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  1. Speaking about Iron Maiden I finally got around to listening to this piece.
  2. Still Waiting for a remaster of Mafia 1
  3. One of my favorite comedians, some of you might recognize him from Caddyshack
  4. I saw it, it was ok but honestly its time for star wars just to die, obviously this wont happen though because it brings in to much money and has become the Call of Duty of movies.
  5. So is Powerclown just a parody group that does covers of Iron Maiden songs while wearing clown masks?
  6. Oh man get ready for this list. 1.) Deus Ex 2.) Morrowind 3.) Fallout 2 4.) Fallout New Vegas 5.) Baldur's Gate 6.) Planescape Torment 7.) Ultima VII The Black Gate 8.) Diablo 2 9.) Daggerfall 10.) System Shock 2 11.) Gothic 12.) Final Fantasy VII 13.) The Witcher 3
  7. I feel neutral about everything. Ya sure life will hit me in the face for no reason and at the worst time, but what can I do?
  8. Doom 33 1/3: The Final Insult
  9. But those actors are like 70 years old.
  10. Shit and I though people who invested in Bitcoin were loud. This guy is on a whole other level of the massive dong spectrum.
  11. merry happy 2018 guys ^also pretty dark and negative thinking there guy, lets think positive and shit EDIT EDIT:Damn was I drunk last night?
  12. I miss 3D Pinball, but that was XP
  13. Just re watched The Deer Hunter again. Its now probably one of my favorite movies of all time, Robert de niro and Meryl Streep did a stellar job in this film, and Christopher Walken just left me in chills at the end. If you dont know the basic idea, its basically a war movie that focuses more on how war destroys people and people around them. Highly recommend it to everyone.
  14. No shit, if you were to play video games 12 hours a day non stop(or anything as a matter of fact) completely disregarding responsibilities(work, kids, etc.) or your own well being(forgetting to eat, sleep etc.), i'd obviously think there's something wrong with you. Did the people against this even read the article?
  15. A bottle of rum and some Beavis and Butthead DVDs. Yep those two things came together.
  16. idk, getting laid(possibly?)
  17. Its not fun when you gotta work at the theater opening night of Star Wars Rip...
  18. Just saw the Deer Hunter. An instant master piece for me.
  19. Darthvader being locked behind a paywall... Oh wait wrong star wars.
  20. Just called up the FBI for animal abuse, hope you enjoy jail time.
  21. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Same
  22. I bought one from value village for $12 so...