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  1. One of the problems that have been conflicting with me is whether or not I'm a little bit sexist, I've asked people before but I usually feel like I get biased responses or somewhat dishonest "Your not sexist" responses.

    First off, I have no problem with women having rights and jobs traditionally associated with men, I really dont care if a woman wants to become a mechanic or a doctor.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I have very old fashion views and in a family I see the man as the one who works and gets the money, and I see the woman as the one who does the cleaning and the cooking around the house and takes care of the children while the man is off at work. My reasoning to my views is because these gender rolls have been like this throughout history and I dont really understand why people consider such views sexist by them self.

    So do you think I'm sexist or not?

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    2. Megalyth


      dew said:

      Huuuh, I keep forgetting the US has a very draconian and unforgiving concept of paternal leave. What if... the entire system is inherently sexist?! *gasp*

      Also you're focusing really hard on the child care aspect, which is perfectly understandable, given your currently fresh parenthood. :) But Doominator made it sound like wifey stays at home no matter what, the children come eventually to fill up her daily routine. Quite a significant difference, imo.

      Why did you add italics to the word "toddles" when you quoted me? I thought I'd made it pretty clear that age is also a factor.

      Anyway, yes, Doominator did make it sound like he expects women to stay home no matter what, which I agree is a sexist view. Others then went on to say or imply that having a house-wife at all is somehow backwards or a subject of ridicule. I was responding to that, because it's a load of bullshit.

    3. Chezza


      Megalyth said:

      They don't care about money, they want mom and dad. Sometimes (if he's awake) my son cries when I leave for work in the morning, toddles around the house calling for me, pretends to talk to me on the phone, etc. It really sucks that I can't be around during the day, but what if my wife couldn't either? So in our case, yes, it is better. We sacrifice some of the finer things for ourselves so that our son has his mother around, and he is happier and healthier for it.

      Naww that's nice. God bless, I hope you guys are planning a nice holiday soon. And yeah I agree with your point entirely although I'm no where near experiencing having my own family.

    4. dew


      Megalyth said:

      Why did you add italics to the word "toddles" when you quoted me? I thought I'd made it pretty clear that age is also a factor.

      Because that's where I agree with you, heh. I'd say age is the factor and I can see how extremely limited parental leave factors into the decision. I don't particularly agree with a system that forces it, though.

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