. I usually get around to it by the end of the 1st, EST time.

  6. Where are you?

    1. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru


    2. MidnightMage


      what does it all mean?

    3. joshescue18


      I think he means "here I am" in Hebrew.

  7. Why are you taking so long to post reviews of Doom Wads on your blog?

    1. kmxexii


      josh/brandon, i have been in the throes of several major (but not negative) life events which have taken most of the mental energy that i would spend playing doom and writing reviews. i will hopefully / eventually get out of this current rut but the reviews are being paced at one a week because i have not written up any more of them. the blog is still on my mind but i am currently holding it at arms length until i get comfortable again.

    2. Fonze
  8. joshescue18

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    +++ Doom 2
  9. joshescue18

    ZanZan - GZDoom version not working

    It worked on the older version of GZDoom, but it won't work on the newer version.
  10. joshescue18

    ZanZan - GZDoom version not working

    I downloaded ZanZan for GZDoom and I started it, but it won't work. Can someone please fix it?
  11. joshescue18

    Lost Wads

    I can't find the Doomed-ja vu entry "Put Up Your Dukes" (cliffbase.wad) by Sgt. Shivers.
  12. joshescue18

    Lost Wads

    Why are all of the wads by Joe Anderson removed from the /idgames archives?
  13. joshescue18

    Mayan Mishap (FINAL RELEASE; idgames uploaded)

    You still didn't upload this wad to the archives. Why won't you do it?
  14. joshescue18

    Nothing New On idgames Lately

    Where is Ty Halderman?
  15. joshescue18

    How Many Episodes and Megawads?

    Be sure to include IWADs as Chex Quest 3 and Harmony.