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  1. Vs1991

    Could Quake fanboys kill the PC version of Doom?

    If people liked them so much why not support the newer Arena FPS? Like Reflex or Toxikk? Both were awesome games that died unbelievably quick. Even the UT is gonna be dead on arrival. Arena FPS is like the hipster genre that everyone apparently loves but no one plays anymore
  2. Vs1991

    Could Quake fanboys kill the PC version of Doom?

    But having an opinion on something you've never experienced is stupid. Sure High level quake and doom looks fucking awesome in motion, but most can't play at that level to this day.
  3. Weird. My 970 is comparable to a 780 and i get 50-60 at 1440p everything highest cept no chromatic shit and motion blur off
  4. Vs1991

    Could Quake fanboys kill the PC version of Doom?

    Maybe I'm overgeneralizing, but all the time on different forums I always see people Dickriding Q3 and UT. Saying best MP of all time etc. Not too many people play Q3 or UT now. Despite it being GOAT, the new unreal tournaments playerbase is embarassing. I find people praise it more then play it nowadays. You see threads with hundreds of people saying they love the games, but the communities are on life support With Counter-Strike, I can understand if people praise it. Even 1.6 has a ton of players still to this day.
  5. Vs1991

    Could Quake fanboys kill the PC version of Doom?

    I like Quake more then COD too. But it doesn't add up when everyone on the internet claims it's so great and COD is shit, but even old CODs have higher player bases. It's as if everyone says it's great but no one plays it.
  6. Vs1991

    Could Quake fanboys kill the PC version of Doom?

    Nope, but there's alot of 10 year olds that claim they're fans, despite never playing it. Also I hate when people dick ride Quake. I like it, but when I go to play, there's barely anyone. People on forums shit on COD and dickride Quake, but the player counts show the opposite. Kids trying to seem hardcore
  7. Bizhawk is for TAS. Mednafen has a better PSX emulator
  8. Around 2000-2001. My cousin had final doom and he was playing with my other cousin. It looked cool and i wanted to try but the fucker put it on the hardest difficulty and didnt tell me how to play and i ended up disliking the game til a few years ago when i was in a foreign country with a cheap laptop with nothing to do so I gave it another shot. Now i love it
  9. Vs1991

    Best handheld for playing doom wads?

    Nvidia shield portable or some chinese android console. jxd i think. they got a bunch of different models
  10. Vs1991

    Doom on Chrombooks?

    Nvidia Shield Portable or any Android device with D-Touch is amazing. GZDOOM, PRBoom+, and Chocolate Doom in one. Runs mods perfectly. I like the shield portable cause it got actual controls, but you can buy a controller for android devices
  11. Vs1991

    Explain the appeal of playing with saves

    i dont save scum. if i do i feel like i cheated and didnt actually finish the level. only saves atthe beginning of each level and if i die i do it again. cept for really long levels
  12. Vs1991

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    complete id anthology or original mail order version of doom. most
  13. Vs1991

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Never beat Doom 2 until recently cause i hated the level design. A bunch of shit like Tricks and Traps and that Barrel level are gimmicky as fuck. Then that one stage where the red key is high up... go through a bunch of teleporters and come to a dead end. No fall damage so i think nothing up here imma jump off... Then find out you're supposed to go back through the teleporter you came from at the dead end and it brings you to the key. Or one of the later levels you have to shoot a wall to open it... why not the fucking use key. But when I look past that, the gun fights are so fun. The enemy variety is so good, but Doom 1 has better level design.