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  1. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Plutonia 2 is GOATed as far as I'm concerned. It's not perfect and has a few 'of its time' quirks, but I wouldn't be back in the DOOM community after a break(down, heh) were it not for the allure of PL2. Anywho, I'm posting in this thread once more about PRCP2. Last third. I'm sick of wandering around overly-large levels with superdetailed (and not very clean) automaps that explain precisely nothing about where the ever-living fuck the next key might be, or how to get there, or how I raise those bars to the greyed-out area that's been taunting me for a full 20 minutes now... Limit-removing DOOM was a mistake.
  2. Jayextee

    Possibility of an awesome Doom movie?

    I thought DOOM: Annihilation was an improvement over the original movie (my slight crushing on Karl Urban notwithstanding). But not hugely so. At this rate of improvement, we're about 15 or so movies away from an 'awesome' one. XD
  3. Okay, but "port this to console so I can play on my couch" is a more-realistic ask than "make a hypothetical PS1 version of the game, drafting in a musician that has had nothing to do with this series" perhaps.
  4. I'm not getting into this. I don't want to have to rearrange my setup or trail a bunch of wires to where the TV is just so I can play PC games whilst sat on my couch, it's awkward. Heretic on console. I want Heretic on console. Why do you have objections to someone else wanting what they want?
  5. Yeah but console. I can play it relaxed on my couch, not hunched over the fucking typewriter.
  6. Unfortunately, that's how these things go. I use GZDoom, it's fine. It does play DOOM, and was easy to set up. I've a shortcut setup so I can right-click any WAD and send it right to GZD. It's good like that. And actually a safe default. On the other hand, I'm apparently one of these 'vanilla purist' stawpeople because if I can run a thing in Chocolate DOOM then I absolutely will, and even my limit-removing sourceport of choice is prBOOM+ @35fps running in a mere 640x480. I do not really like the way DOOM looks in high resolution. There's nuance. Which side of the fence gonna come at me for it? ;P
  7. Dug those four maps out for a look. They're, um, not terrible. Actually since my DOOM 30th Anniversary WAD is basically sat "finished" (read: RC1) unless there are any major complaints from testers until the 10th December, I might continue this shit and see if I can't make at least a whole episode of new Heretic for the starving four Heretic fans on this site, in this thread and in my room at my computer desk HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN HERE. This may or may not have been semi-inspired by the Nightdive/Heretic/HeXen thread as well. <cough>
  8. Jayextee

    Your Dream Games

    Anywhere after the first movie, I'm there. Want.
  9. I doubt anybody's actually making this claim. But I wish you and your strawperson a long and fulfilling friendship.
  10. I can think of better things to dream of than cut-down maps containing a limited number of enemy types with an ill-fitting soundtrack. Like this. This would be cool.
  11. Where exactly do you pull that from though? What's the possibility of it actually happening?
  12. I want Heretic on console. Always have. Please let this be a thing.
  13. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Sounds like, keeping this thread on-topic, I may be rethinking PRCP2 once more... ;)
  14. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    It had the benefit of not being in the first handful of maps, and it was a tight little map that I considered appropriately-difficult for where it is in the set. I'm on the last third now, and overall enjoying the mapset, even if some of the longer and more-confusing maps aren't really my bag; I think I would definitely put it parallel to the original PRCP right now. The highs higher, the lows lower, but it evens out IMO. Still good stuff on the whole.
  15. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Yeah, I gotta also throw my hat into the TNT Evilution 180'er pile. Loved it the first time I ever played it, but every subsequent replay has just highlighted the cracks further IMO. I think in the future, if I'm craving some TNT (for the handful of not-terrible maps it has) I may instead play Slovinator's excellent TNT Goes BOOM!
  16. Jayextee

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing?

    Given that PL2 targeted vanilla compat, I couldn't begin to guess why this might be...
  17. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Literally just mentioned Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2 in another thread as a recent example of this personally. My first attempt was, like, I got to MAP03 - Murder Well on my first attempt and on HMP it was rough. Like, harsh enough for me to somehow decide to myself "this ain't the Plutonia I know and love" and just drop it. Been playing recently, and I'm over halfway through now. MAP03 is pretty brutal, but I'm glad I persevered as it is definitely actually the Plutonia I know and love, and a worthy successor (even better in some places IMO) to the original PRCP.
  18. Jayextee

    Is Plutonia 2 worth playing?

    I have no idea why this topic got bumped, but I love me some PL2. After burning out from an attempt at Hell Revealed, I decided to give PRCP2 another go (I tried once, hit a wall at MAP03, which is a brutal early entry IMO, have now attempted again and the difficulty settles after that spike) and am probably going to work my way backwards through PRCP > PL2 > PL1. I love 'em all, difficulty-wise they're such a comfy spot for me; challenging without burning my poor attention span out too hard. I'm also a sucker for the Plutonia aesthetics, too.
  19. Yeah, this. Plus there's a relatively-modern mapping trope of withholding access to the backpack until later maps, and even then not ever map has one, which makes continuous play just make sense to me. I doubt I'd have got as far as I did in HR were it not for carryovers.
  20. Yes. It's how I play DOOM, and I don't care if it upsets the balance of any given map.
  21. I don't see Blasphemous Experiments mentioned above, and I had a pretty good time with it -- forum post says something about the maps being folded into Blasphemer? I wouldn't know about that. But as its own thing, yeah, it's worth a play. Call of the Apostate and unBeliever (for which I did the TITLEPIC art, heh) have already been mentioned, IMO those are a good time also. All for Heretic. I do like HeXen myself, but haven't really delved into user content for it.
  22. On the subject of Heretic user content, I have a small handful of maps (like, four I guess?) for an abandoned episode that aren't really going anywhere that I'd happily throw at a community effort.
  23. Underfail references won't restore the savegame I have now overwritten. I had enough, I'm not doing it.
  24. Jayextee

    I am NOT "UAC labs"

    I can honestly say I haven't. Given that videogames are about escapism to me personally, the idea of replicating any real-life scenario sorta runs contrary to what I even play them for.