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  1. I thought this was gonna be a Goatlord thread
  2. If you like war movies I would also recommend The Deer Hunter and The Thin Red Line
  3. Is blade runner 2049 worth watching if you already know the ending? Damn Trolls got to me on the internet
  4. Nah I've gonna get on the metro for work and squat the whole time
  5. Gonna dress up as a slav. Equipped with a track suit and ushanka
  6. I thought everyone got it 4 years ago when it all three originals were free?
  7. Sorry but racism has only one definition and thats the belief that one race is superior to the other. There are no such things as sub categories to racism, thats just called discrimination. And also getting a good grade on an essay at a school that was most likely marked by one guy still doesn't prove anything.
  8. Was good except for the unnecessary cringey sex scene.
  9. Am I misunderstanding something? Last time I checked no one is holding anyone at gunpoint to enroll into a post secondary institution.
  10. Or like 40 oz said, work a student job and work towards paying for the education with your own money. No one says you need to co directly to college after high school. Work a couple of years to earn the money and give thought to what you actually want to pursue a career in and not go into debt by earning a degree in something you have no interest.