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  1. kalinus

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Its a few years old but here you go.
  2. I'm hoping to create a weapon to pull monsters or enemy players towards the player. I couldn't do a negative A_RadiusThrust or anything similar. Basically like the Loremaster in Strife. (Not sure if I want vertical movement involved)
  3. kalinus

    Share Your Sprites!

    Wow I'm glad the thread isn't dead. :D I currently don't have internet so I'm not active on anywhere really but when I have internet at home, I'll share what I've been working on. There's some edits and a rather heavy edit for new monsters. As well as props and textures. I'm really liking what I'm seeing here hopefully I can upload my stuff soon :P
  4. kalinus

    GzDoom and Zandronum Won't Fullscreen.

    I am not using Windows 10 Zandronum has been fixed turned out I was in the wrong directory so I didn't delete the ini XD. But GZdoom's ini has been deleted for sure and its not running. Though I cannot run in hardware mode in Zandronum anymore in fullscreen. I don't know if I've tried to since buying my nividia 650gtx.
  5. So I'm unable to fullscreen either port on any resolution. I deleted ini files. And have made no Hardware changes. Had no problems with either port until yesterday when I started trying out all the Freeware Iwads. Zdoom works fine though :/
  6. kalinus

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Ya know I didn't mention you in my earlier post but your one of the Devs I thought would help. :D
  7. kalinus

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    I agree with you to a point It's more of subscriber based thing right? If so I believe we should have a paypal button as well or maybe there's more options than I realize. I could do a small monthly donation.
  8. kalinus

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    I too would gladly contribute on Kickstarter I can only give about $20 or so as I'm broke and struggle enough to pay my own rent but I'd do what I can. I'm pretty sure we got enough folks here to help. Hell I believe John Romero, Tom Hall, and other devs would help as well if needed. Though I think we can do this. :D
  9. kalinus

    Share Your Sprites!

    Well I was going to do a bunch of quotes with replies but I don't want to make a huge post ;) The stuff looks good. And some satisfyingly disturbing XD And I am hoping this can be something like the Spriting Carnival I'll post some more Sprites as I work on them. It's rare for me to do them I'm hoping being active in a post like this will help.
  10. kalinus

    New Monster Sprite I'm Working On

    I like the idea. I would suggest having a bigger variety of colors though. Also I made a post here about sharing sprites if you want to share him here as well. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/73426-share-your-sprites/
  11. kalinus

    Share Your Sprites!

    Well I could of swore we had a place on here to share sprites. I just wanted to make something for folks to share their works and ideas myself included. Also remember there's no need to quote images ;) My contributions a Goldeneye/Brutal Doom Edit and a Corridor 7 Edit (It's bad I know XD)
  12. kalinus

    Urban Brawl - Multiplayer Mod beta

    Awesome! I was going to do some Urban Brawl modding and kept getting distracted. I mostly was interested in making some new maps for Deathmatch, and Co-op Enemy Wave styled games.
  13. kalinus

    I make soundtracks

    Your stuff sounds good. I really need to get to work on some maps/mods. I got a ton of wip stuff that needs music. :P
  14. kalinus

    Isometric Control Idea/Help

    The camera isn't the issue at all. What I need is to have a mouse cursor on screen that the player actor will follow similar to monster paths. What I want is to hold down space or a mouse button to enable the pathwalking. I also need to tweak combat to work as well.
  15. Man I should of gotten involved in this project. XD Great work all involved! I've got too much on my plate but if I do make something I'll be sure to let you know!