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  1. Shit, I just got drunk for the first time last weekend and it was awful, I was loud, I swerved all over the place when I walked and the next morning I felt sick, and just slept the whole day.

    So why do people enjoy getting drunk?

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    2. Tristan


      glenzinho said:

      Objection overruled, ya cunt! 😝

      Objection overruling overruled mate! I'll tear yer fuckin' skin off ya cunt, and I'm not even scottish!
      Though I'm sure we can agree, everyone beats america at swearing :~)

      More on topic, last time I got drunk was a bit too far for my liking. It was my friend's 20th. Only half a pint of 4% cider, followed by like a tiny glass of this cocktail thing his dad made up, which had vodka and christ knows what else. Was kinda dizzy after that, didn't enjoy it. Shame because that stuff was actually quite nice.

    3. MrGlide


      @Trace and Piper,

    4. Tracer



      Also, on the whole cunt issue...we use cunt in America as well...but not as endearingly as the Scots or Australians seem to. If I call someone a cunt (uaually a word for females here), I absolutely detest them.