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  1. Lucretius

    Can GZDoom break maps flow?

    thanks for the replies yesterday was getting very late appreciated
  2. Lucretius

    Can GZDoom break maps flow?

    ok thats what i thought thanks; but im not that old school doomer (i started to play it back on my p133 in the late '90) ; i need to play it with enhancement mods ilke brutal doom vanilla is just too basic for my tastes thats about it
  3. Lucretius

    Can GZDoom break maps flow?

    Hello; i noticed that or maybe is just me like on some megawads maps i reach a point when i looked everything and so on to proceed then something like bars wont rise up or when i hit a switch the supposed door wont unlock is that possible? im forced to do the noclip command to proceed does that happen to anyone else?
  4. just give the game justice with gzdoom + your favorite mods and wads mine is project brutality or insanity brutality and megawads
  5. Lucretius

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    very nice thread i like it ; because i have the entire ftp folder of doom wads downloaded (using filezilla handy program) so i can pick up any wad listed here based on difficulty :D
  6. Lucretius

    Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    you can use wget i did it this night file count 25,555 total 12,5 gb just for the levels i dont need other stuff it worked use the windows frontend winwget get them from the berlin server is faster
  7. Lucretius

    Unusual question about downloading wads

    Thanks ill check that out cheers after a bit of browsing i found at doomwadstation the always uptodate idgames archive but the download manager seems doesnt find the links i know the people behind the idgames archive wanted to keep it as old school as possible but we have torrents for this kind of stuff or storage lockers; but is a start anyways
  8. Hello there i cant describe correctly this but here it goes; somebody maybe asked this in the past about how to download the entire idgames archive in one go not a problem for me i have a fast flat mobile connection (60 mb down) not a problem; is there a website or a repository with big map packs to get in one go (like a megawad only map pack for example) ? without to browse all the megawad files through idgames? thanks
  9. Lucretius

    Main Doom Sites

    thanks for that very useful, as i can see also how many maps has the wad
  10. Lucretius

    Main Doom Sites

    Hey, im kinda new here without opening a new thread, what are good mega wad review sites? thanks in advance, i only get the good wads