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  1. Jayextee

    Malice Rancor, Jeremy and ZarcyB

    I'd not thought of that when I was up on my soapbox, but it too is a great point. Out of principle, everyone that replies to any of my posts in a constructive way, I'm going to check their stuff out. You're first. Mind you, after my rant, it'd make me a hypocrite not to ;)
  2. Jayextee

    Is there a way to emulate a PC speaker?

    It's a shame you're having trouble, you have GOT TO hear the DBShotgun sound. Hilarious.
  3. As far as I know, in WadAuthor, NO. You'll have to get hold of another tool. I'd recommend WinTEX, which is also essential for importing music, graphics SFX, demo, or anything!
  4. Uhhhh... regarding Legacy, what the hell are BUCHOLZ? Sorry for sounding soooooo dumb, but (Repeats for 1,000,000th time) I'm a bit of a newbie to this scene.
  5. Jayextee

    New Editor?

    I, for one would love a new editor to come out, as none of them IMO give me any satisfaction. As for what is promised; *Remove, Edit, and Add entries to WAD files. -Nice, I certainly wouldn't mind a way of, say, quickly inserting a demo into a WAD I maybe just aligned textures for and nothing else. Having to do everything else again in WinTEX is a pain, if you hardy changed anything. *Sector Based Lever Editor, must hand draw sectors though. -Do you mean hand-draw them a la Waded? I actually prefer using Waded over everything. For example, I'd rather draw a sector as a 5-point star than draw a 10-sided polygon and drag every other vertex, etc. *3-D preview, change wall and flat textures, and ceiling and floor heights from this view. (good to help see how your lever is shaping while you edit it. -HELL YEAH! This would certainly help for texture aligning. This is a tad ambitious, but feasible -- especially with the Doom source available to help with writing this bit. Dude, GO FOR IT! Take what's good about the editors available and combine them. Can I also suggest that you take a look at EDMAP (From CDROM.COM) and it's checking for WAD errors. This is something that would be good to implement.
  6. Jayextee

    Can I have some advice?

    I know, maybe you're all getting sick of seeing me, but I really wouldn't mind a little constructive criticism on my levels. Sure, there's only two (I'm really, in the great scheme of things just starting out) but I think they're excellent. Somebody bring me back down to earth ;) The address is www.geocities.com/jayextee/index.htm And if you think they're lame, please tell me WHY. Thank you.
  7. Jayextee

    More on visiplanes, etc.

    I, too have suffered at the wrath of Doom`s limit to visible linedefs. But, I want to know is there a way to find out whether you`re in danger of `overflowing` - *without* finding out the hard way - and then deleting a load of sectors that were no use, but made the thing `look nice`. Does an editor have this function?
  8. Jayextee

    ESSENTIAL News!!!

    If you've ever made a MOD/WAD/TC or whatever, you'll probably have found it hard to come up with a name. Stressful, yes? NO! The answer is at www.geocities.com/jayextee Basically, you never need worry about naming your project again! Heh heh heh. You might want to check this out. I had a giggle.
  9. Actully, IMO the pain elemental is the one thing D64 has superior to the originals. Damn scary. The rest.... Uh, Doom-Lite, I'd say
  10. Heh, if you want to see what a newbie level looks like... No, seriously, I've uploaded a total of ONE map - but I now have something on the net! www.geocities.com/jayextee/index.htm Basically, for anyone that may be interested in asking me to design maps for them, anyone that may want to help a newbie out (If you've seen my previous posts, you'll know - I know absolutley NOTHING! Nearly...) or if you're just curious -- check it out. It'll take, what? Five minutes. Maybe. Please note that I spent more time than I think is necessary on the level detail, as it seems like the only way to get a level noticed nowadays. Shame. Oh, I nearly forgot - it has tommorrow's date on it. Mainly because originally I wasn't intending to upload it till then. Guess I got bored ;)
  11. Jayextee

    Newbie goes public! My site!

    It's not the first one I've EVER done, but the first one that I've posted on the net. I'd say it was about my fifteenth map ever, but many have been.. poor. Like you'd expect from a newbie, such as I -- I've only been doing this for a couple of months, now.
  12. Throughout this forum, I`ve noticed a few newbie editors, like myself, wanting opinions on how their levels are, but have just been told they`re amateurish. All I can notice is the main real difference is the so-called `Professional` looking WADs usually have a lot of detail. Is this really an issue? Can we not just concentrate first on the important thing -- the way the level plays? I mean, what with the source ports not being as limited as Doom in this regard, it IS nice to have the option, but surely a newbie editor can`t be flamed just because his levels lack detail. It can always be added later. And, a detailed but sucky level will probably always suck. A non-detailed but excellent level can always have more details added, surely? Thanks for your time.
  13. Jayextee

    DeathMatch Levels

    Uh, I'll get straight to the point. I want to include some small Q3A-esque (Well, the smaller ones) DM levels for people like me that prefer to DM in small spaces, because long levels (Like I want to include in my WAD project) Should I; a) Include them AFTER the 32 existing maps, so they are *completely* seperate (Access via -warp 33 etc.)? or b) Make say, level 10 skip to lv 31 (Ie the secret level) as it`s regular exit. This will then mean the player exits lv 31 to lv 16. This effectively misses out 5 levels, which I can use for the DM maps I`m doing..? The thing is, I prefer to use method (a) but for example, Doom2 itself does not like this. A cold, hard boot back into DOS isn`t the preffered end to a DM session. What shall I do? I ask as a newbie to the experienced
  14. Jayextee

    Yet more (Yawn) on Doom3 editing...

    Maybe someone has already mentioned this (If so, please don`t flame me. Only God can be everywhere. Did I say God? I meant John Carmack ;) but it would be cool if Doom3 actually supports Doom2 WADs, but renders them like Doom3 levels. IE, all the THINGS would be polygon models, either monsters or stuff like candles, etc. would be, like predetermined brushes, etc. And those old crappy textures? Well, Doom3 would Bump-map them instead, meaning that a lifeless computer wall now has a bit of shape. Of course, maybe not - Custom wads would be problematic, maybe - and at any costs I won`t be able to play it :( Unless I sell my sister or something.... (heh heh... mental note - plan b, sell sister for an Athlon or something...) I just thought it would be cool, so we wouldn`t all be *completely* wasting our time.
  15. Jayextee


    Yeah, but don`t pigeonhole people with that outlook. I, for instance had never HEARD of nine inch nails until We`re in this together. And they`re my favourite band. Why? Maybe some people hear something new and great and check out the older stuff. BTW For the record, My personal favourite NIN CDs are Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral. Not too bad for a bandwagoner? And,I love the prodigy. Jilted Generation=best!!!
  16. Jayextee

    Is level detail an issue?

    Thanks a lot. It seems I get the wrong defention when comments like ' you could wouk on your level detail ' are used. Of all the things you mentioned there`s only the texture alignment that I don`t quite `get`. And I definitely see your point about teleporters. And they are a pain in the posterior with some editors (WADED) because you have to move them around to get the FLAT aligned correctly. As for lighting, again around 144-160-ish is best. I`ve seen far TOO MANY levels that look so damned light, all atmosphere that could have been is non existent. I originally posted out of worry really, being new to editing, I thought that my somewhat plain (To me) levels just wouldn`t make the grade. I was a little too nervy to even upload them anywhere! (Pointless, I know, but the No.1 reason for me both playing and editing Doom2 is my OWN enjoyment. Which is already sorted) Maybe I should ask some people here to try them. At worst, I`ll get labelled in some `hall of shame`. At best, some dude could ask me to design for their TC/Mod!!!
  17. I`m sorry to keep bothering y`all here (You must be getting sick of seeing my name ;) but I got a question. How do you edit the intermission texts (IE the secret level text) and the level names (As seen on the automap)? I can`t find any lump in WinTEX that corresponds to these...
  18. Jayextee

    Doom3. A Good/Bad thing?

    I see completely where you`re coming from. If Doom3 is HUGE, then the worst thing that can happen is for "the aformentioned people" to come here and spout how we`re all losers for liking old, alledgedly `retarded` games. - And if this happens, it will happen TOO much. Let us hope this doesn`t happen. Or Doomworld has a protected entry mechanism that requires a player to clear THE SUBURBS Doom2 level in under three minutes at UV with 100% kills. That should sort out the players from the lamers ;)
  19. Jayextee

    Help with `lump` (?) editing

    Cannot find any MAPINFO lump. Hmmmm.... Is it because I only have a v1.666 WAD? I really don`t want to have to resort to Dehacked as I want my levels to be playable by anyone with just Doom2.
  20. Jayextee

    Deathmatch Maps? We want YOU!

    Why the... ah, hell with it, etc. etc. :|
  21. Jayextee

    How do I use a bot?

    Get Cajunbot, and unzip it into you Doom2 or Legacy folder (Both are fine) Then in MS-DOS type : cajun -altdeath -nomonsters -warp 1 -bots hellkeeper rambo killern Then you`ll be set.
  22. Jayextee

    More on visiplanes, etc.

    I`m actually thinking of all those low-budget PC-owning people out there who are mainly limited to just your regular Doom2 when I edit levels. Like myself. It`s no use actually getting a source port I maybe can`t run.
  23. Jayextee


    How about some cool rain effects? This isn`t really a good gameplay idea, but the only thing about `nam I know is from films. And it rained a lot in Forrest Gump when he was there. But it would be cool to see some decent weather effects in a doom mod. And, that would be a `huey` you`re talking about? Maybe expanding upon this would be cool, if a little (!) complicated, like different secret areas in missions could be like, enemy communications that you use to radio for backup. As I said, all I know is from films...
  24. Jayextee


    Ummm... this is a bit of a long shot, but I think I had a similar error when I had a floor of about 40 and a ceiling of 10000-ish. It may be the old Doom2 engine just not liking some ceiling/floor difference. That could be the problem. If you don`t have any large ceilings/low floors then sorry, I`m pretty much a newbie here, but it`s just a suggestion.