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  1. Doominator2

    What are you listening to?

    Sanctuary is so underrated
  2. Doominator2

    The big thread of what E3 announcements interest you!

    Another Wolfenstein game? I liked The New Colossus but this seems too soon.
  3. Doominator2

    The big thread of what E3 announcements interest you!

    Looks pretty cool though, the hell on earth aspect looks pretty cool
  4. Doominator2

    The big thread of what E3 announcements interest you!

    Doom Eternal?
  5. Doominator2

    Favourite Subreddit?

    /vgb not gonna describe it here, you can look it up on your own time.
  6. Doominator2

    Agony game - hell vision.

    I... Dont even know what I'm supposed to be looking at.
  7. Doominator2

    Your thoughts on the Wolfenstein series

    Alot of people are very divisive about the last one, people complain about it being an anti white pro communist game (which i find ridiculous) some people feel that there are too many cut scenes. But I honestly really enjoyed it. If your looking for a fun and smooth game with a Tarantino style of ridiculousness that left off right after the previous game, you will enjoy it alot. That and the gameplay is really good.
  8. Doominator2

    Goofiest dream you've ever had?

    I once had a dream where a giant seagull was terrorizing a parking lot, except it was a giant robot seagull and it was being controlled by a cat.
  9. Doominator2

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    Dude you can get teabagged and quick scoped in offline multiplayer too, also I dont see why it even matters if you get teabagged in a game.
  10. Doominator2

    Random Video Thread

  11. Doominator2

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just playing Grand Theft Auto IV, a very hilarious satire with many serious moments.
  12. Doominator2

    Happy Mother's Day, Doomworld!

    Hung out with my family, drank beer and just has fun with the family
  13. Doominator2

    Most recent movie you saw

    A $5 milkshake?
  14. Doominator2

    Most recent movie you saw

    This is what I'm confused about, is it a comedy? Drama? Action Movie? Or a big mix of all of these genres?
  15. Doominator2

    Most recent movie you saw

    Planning on Watching Pulp Fiction tonight for the first time. So I'm going in blind, can anyone tell me why its so popular without giving away any spoilers?