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  1. Jayextee

    Most Hated Design Tropes in Wads?

    Mayonnaise. Can't stand the stuff. And yet, you try to buy a premade sandwich from a convenience store that's not doused in the stuff; and isn't the dullest shit like "just cheese, hope you like only cheese" and "nothing exists in your miserable life except this thin slice of ham, clumsily doubled-over so it doesn't spill out of the sandwich".
  2. Jayextee

    Most Hated Design Tropes in Wads?

    Oh dear. ;)
  3. They've got their strengths and weaknesses. I tested with both, berzerk was more my speed with its 'one and done' approach but requires accuracy. Chainsawing can be "hold the fire button and hope", occasionally tanking damage from pinkie bites that break through. The entire point was that the choice was similar-but-different, given that the map had to be balanced for both.
  4. I've done this several times in my own maps. More-recently in the redacted and now-unavailable Bleedthrough it was E3M1's tysonesque challenge offering either the berzerk or the chainsaw, but not both. IIRC my earlier Nex Credo had a couple of these as well. I dunno, as a mapper I just like experimenting with what's 'expected' from typical gameplay, shifting it around a bit. That's probably why assuming mapper's intent from completionism kinda irks me, as it starts to exclude certain concepts and ideas from being valid and I'd rather not throw any babies out with the bathwater, so to speak.
  5. I'd say so, personally. Like, I get the completionist mindset but I feel (as I've said) it's more of a replay value thing than a first-run thing. Points of no return are fine by me; what's not fine is the idea that there are A and B routes (for example) and one of them will lock you off to the content of another, meaning that you absolutely can't 100% the map no matter what. Although being the obtuse and bitter gremlin I am, maybe I'll make a map like that anyway someday.
  6. Well. If it makes you feel any better, your completionist POV looks to be common as all hell. So, to address the topic title, yes other people feel like this. Although from one autistic (I have a diagnosis and everything) to another, I don't for one moment think it's an ASD thing. I can't stand the idea of wandering around an empty map wallhumping just to ding a percentage personally; and leave any secret-hunting I might do for second/third/whatever replays. But hey, you do you. I'm just a little peeved when accommodating completionism FOMO is either taken as "mapper's intent" or demanded to be the default.
  7. Jayextee

    How would you describe your mapping philosophy?

    My mapping philosophy is that I make the kind of maps I could stick onto a stack of floppy disks, time travel somehow back to 1996, and release; thus enjoying all the era's acclaim and praise for myself, muahahahahahaaaah.
  8. Emphasis mine. How do you know what the mapper intends? I made a megaWAD last year where my intention as a mapper was that players weren't going to be seeing the exit and then backtracking to fastidiously search through the map with a fine-tooth comb to get all the secrets; so I untagged them. I even stated my intentions to that end. The result? There was some tiring discussion on the WAD's forum thread with posts saying that my decision, as a mapper, to make my maps, that I created, the way I wanted and intended, was wrong because I didn't tag the secrets. Why not just stop pretending like your FOMO is mapper's intent, huh?
  9. Jayextee

    Most Hated Design Tropes in Wads?

    People really hate secret areas so maybe you should, like, never use the sector special to tag yours. :3
  10. oh no not muh precious content how dare the game deny me content
  11. Jayextee

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    Others have said it better than me, but I'll have a go. They're not just transparent are they? Certainly not in their original incarnation, where the 'fuzz' effect is pretty obvious against a clean or light-coloured texture in good light. However, put them in the dark, or against 'grainy' or dark texturing, and it's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. Everything Xaser has said above me rings true; pinkies are mere spacefillers, but spectres add a sprinkle of the unknown into the proceedings. In the right environment you can hear them but not so much see them. Personally speaking, any time a spectre has blindsided me with its lack of visibility; I like them more. Any time I notice one just as it crosses from noisy texture into a clean one and has a moment of good visibility allowing me to clean-shot it; I like them more. And any time I can hear one but not see clearly and I take a random SSG potshot in what I think is its direction, to hear it snort and hit the floor dead; I like them even more. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here, but yeah, I'd say they're an iconic monster and one of DOOM's best. And, again as per Xaser before me, a huge improvement to the pinky by way of just one tiny visibility change.
  12. Jayextee

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    Yes, it's just you. Nobody in the world could possible hold such an opinion. Also, I love 'em. One of DOOM's more iconic and intelligently-designed enemies IMO.
  13. An auspicious start to mapping! This seems to be a much more polished version of the map of yours I played literal *years* ago, there's even the funky DOORTRAK trick I showed you. It's neat, feels like a pretty good episode-opener. I'm greedy and want to see more. :)
  14. Sounds like a good friend. ;) Also, link?
  15. Okay, I just beat it this afternoon; HMP continuous. I already thought of OG RoC as perhaps 'the better TNT Evilution', definitely standing proud in itself among its 1996 peers. But this version takes it above and beyond, I may have to replay this again to see if my initial thoughts hold; that it's probably in my top ten megaWADs of all time. @Cammy, great work. I mean that. :)
  16. This is precisely why I'll comment if I catch a non-vanilla project touting itself as vanilla. Because people won't be pleased if they downloaded a WAD expecting that it'll work in their chosen port (especially if it's Chocolate DOOM or even the original executable) and, nah, they can't. Worse still if they get a fair amount of progress before their run is entirely-halted by a VPO or other broken limit. It's not just me being autistic about proper nomenclature, I swear! ;)
  17. Also had my eye on this for some time, I absolutely *love* the aesthetic here and would love to get lost in it.
  18. Edit the title, if it's limit-removing then it ain't vanilla.
  19. Jayextee

    Do people like Doom 2's level Design?

    No it's not. Some people have busy lives, you never know what a person's situation is; and how that may impact on their creativity to the point where the overall idea of something is borrowed from another source (in this example, base DOOM II) to save time generating one's own ideas. And, c'mon, how many of us over the years haven't done a Dead Simple-alike in their WADs? I've done about three.
  20. Jayextee

    Do people like Doom 2's level Design?

    I like the Sandy maps, and the Romero maps.
  21. Same, given that I'm also playing through the 25th Anniversary Edition right now and it's getting me all kind of nostalgic (whilst at the same time being reasonably fresh? huh)
  22. Leave it be, enjoy the rest of the WAD.
  23. Jayextee

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    I came in here with the intent of suggesting this, and commend you for finding out for yourself. Hexen's great. Haters be wrong. Sure, it has its flaws, but for what it is Hexen's quite an experience if you let yourself get lost and soak up the atmosphere and whatnot. It's worth remembering that before Hexen (and Heretic), Raven were RPG developers. It shows.
  24. Ah, gotcha. I mean, I wouldn't even call PPT unfair personally; but I can see how people would if there's a massive skill gap between them and their opponent. Anywho. Fighting games in general are unfair by the very nature of combos (you mean because an opponent managed to hit you once, they get free reign to keep doing so? BULLSHIT XD); especially unbreakable ones. It's a large part of their appeal tho IMO (ergo, not a complaint).
  25. Y'know, I saw the topic title and before I even clicked I thought to myself "someone's going to mention GnG, and so help me if I don't riot over it". Guess I won't riot today. GnG's absolutely learnable and there's not enough RNG to consistently spoil a run when you have. It's tough, yes. Unfair? No.