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    Ummm... this is a bit of a long shot, but I think I had a similar error when I had a floor of about 40 and a ceiling of 10000-ish. It may be the old Doom2 engine just not liking some ceiling/floor difference. That could be the problem. If you don`t have any large ceilings/low floors then sorry, I`m pretty much a newbie here, but it`s just a suggestion.
  2. Um, hi. I`m, as I say a bit of a newbie to the Doom editing stuff, but been a fan of Doom for ages. Just want to know what most of you do, like do you create levels for mainly ZDoom, EDGE, or like myself, the simple, vanilla, Doom2 engine? I see most of you are involved in some project or another and I`d love to start one or collaborate with someone, but I was wondering if I`m the only dude that still edits for just Doom2. BTW, if anyone is interested (Small chance, I know ;) in what I do, I can mail them some simple levels. Created in WadEd, as it`s all I know as yet. Thanx
  3. Jayextee


    Also a long time DOOMer, first time editor. If you wish to continue using WadEd (It can be hard to adapt to something new) then I found workarounds for the problem. It sounds like you are starting to hit WadEd`s limits. Like, when you have over 900-ish linedefs, you start getting the nodes not built correctly. Use WARM for nodebuilding, straight after saving, before playing. Secondly, if the MAKE SECTOR screws up, I found the following: 1; A sector is too large - CRASH Workaround: Make large areas out of smaller sectors, joined together. 2; A sector has too many linedefs on the outside - CRASH Workaround: Same again 3; Sectors within sectors, like a lake with small islands (example) - Sector isn`t defined properly Workaround: Do it yourself with SEC DEFINE. The downside to this is it seems to randomly flip the linedefs the wrong way. No problem. Use the `F` key to flip any selected linedef in LINES mode (NOT DRAWING, Lines mode) Alternatively, try WADAuthor. I haven`t yet, but it`s getting like I can`t move for good press, so I will... ;) Hope I`ve helped SOMEONE...
  4. Jayextee

    Zone 300

    Challenging in places, and not too shabby with the visuals either. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves Doom more than detail.
    It's not overtly challenging or doing anything new, but what it does is to feel good, and nostalgic, whilst not being so heavy on homage as to render itself worthless. But you know, I kinda liked it.