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  1. Hey all. I know this wasn't really announced and it's been a week or two since I've uploaded this map to idgames (bless the archive maintainers) but I really want some feedback on this. I'm not one to hype things up. Every map should come out of a vacuum eh? This is the first full, bona fide Doom map I've done. I've played around with doombuilder a couple times before but this is the first time I've done something I can consider releasable without doing any mental gymnastics to justify any errors. Why I did it is up for internal speculation. My last attempt was the ol' "beginner does a megawad solo" mistake. Those of you who were around 2 years ago might remember. Those of you playing in the zandronum circuit might also remember. Yeah, despite being a learning experience, the product that was that unfinished 'megawad' was straight-up shit. I don't want to make the same mistake of fooling myself with this one. Any and all feedback appreciated. It was an attempt on my part do start and finish a project all alone. I find myself notoriously slacking when it comes to projects. Took me a good 11 days to finish and on the final stretch I contracted a fever after pulling an all-nighter. Submitted for your approval, Doomworld. "Halls of the Damned II, or: Deimos Condensed". You find yourself in an abandoned dungeon of a base. An ongoing invasion erupts. Traverse the rooms, blast through a shit-ton of monster ass and get the hell out of there. WAD info: Screenshots:Link:
  2. I've never noticed that before.
  3. Make it an animated film. Animate it in the style of "Fantastic Planet".
  4. Jesus christ, that's swell.
  5. Vanilla it is, then. Ah. Thanks for the numerous tips. I've dabbled in height and room variation, but not enough. I'll just trash "Cleaner Sewers", then. I've got something else in the works with the same theme. I'll try adding several variations to it.
  6. Not sure where to classify it really. I made it using the vanilla Doom 2 game configuration and it was meant to be played without jumping, freelook or crouching; but it uses MAPINFO. ZDoom? Thanks for the review anyway-- I appreciate the honesty. The map does feel a bit sloppy, but I couldn't get around to attempting to fix the lack of variation. Still can't get the hang of adding variations to the level design. Any tips?
  7. "Cleaner Sewers" It's in the MAP10 slot. Vanilla compatible. EDIT: Trash that map. I'll work on a new one.
  8. The future is now. Doesn't look too bright. Still excites me, though.
  9. Quite the swell megawad you've done here. Really enjoying the levels.
  10. Reminds me of Bowser.
  11. You usually either have to find your own graphics and "borrow" them; or you make your own.
  12. It had contributed to the fact that I listen to rock and metal, yes.
  13. It was a swell choice.
  14. Thank goodness for that.