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  1. Been waiting on the idgames release of this, you bet I'm gonna play it. I'm hype for the sequel, too! ;)
  2. Jayextee

    Profile pages are frozen in December 1723

    Ah, a rare excellent DoomWorld thread where OP is as funny as they think they are. <3
  3. Jayextee

    New PLAYPAL proposal

    Whereas it may be common in pixel art, I'd say it's not the wisest "principle" (to wit, personal caveat, it's more of a trend) to implement in a game that itself darkens to black; whereby we should assume that lights are white as the exact opposite of black.
  4. Yes, Plutonia MAP32 off the top of my head. And probably yeah. The NERVE and recent "Unity" ports raised some static limits, visible sprites probably being one of them.
  5. Jayextee

    How to delete linedef only??

    My bad, I had no idea there was the distinction -- I pretty much use 'j' (without shift) mainly for dummy/control sectors and the like.
  6. Jayextee

    How to delete linedef only??

    FWIW, I think to join sectors (merge), it's just 'j'. It's worth noting that the first sector selected in the bunch to be merged is the one from which the others will inherit their properties e.g. ceiling/floor heights, lighting, special, flats.
  7. Jayextee

    How to delete linedef only??

    Press 'm' for 'make sector', click inside your new sector (which is technically the remnants of two sectors when you deleted the center line like that).
  8. Jayextee

    what are classic doomers thoughts on doom 64 in 2024?

    It's great. I've always loved it though, from back when it dropped and people were telling me that DOOM64 was apparently "shit" and "old-fashioned" and GoldenEye was the better game. Hard disagree back then, harder disagree right now. It's a more atmospheric and considered romp than the DOS originals, but its own brand of fiendish fun.
  9. Jayextee

    So...Why does DOOM use repeat songs?

    why didnt id shaftware make a different texture for each wall jeez i mean we have the technology
  10. (In before puerile menstruation jokes; the name of this WAD and its levels and episodes and difficulty settings are Nine Inch Nails references) So back when I'd released The Becoming, an episode 2 replacement WAD that I considered to be my finest work at the time. I still think it holds up, but I had always planned to flesh this out to a 'full' megaWAD later down the line. So, to celebrate DOOM's 30th, why the hell not, eh? It's a vanilla-compatible (save for those pesky savegame buffer overflows on a handful of maps -- I even tested it on Ultimate DOOM's v1.9 DOS executable!), three-episode megaWAD by yours truly; including some fixes and minor balance tweaks to the maps included from The Becoming. Enjoy! Many thanks for @Mechadon for that magical box O' skies, plus @Napsalm and @DistroyA for testing, @Ed for episode 2's music and the various talented souls behind the Plutonia MIDI Pack for the rest. Y'all are much appreciated, seriously. HERE IT IS: (link redacted, file removed from Google drive) SCREENSHOTS COMMENTARY That aside, happy 30th to DOOM! May we be playing user content for another thirty. EDIT The WAD is gone. Not deleted entirely, I still have it, just removed from my Google drive. I'm tired, so very fucking tired, of discourse about secrets in DOOM maps like they're the only thing that matters in them; and I said not to expect me to take kindly to complaints about my untagged secret areas. I'm also very, very petty. So anyway, the whole WAD's a secret now, hope you enjoy that. Also since this topic is now rendered absofuckinglutely useless, any mod can feel free to lock and/or trash this. Thanks.
  11. Disagreeing is fine, but there's no need to get insulting with it.
  12. Focus, mainly. Learn to make a map, just one map, and then worry about fucking around with textures. I knew this'd be a hot take. LOL, trying to get newcomers to focus on one thing at a time, actually potentially making things easier for them! It's perhaps not an approach fit for everyone, but I can imagine a non-zero amount of people who may've been put off making their dream DOOM mod ever because they didn't realise that the texture has to be separate images added to the PNAMES and then then stitched together in the texture editor, etc, whatever. There's even a litany of newbie mistakes that come with texture pack usage as well, e.g. copying the whole pack into their WAD when they've used about three of hundreds, etc. And with this I draw attention to the OP, emphasis mine: There's literally no such thing. Textures are textures. DOOM1/2's got a whole bunch and if you're new, they're good enough. They do the job whilst you're learning. Learn to walk before trying to sprint.
  13. Probably a hot take here, but I don't think newbies should concern themselves about custom textures until they've learned the ropes, as it were, with the stock resources so they at least have an idea of what they're doing in that area and how they're going to use the textures they're downloading. I very much anticipate a great many inexperienced newbies shooting me down here, and am very thankful in advance to have notifications turned off.
  14. Jayextee

    your bad mapping habits

    I think my worst mapping habit is that I still make 'em. Oh, that and circular stairways around open rooms.
  15. Jayextee

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Today in my sketchbook I drew a baby who is known for crying at poop.
  16. yeah but what if someone steals my expertly-designed series of boxy STARTAN rooms
  17. Jayextee

    How do you all play wads?

    Playing the WAD is only half the experience, you gotta then take to the Internet; usually these very forums, but YouTube comment sections will suffice in a pinch; and complain about the secrets, or that UV was very hard and made you feel inadequate.
  18. Jayextee

    Going Down was a mistake for me

    I've only played a handful of maps from Going Down before it beat my ass enough for me to reconsider. But from the posts made in this thread I gather I'm going to love map [pick a random number above 15].
  19. Jayextee

    The Alternate Timeline Where This is a Star Wars Website

    Wake me up when this place is Exhumedworld pls.
  20. Jayextee

    The Alternate Timeline Where This is a Star Wars Website

    My sweet summer child, they are not the same game.
  21. Jayextee

    The Alternate Timeline Where This is a Star Wars Website

    With a lot of Nightdive's output though, it's been a case of "want to run this thing on modern hardware at all? LOL YOU'RE SHIT OUTTA LUCK BUD" until they came along. Whether or not DOOM64 or Powerslave Exhumed (to name two of ND's games I bought) were 'lazy' or even 'cash grabs' (and I believe they were neither), the fact is that they allowed me to play games I couldn't before; in any official/legitimate capacity that is.
  22. Jayextee

    Why is this happening and how to solve this problem?

    Wait a second, are you using the same WAD for both your resources (textures, etc) *and* to save your map/s into? Wouldn't do that. I personally have always kept my resource.wad and maps separate from each other and only combine them later into the project to create an alpha/beta/release candidate/final or whatever.
  23. Jayextee

    How to make right circles?

    Try it with a grid snap setting smaller than 8mp (bottom right of screen or [ and ] keys to change).
  24. Jayextee

    Do you know all the "special" maps in Doom 2?

    MAP11 is special because it has two names.
  25. Jayextee

    ITYTD exists. And it is always an option.

    Bro more monsters isn't more completeness you just got content FOMO.