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  1. Really Makes you think :l
  2. I'm friends with pretty much everyone in my program I'm taking so I'l do a brief summary. "Z": Real nice guy but he's the biggest man child I know, but He's pretty fun to hang out with. He occasionally borrows money from people but it usually takes months for it to come back to its original "lender" "N": A real fool in my books. Spends most of class time on r/watchpeopledie or on Twitch watching League of Legends Streams. He's also gets very deffensive if you disagree with his far right political views which he trys to fit into many conversations. "JE": Very intelligent but likes to keep to himself occasionally. He's fun to hang out with though because he laughs at everything I say and we have similar interests. "F": He's very passionate about Electronics and Nature. "JS": One of the nicest guys I know, real friendly and fun to hang out with. "JC": More of a guy I cant get rid of. He is easily one of the most annoying guys I know as he likes to insult everyone and make fun of them. He also complains about how life is so hard and he desperately trys to be cool but results in being very cringy. He also constantly raps the lyrics to "Hit em Up" by Tupac every where he is and has no problem saying the N word in public. "W": One of my really good friends. I've known him since Jr High and we still talk to each other. He's one of the best golfers I know.
  3. I also forgot Leisure Suit Larry 8: Lust in Space
  4. Star Craft Ghost :(
  5. Ocarina of Time I guess for one. Also Baldur's Gate, Thief, Star Craft, Half Life and Banjo Kazooie
  6. I can confirm that it's one of the stupidest games I've ever played.
  7. I've only been playing Diablo 2 and GTA san andreas recently
  8. This is the probably the 10th time I've listened to this song this week :l
  9. ^ Great Movie, Bacall is one of my favorite actresses of all time.
  10. I saw The Waterboy last night. It was stupid but great fun although Adam Sandler annoyed me at some times throughout the film.
  11. Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate, Deus Ex, Gothic, Morrowind, System Shock 2, Ultima 7, The Witcher 3. Probably missing a few but these are the ones I can think of from the top of my head.
  12. Speaking about fallout