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  1. Thanks again. It's finally work well. You'd think someone would have added cheats for exactly this sort of thing, but apparently not. If anyone wants to play with this themselves, here is the "DECORATE" file I used for my .pk3. As is, this version will make weapons share their slot. You'll have to manually adjust the SlotPriority values or SlotNumbers to taste. The SelectionOrder values are basically irrelevant, it determines the auto-switch order when running out of ammo. // Fist (first weapon) ACTOR ExFWeapFist : FWeapFist replaces FWeapFist { Weapon.SlotNumber 1 Weapon.SlotPriority 1 Weapon.SelectionOrder 3400 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Fighter's Axe ACTOR ExFWeapAxe : FWeapAxe replaces FWeapAxe { Weapon.SlotNumber 2 Weapon.SlotPriority 1 Weapon.SelectionOrder 1500 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Fighter's Hammer ACTOR ExFWeapHammer : FWeapHammer replaces FWeapHammer { Weapon.SlotNumber 3 Weapon.SlotPriority 1 Weapon.SelectionOrder 900 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Fighter's Sword (Quietus) ACTOR ExFWeapQuietus : FWeapQuietus replaces FWeapQuietus { Weapon.SlotNumber 4 Weapon.SlotPriority 1 Weapon.SelectionOrder 2900 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Cleric's Mace ACTOR ExCWeapMace : CWeapMace replaces CWeapMace { Weapon.SlotNumber 1 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.9 Weapon.SelectionOrder 3500 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Cleric's Serpent Staff ACTOR ExCWeapStaff : CWeapStaff replaces CWeapStaff { Weapon.SlotNumber 2 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.9 Weapon.SelectionOrder 1600 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Cleric's Flame Strike ACTOR ExCWeapFlame : CWeapFlame replaces CWeapFlame { Weapon.SlotNumber 3 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.9 Weapon.SelectionOrder 1000 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // Cleric's Wraithverge (Holy Symbol?) ACTOR ExCWeapWraithverge : CWeapWraithverge replaces CWeapWraithverge { Weapon.SlotNumber 4 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.9 Weapon.SelectionOrder 3000 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Mage's Wand ACTOR ExMWeapWand : MWeapWand replaces MWeapWand { Weapon.SlotNumber 1 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.8 Weapon.SelectionOrder 3600 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Mage's Frost Cone ACTOR ExMWeapFrost : MWeapFrost replaces MWeapFrost { Weapon.SlotNumber 2 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.8 Weapon.SelectionOrder 1700 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Mage's Lightning Arc of Death ACTOR ExMWeapLightning : MWeapLightning replaces MWeapLightning { Weapon.SlotNumber 3 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.8 Weapon.SelectionOrder 1100 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" } // The Mages's Staff (Bloodscourge) ACTOR ExMWeapBloodscourge : MWeapBloodscourge replaces MWeapBloodscourge { Weapon.SlotNumber 4 Weapon.SlotPriority 0.8 Weapon.SelectionOrder 3100 Inventory.ForbiddenTo "" }
  2. Thanks for all the help. The problem indeed was that the "5" key was not bound to select weapon slot 5. Creating a new playerclass is unnecessary to get the slot to work. Regarding the class restriction problem. This doesn't seem to fix it: ACTOR MyFighterWeapon : Weapon replaces FighterWeapon { Weapon.Kickback 150 } ACTOR MyClericWeapon : Weapon replaces ClericWeapon { Weapon.Kickback 150 } ACTOR MyMageWeapon : Weapon replaces MageWeapon { Weapon.Kickback 150 } I suppose if it did, I wouldn't need to create copies of the weapons anyway. And if I do create copies of the weapons I'm stuck inheriting from the originals, because they use "action native" function lines. I tried the "Give ExMWeapFrost" console command as well, but other classes won't actually have it added to their inventory. I guess there are a few ways this could work: 1) Get the above parentclasses to override the parent class in my weapon copy. 2) Create a new playerclass that is nominally distinct from the existing ones so it doesn't get caught by the restriction. I don't understand what's the non-deprecated way to do create a custom playerclass. Also, if I make a new distinct playerclass, how does the game decide what to spawn inside the levels where it needs to spawn a Slot 2/3/4 weapon? Edit: The Player.SpawnClass property determines this.
  3. This did make MyMagePlayer accessible (or rather it made it the only class, which is fine), but slot 5 still doesn't do anything when after summoning the custom weapon. I also removed the "MAPINFO" file from my previous post since it seemed redundant or incorrect.
  4. I'm trying to create custom weapons in Hexen. What I really want to do is to make copies of the existing Hexen weapons and make them available to the other classes, say by summoning them from the console. One problem I ran into is if I copy/paste the decorate code for one of the original weapons there will be a "action native function" line which causes errors on loading the game. I've worked around this by inheriting from the original weapon. So now I have something like this: // The Mage's Frost Cone: ACTOR ExMWeapFrost : MWeapFrost { Weapon.SlotNumber 5 Weapon.SelectionOrder 1700 } This is inside a custom .pk3 that I load alongside hexen.wad in gzdoom. What works: The console is able to "summon ExMWeapFrost", and if I'm playing as the Mage it will add this weapon to his inventory. What doesn't work: once you switch away from this weapon you can't switch back to it using slot 5. Do I need to create a custom player class and define Player.WeaponSlot 5? I've experimented with creating a custom player class. For testing purposes I made one with 166 health: ACTOR MyMagePlayer : PlayerPawn replaces MagePlayer { //Health 100 Health 166 ReactionTime 0 PainChance 255 Radius 16 Height 64 Speed 1 +NOSKIN PainSound "PlayerMagePain" RadiusDamageFactor 0.25 Player.JumpZ 9.75 Player.Viewheight 48 Player.ColorRange 146, 163 Player.SpawnClass "Mage" Player.DisplayName "Mage" Player.SoundClass "mage" Player.ScoreIcon "MAGEFACE" Player.InvulnerabilityMode "Reflective" Player.HealRadiusType "Mana" Player.Hexenarmor 5, 5, 15, 10, 25 Player.StartItem "MWeapWand" Player.ForwardMove 0.88, 0.92 Player.SideMove 0.875, 0.925 Player.WeaponSlot 1, MWeapWand Player.WeaponSlot 2, MWeapFrost Player.WeaponSlot 3, MWeapLightning Player.WeaponSlot 4, MWeapBloodscourge Player.WeaponSlot 5, ExMWeapFrost States { Spawn: MAGE A -1 Stop See: MAGE ABCD 4 Loop Missile: Melee: MAGE EF 8 Goto Spawn Pain: MAGE G 4 MAGE G 4 A_Pain Goto Spawn Death: MAGE H 6 MAGE I 6 A_PlayerScream MAGE JK 6 MAGE L 6 A_NoBlocking MAGE M 6 MAGE N -1 Stop XDeath: MAGE O 5 A_PlayerScream MAGE P 5 MAGE R 5 A_NoBlocking MAGE STUVW 5 MAGE X -1 Stop Ice: MAGE Y 5 A_FreezeDeath MAGE Y 1 A_FreezeDeathChunks Wait Burn: FDTH E 5 BRIGHT A_PlaySound("*burndeath") FDTH F 4 BRIGHT FDTH G 5 BRIGHT FDTH H 4 BRIGHT A_PlayerScream FDTH I 5 BRIGHT FDTH J 4 BRIGHT FDTH K 5 BRIGHT FDTH L 4 BRIGHT FDTH M 5 BRIGHT FDTH N 4 BRIGHT FDTH O 5 BRIGHT FDTH P 4 BRIGHT FDTH Q 5 BRIGHT FDTH R 4 BRIGHT FDTH S 5 BRIGHT A_NoBlocking FDTH T 4 BRIGHT FDTH U 5 BRIGHT FDTH V 4 BRIGHT ACLO E 35 A_CheckPlayerDone Wait ACLO E 8 Stop } } I understand you need to use MAPINFO or GameInfo to actually have custom player classes replace original ones, but I can't figure out how to do that. From what I've read on the wiki it sounds as though Hexen has a custom format for this part of the process, but I can't find any documentation or tutorials. e.g. I've tried adding this "MAPINFO" file into my .pk3: GameInfo { AddPlayerClasses = "MyMagePlayer" } But it doesn't seem to do anything.
  5. Is it possible to create a custom monster which has the fuzz-effect when the sprite is viewed from certain angles? For example, when viewed from the sides but not head on. The only understanding I have is that you can give that monster's class the "RenderStyle OptFuzzy" property. But I don't know if this property could be changed dynamically, such as by calling an action function during the actor's state.
  6. I think I got it all figured out. I abandoned the idea of using the Brutal Doom minigun and used the Skulltag one instead, since Brutal Doom has a lot of extraneous code (using inventory to keep track of states) that makes it more time consuming to modify. If anyone else finds this and wants to extract a weapon from a mod they have then what you need to extract/recreate is: /sounds/ (sound files go here) /sprites/ (frames of animation go here) /decorate.txt ACTOR Minigun : Weapon replaces Chaingun { ... } /sndinfo.txt (just need the line(s) which refer to the relevant sound files) You also want to hunt down the definitions of things like $PICKUP_MINIGUN for displayed text, which are variables of some kind (seldom explained in DECORATE tutorials it seems). Projectile weapons will need the actor(s) for the projectile itself, but I didn't actually try extracting any such weapon.
  7. Thanks, that tutorial and the links therein are good to read. I will also check out Realm667 for examples.
  8. Yeah, I want to learn how to do it instead of asking for someone to do it. I certainly see myself wishing for other tweaks and customizations in the future. I've explored around the .pk3 contents to get an preliminary idea of what I'm working with. I'll probably have to ask specific questions once I hack away at it. So the tasks are: 1. Determine which files are code and which are resources. 2. Isolate the portions of the code files that are related to the weapon 3. Make sure to keep any code or resource file that is referenced by the portions in (2) 4. Delete _all_ other code portions not referenced in (2) 5. Delete any resources that are not referenced in (2), or at least those that reuse original Doom resource names Is there an easy way to check if something is reusing an original Doom name?
  9. Is there any way to, for example, import a custom weapon from the Brutal Doom mod but not import everything else? What would a novice at this have to do? Let's say I want to play vanilla Doom or a vanilla megawad with the Brutal Doom chaingun. There's two possibilities for how it could happen: the new chaingun replaces the vanilla one, or the new chaingun is merely accessible with cheat commands (like I could make 'summon bd_chaingun' somehow spawn the new weapon). I don't really have a preference, I'm just looking for an easily achievable method.