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  1. Battle Cat

    Innocence of Muslims

    Somebody posted this (http://imgur.com/a/tlCyI) link earlier in this thread with protesters saying they disapprove of what happened. While I think it's great there are sensible people there, something struck me as odd. Take a look at all the signs in English. It looks like they were written with a marker but they're all completely identical. How come?
  2. Battle Cat

    Nordic Doom mappers

    Being Scandinavian has nothing to do with what land mass is connected to what. From Dictionary.com: - Norse the northern group of Germanic languages, consisting of Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Faeroese. You'll notice Finland is not on that list :)
  3. Hey. I'm tinkering with DoomBuilder and Zdoom. I'm trying to follow this tutorial: http://www.doombuilder.com/viewtutorial.php?t=22 . After he shows you the code to type in, at the F10 box, he simply compiles and closes the box. If I do that, it asks me where to save the file, but I don't know where to save it. Then when I press F9 to test the map no message appears on the screen. I don't know if I've set up the game configs correctly. I've tried regular Doom, and Zdoom in Doom format. Can anybody help me?
  4. Thanks to Nick's hint I got it to work. Thank you :)
  5. Battle Cat

    My laptop doesn't like Doom

    It seems your router is 2 versions behind. You have 1.0 and the newest is 1.5. Check here for instructions on how to upgrade: http://homesupport.cisco.com/en-us/wireless/lbc/WRT54G2
  6. Bobby Prince has done lots of awesome music. He's an inspiration. That track for Wrack up there is sweet, it sounds very doomy. I'm working on a Doom/Bobby tribute, which I guess, is relevant for an appreciation thread :) http://soundcloud.com/8bbc/doom-tribute
  7. Hey. I wanna try something with ACS, but since I'm a newbie with it I thought I'd ask here. I want to make it so some monsters are on 1 team, and other monsters are on a 2nd team so I can make big scale fight. Can this be done? The only things concerning teams I could find in the wiki were related to player teams.
  8. Battle Cat

    Despicable Me... Any good?

    1) I am Danish 2) It's a matter of preference. There are many reasons for this. A lot of the jokes get lost in translation for example, hence I prefer the original language.
  9. Battle Cat

    Despicable Me... Any good?

    I'd go see it but the last couple of years movie theaters in my country are showing animation movies with Danish voices because..I dunno, I guess they think only kids wanna see the movies.. luckily I was able to see Toy Story 3 in English... Even if I wanted to se Despicable Me in English it's not even out here yet..
  10. I meant in general - my account name is eviscerator pretty everywhere :) when I say I want a neutral name, it's because I can't think of anything good.
  11. I used to call myself Serpent. I wanted a cooler name and I was getting into metal, so of course I wanted something that sounded \m/ Also, I was in my mid-teens so I wanted to convey how awesome I (thought) was. I looked in a dictionary and found this name. I really want to ditch the name however, and find a more neutral name. I was at a family gathering years back, and I was asked about my name - explaining the name "eviscerator" to a family of semi-serious Christians is not cool. Anyway, I'm 25 now and I don't think it's a particularly cool name anymore but it's sorta stuck because it's the name people know me by.. oh well :-/
  12. Hey.. I played a racing game as a kid and I want to try it again, but I don't know the name. I remember the maps being varied. Some had you drive in laps, while others had you drive from point A to B. I remember there being at least 1 desert level. The car selection was very varied as well, letting you drive in really old racing cars (1930+) up to modern racing cars. I'm pretty sure there were no weapons in the game. Also, I think the game must be about 10 years old max. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
  13. Battle Cat

    Video Recording -- How?

    I'm one of those people. it's super easy with my 3rd hand.
  14. Battle Cat

    Doom Posters

    Those are awesome. Thank you :)
  15. Battle Cat

    Doom Posters

    I got a poster from my Master Levels box, but I don't think it's an official Id release so it might not be relevant here. I'm also going to assume it's nothing special considering which community this is :) Also - my Ultimate Doom box has the red baron image as seen in your post on it but I guesss everybody who has an Ultimate Doom box has their box looking the same way way?
  16. Battle Cat

    Looking for a specific racing game

    yes yes, I get it - my description was extremely vague. I'm doing the best I can here :D Test Drive 5 looks interesting. I'll have to check it out. I don't remember the game I'm looking for having police chases, but I'm pretty sure I only played a demo so it might have been left out.
  17. Battle Cat

    Looking for a specific racing game

    It was on the PC but it was the kind of game I'd suspect was released on consoles as well. Just checked out Cruisin' World. It's not it, but it looks sweet none the less :)
  18. Battle Cat

    Looking for a specific racing game

    thank you for your suggestions. I know it isn't Need For Speed though, and it's none of those other games as the game had full 3D (meaning models and 3D world etc.). Up until recently I thought the game I was looking for was "Have a NICE day" but I found out that game has weapons and this one doesn't :-/
  19. Battle Cat

    Looking for a specific racing game

    Well that's the problem, all I have in my head are vague pictures >_< I hardly remember anything about the gameplay other than the fact that I really liked the game.
  20. Battle Cat

    Are all you Doomworlders mappers/modders?

    I started out with mapping in 1996, although I've never managed to make anything worth publishing. Today, if I make anything for DooM it will usually involve scripting/programming and making music (mostly "metal" mods). I do map a little occasionally though.
  21. Battle Cat

    How to rename monsters?

    Which source port are you using? Zdoom? The correct answer depends on that question.
  22. Battle Cat

    DooM 1,2 and 3 - 66% off

    Just wanted to tip everyone off, in case you've missed it. Steam is having a sale. All 3 Doom games are 66% off today only. Get'em here: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/QuakeCon
  23. Battle Cat

    D_STALKS sounding like song

    this must be it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s67Dc5RF8Ks
  24. Battle Cat

    Harmony is finished: DOWNLOAD!

    What's the size of this thing? It looks very interesting and I might be able to host it.
  25. Hey there. I've just downloaded some stuff for jDoom, like textures 'n' stuff. My problem is that I can't get the music to work. I'm trying to use the package linked to on the doomsdayhq site. I've put the file "jdmu-doom2-20080930.pk3" in my "\doomsday\snowberry\addons\" and it shows up in Snowberry, but when I go and start the game I just get the normal midi music. Doesn anyone have a suggestion? (using the newest version of jdoom btw)