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  1. I found it was visually an amazing game for 1994. The only things I didn't like were the enemies and the weapons, as it seemed they could have been a little better. The levels themselves were amazing - both VERY challenging in spots, and relaxing in others. I just wish there were more pwads and wad packs for Heretic.
  2. I wasn't aware, thanks. But, in the last level, one cannot afford to really be too choosy. I had the best luck just praying and spraying.
  3. Part 045 - E5M8: Field of Judgement This wraps up the Let's Play, so thank you again for watching!
  4. Part 044 - E5M7: Foetid Manse
  5. Part 043 - E5M6: Collonade
  6. Part 041 - E5M4: Courtyard Part 042 - E5M5: Hydratyr
  7. Part 039 - E5M3: Quay Part 040 - E5M9: Skein of D'Sparil
  8. Part 038 - E5M2: Rapids
  9. Part 036 - E4M8: Shattered Bridge Part 037 - E5M1: Ochre Cliffs
  10. Part 035 - E4M7: The Ramparts of Perdition
  11. Part 034 - E4M6: Halls of the Apostate
  12. Herpaderp. Thanks for the correction! Let's see if it sticks. For some strange reason I can never remember the names of these things.
  13. Part 033 - E4M5: The Great Stair
  14. Part 032 - E4M9: The Mausoleum
  15. The sound was correct in E4M3, but sometimes it's my 2nd or 3rd runthrough so my commentary can be a bit predictive. Part 031 - E4M4: The Sepulcher