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  1. Doominator2

    Brutal Doom: YAY or NAY?

    Ah finally, some intelligent discussion. Sarcasm aside, Brutal Doom is a fine mod for what it is. As for being concerned with the morality of the mod and its creator, I'm pretty sure everyone wants to just leave all that old drama in the past and just forget about it, and last time I checked there wasn't any 'edgy' content in the latest version of BD.
  2. Man, this whole shit is just sad.
  3. Doominator2

    how do get brutal doom?

    Try learning to troubleshoot yourself, honestly one of the most valuable skills you can have.
  4. I mean this isn't really a graphical way of making the game unplayable, but you could try mapping the controls to a guitar hero controller.
  5. Doominator2

    Post your favorite album art.

    Big List incoming:
  6. Doominator2

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    This is the first time I've ever heard of anyone spreading mayonnaise on pizza. What compelled you to try it?
  7. Doominator2

    Does Coding Require Any Math?

    Yes, sort of. A lot of basic programing requires basic knowledge of math and I find that it requires similar problem solving skills. It really helps if you have knowledge about binary arithmetic and storage sizes of different data types. But at the same time, languages like Python are simpler to comprehend and are more user friendly, but still require math knowledge. However, it really all depends on what you're trying to code in the first place, but from experience most programs that I've written usually involves iteration and knowledge of how memory works, and optimization is math intensive from my knowledge.
  8. Doominator2


    It's been stated multiple times that this isn't going to happen.
  9. Obligatory Alestorm Song.
  10. Doominator2

    Binary in Doom wad

    The F7urth Wall was made to be broken I translated this quickly so I could be wrong, and I honestly have no idead waht F7urth.
  11. Doominator2

    Random Video Thread

  12. Doominator2

    John Romero making you his B..

    Its a buggy FPS game by ION Storm, the studio that would latter make Deus Ex. The only relation to Id was that John Romero worked on Daikatana.