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  1. Anyone else get this feeling?

  2. So, how old are you ?

    19 gonna turn 20 this summer, I remember my earlier posts on this thread posting that I was 16, yikes time goes by quick.
  3. ChiNa

  4. Retro FPS Polling Station

    Thats like, your opinion man
  5. What are you listening to?

    Very underrated Iron Maiden song
  6. The Superbowl

    Yo guys can we stop with this childish bickering and actually talk about the super bowl?
  7. The Superbowl

    Thank God the Eagles won. Those last couple of seconds had me biting my nails but damn what a nice save the Eagles did there.
  8. Any music genres you prefer?

    Swing, although I haven't listened to it in a while
  9. Can I play doom 64 on the PlayStation4 somehow

    No Way that I know of, But there exists a mod for Doom II I believe which remakes the game in its entirety https://doom64ex.wordpress.com/ Also why would you remake the entire game?
  10. What are you listening to?

    Ya I'm relativity new to Iron Maiden, but better to have discovered this song now than never :P
  11. What are you listening to?

    Speaking about Iron Maiden I finally got around to listening to this piece.
  12. Dark Souls Remaster Coming in May

    Still Waiting for a remaster of Mafia 1
  13. Stand Up Comedy Thread

    One of my favorite comedians, some of you might recognize him from Caddyshack
  14. I saw it, it was ok but honestly its time for star wars just to die, obviously this wont happen though because it brings in to much money and has become the Call of Duty of movies.
  15. So is Powerclown just a parody group that does covers of Iron Maiden songs while wearing clown masks?
  16. Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Oh man get ready for this list. 1.) Deus Ex 2.) Morrowind 3.) Fallout 2 4.) Fallout New Vegas 5.) Baldur's Gate 6.) Planescape Torment 7.) Ultima VII The Black Gate 8.) Diablo 2 9.) Daggerfall 10.) System Shock 2 11.) Gothic 12.) Final Fantasy VII 13.) The Witcher 3
  17. How are other people emotionally?

    I feel neutral about everything. Ya sure life will hit me in the face for no reason and at the worst time, but what can I do?
  18. Doom 33 1/3: The Final Insult
  19. Reboot doom movie

    But those actors are like 70 years old.
  20. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Shit and I though people who invested in Bitcoin were loud. This guy is on a whole other level of the massive dong spectrum.
  21. Happy New Year

    merry happy 2018 guys ^also pretty dark and negative thinking there guy, lets think positive and shit EDIT EDIT:Damn was I drunk last night?
  22. Which features do you miss in Windows Vista and later?

    I miss 3D Pinball, but that was XP