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  1. Hicks

    Occult scenery in a Mars outpost.

    me 2, i love gothic stuff....heh...thats why i love Quake 1.
  2. Hicks

    Media blackout??

    Mayb there are no news just to make us feel impacient
  3. Hicks

    [Edit] How's your Valentine's Day?

    Good God.... i had a bad day , it was really sad for me ....damned, damned , damned .........
  4. Hicks

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    what about shadows? or invisible monsters ...you cant see ´em but you can hear ´em
  5. Hicks

    Doom II happens in...

    Doom III its not a remake of DOOM!..it just have some old levels that all.
  6. The terminator from Contra and the last boss. that damn brain, also the spider.
  7. Hicks

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    Holly Jebuz! giant alligators in mars!! `-_-´ feel the evil
  8. Hicks

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    A guy with a Chainsaw ( like Quake) A big zombie (like Nemesis) maybe Spirits And as Ichor Said : MIMES!!. i´ll love to shoot a group of those.
  9. Hicks

    Do you want a Doom 3 Collectors edition?

    what if the Collectors Edition have the series of Doom but with the Doom 3 engine? :)
  10. the Arch Ville.... because when yu kill a lot of monsters (IMP , SPIDERS , OR WHATEVER) he just comes and revive´em! Kefka......fallen one Sephiroth....because he cast supernova and supernova. Nemesis....he is coming to get ya! and Lavos.....i hate him so much!
  11. Hicks

    What's your style?

    Hell levels are the best ...because yu are in hell damnit!
  12. Hicks

    Doom 3 monsters

    He will be shooting rockets at the mosh-pit while he yells... MOVE THOSE A$$ES BASTARDS! seriously....i think that vocals will fit to him.
  13. Hicks

    Most under rated game...

    Silent Hill 1 Final Fantasy VI , VII , VIII , IV Crono Trigger Doom 1 , Doom II, Sin was really good and of course Starcraft! thats a Godly game
  14. Hicks

    What music is the best?

    I prefer rock but also metal is awesome. lol, it will be funny to play doom while listeninng jazz.
  15. Hicks

    Stupid Movie Quotes

    Aliens: -"That's it, man. Game over, man! It's game over!" -"I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid." and the famous: - "They're coming out of the walls! They're coming out of the goddamn walls! all of my favourite quotes are from aliens my FAVOURITE MOVIE is aliens :) "she'll be back" i almost fell from my chair when i heard that i was like WTF