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  1. Nice man, Just happening to be listening to the same song yesterday, Little Richard is Great
  2. An Indian man gave me some very helpful advice yesterday.
  3. Since when does Goofy make game play commentary videos of Doom? EDIT: Never Mind Guys its just Jaxxoon R
  4. The Emoji Movie, The Video Game
  5. Its too damn hot to sleep at night >:(

    1. HavoX


      Have you tried leaving the bedroom door open and lowering the temp a tad?

    2. geo
  6. isnt this from some animu
  7. Why did you decided to cut the full sprites of the chaingun, rocket launcher and BFG?
  8. Speaking about impersonation, when i try to bother my friends I'll try and imitate Rodney Dangerfield. I dont know what it is but its gets them every time
  9. People still care Metroid? I thought they stopped caring after Metriod prime 3
  10. Apparently so
  11. Can someone fill me in?
  12. The comments are there, but there at the bottom of the comment section. Really though its just a bunch of alt-right losers getting triggered because the black character called BJ "white boy" and there complaining how id software is trying to push there "anti-white liberal agenda" as well as complaining about how the game portrays nazis in a negative light. Ya its pretty cancerous down there.
  13. I've watched this trailer 10 times already and I still cant stop watching it. Help!