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Status Updates posted by Doominator2

  1. Dude, your profile picture is super cursed haha

    1. Dub Bag

      Dub Bag

      i love it lol


  2. After seeing every x vs y thread becoming absolutely wiped from existence, its only a matter of time before making these kind of threads becomes a banable offense lol.


  3. Got this for my Birthday



    1. Neurosis


      Nice, happy birthday!

    2. ShoDemo


      Saying <<Happy birthday!>> is an exaggeration, when you get a shirt as awesome as this one for a birthday present. Of course it will be a happy day!  :D


      Still, happy birthday!




    3. CzechMate29200


      Lucky bastard....


      happy bday :)

  4. Its too damn hot to sleep at night >:(

    1. HavoX


      Have you tried leaving the bedroom door open and lowering the temp a tad?

    2. geo
  5. One of the problems that have been conflicting with me is whether or not I'm a little bit sexist, I've asked people before but I usually feel like I get biased responses or somewhat dishonest "Your not sexist" responses.

    First off, I have no problem with women having rights and jobs traditionally associated with men, I really dont care if a woman wants to become a mechanic or a doctor.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I have very old fashion views and in a family I see the man as the one who works and gets the money, and I see the woman as the one who does the cleaning and the cooking around the house and takes care of the children while the man is off at work. My reasoning to my views is because these gender rolls have been like this throughout history and I dont really understand why people consider such views sexist by them self.

    So do you think I'm sexist or not?

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    2. Cupboard


      Toddle is a great word, very underused. A small child is a toddler but rarely does it toddle. And even less likely does an adult ever toddle.

    3. RUSH


      Megalyth said:

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled sexism.

      All good points you made, I see what you're saying now. I closed most of the info out of the quotation so it wouldn't take up tons of space. But I agree that in certain situations there isn't an issue with having a housewife. As long as both partners and the family setting is happy and functional, that's all that matters.

    4. dew


      TheCupboard said:

      Toddle is a great word, very underused.

      It's got a sort of woody quality about it. Toddle. Toddle.

  6. Shit, I just got drunk for the first time last weekend and it was awful, I was loud, I swerved all over the place when I walked and the next morning I felt sick, and just slept the whole day.

    So why do people enjoy getting drunk?

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    2. Tristan


      glenzinho said:

      Objection overruled, ya cunt! 😝

      Objection overruling overruled mate! I'll tear yer fuckin' skin off ya cunt, and I'm not even scottish!
      Though I'm sure we can agree, everyone beats america at swearing :~)

      More on topic, last time I got drunk was a bit too far for my liking. It was my friend's 20th. Only half a pint of 4% cider, followed by like a tiny glass of this cocktail thing his dad made up, which had vodka and christ knows what else. Was kinda dizzy after that, didn't enjoy it. Shame because that stuff was actually quite nice.

    3. MrGlide


      @Trace and Piper,

    4. Tracer



      Also, on the whole cunt issue...we use cunt in America as well...but not as endearingly as the Scots or Australians seem to. If I call someone a cunt (uaually a word for females here), I absolutely detest them.

  7. I Mean really, he doesn't look like him anywhere else in the game?

    1. SavageCorona


      I think it's probably a beta model or something. He doesn't have quite as floofy hair in-game.

    2. Blastfrog


      My guess is beta stuff too. Why was this moved to blogs, btw? It's about a popular video game, not someone's personal life. Seems more suited to EE.

  8. I like it

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    2. Avoozl


      Du Mhan Yhu said:

      Never heard of it.

      This stuff:

    3. SYS


      TheCupboard said:

      Gatorade is good for ethanol hangovers.

      It also mixes quite well with vodka and gin.

    4. Du Mhan Yhu

      Du Mhan Yhu

      SYS said:

      It also mixes quite well with vodka and gin.

      Some faderade.