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  1. Jayextee

    Difficulty balancing: a conundrum

    This. So hard. I'm probably a pain in the ass for resource-starvation on UV. Intentionally so. You find yourself without enough to continue? Coulda played smarter -- believe me when I say I test my maps on all difficulties. I don't run out of ammo, and if I did at some point during mapping/testing I'd add a cache somewhere to balance things out. I give excess resources on skill 1/2, ample on skill 3, 'enough' on skill 4/5.
  2. > DOOM soundfont You mean, a set of MIDI voices?
  3. Jayextee

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I bought a blue fineliner just for this.
  4. Jayextee

    Difficulty balancing: a conundrum

    I've never made UV the intended experience in my maps if I'm honest. It's usually "what I originally envisaged, but with added annoyances". This goes as far back as Murderous Intent back in 2001, in which I renamed the skill levels to reflect this.
  5. Jayextee


    re: DOOM 'tourism'. I'm not against it. I don't know whether simply wandering around a locale would hold my attention, but in a bigger picture I think a little of it serves purpose. There have been certain mapsets I've played (Eviternity 1/2, BtSX, some others) that have offered combatless reprieves in some beautiful locales where there's time to just take in the vistas and, importantly, have a breather after a session of hard 'n' heavy monster shooting. IMO they're amazing for rhythm and pacing, too -- the rest period they offer being the remedy to my easily burned-out attention span. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making an amazing-looking map/hub/section of a map with nothing to shoot. DOOM may have originally been conceived as a combat-focused game, but that's not all the game's mechanics and systems can offer.
  6. Jayextee

    Difficulty balancing: a conundrum

    The way I do difficulty is, well, kinda I just design the map first with the sort of fights I want to see. Tight circle-strafe a baron on a precarious ledge whilst a swarm of cacos come in from all sides? K, got it. That kinda thing. Then I'll see if it's possible, and what ammo/health I need in the encounter's general area to ensure this. Good, gotcha. Next is the bit where I consider my 'default' difficulty of HMP: if things seem about-right for me, I'll put an extra enemy or two in 'annoying places' to get in the way and disrupt the fight. If there's That One Enemy™ keeps killing me or being a general nuisance, I'll flag for UV only. I'll also feel out a general (or estimated) aggregate average of my stats after said encounter for any ITYTD/HNTR additional health or ammo. Will test on all of these settings to make sure it's (a) still possible and (b) feels 'right' to me. Then I'll consider if the fight would be made a touch more fun to breeze through with something additional I hadn't planned for the encounter (radsuit? blursphere? maybe even early access to a weapon usually found a bit later?) and then stick it somewhere in a secret in either an obscure-ish corner of the current area or an adjacent/close one. Importantly, I made sure the entire shebang was possible without this boon I just gave. Secrets are in no way mandatory, and I map for this. Also on some occasions I'll move keys around to be easier to access on ITYTD/HNTR and a little more awkward on UV. Even if just a small change, it makes the difficulties kinda unique in their own ways IMO.
  7. Jayextee

    What level was Terry Pratchett playing?

    Right by the E1M1 stairs leading to the green armour.
  8. You had to be there, man. Moo is a feeling, it's a state of mind.
  9. Jayextee

    Your own "Lost Media"

    Oh man, I've got a ton. Old games made in AMOS on Commodore Amiga (plus Acorn Archimedes stuff made back at school) as well as music and art made on computers I no longer have. DOOMwise; Murderous Intent 2 (although a demo version I distributed privately has made its way back to me), a Quake-textured mapset I started when burned out, plus the beginnings of a very promising Exhumed/Powerslave TC for an old, old version of EDGE. I've got some stuff now that's not likely to be released in any form, some I can't talk about, as well. And then there's my DOOM 30th Anniversary project which I couldn't care less if it mysteriously vanished off my HDD after I pulled RC1. Fucking cursed.
  10. Jayextee

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

  11. Jayextee

    the big no-no's of mapping

    Secrets. They're absolutely the most important thing in your map, as in your map must have secrets. At least three of them. And don't forget to tag them with sector type '9' or the player won't realise that these hidden areas are, in fact, secret areas and therefore can't feel congratulated for fleshing out another number on the extended HUD or automap. Also secrets must never be locked for the player at any time, because if a player can't see the exit switch and backtrack for any missed secrets that shit is literally unplayable. Combat, lighting, verticality, contrast, clarity, intent, flow, pacing, any of that other stuff is absolutely meaningless. Focus on your secrets. <s>
  12. Jayextee

    Romero’s Doom II WAD: HELLION. Coming soon…ish?

    How many times did he actually do this?
  13. "i have an idea for a wad but need help" You damn right you need help.
  14. Jayextee

    On abusing the ammo cheat

    You're the boss of you. Go nuts, if that's what you want.
  15. Jayextee

    Doom's design "language" trends

    Totally agreed on Heretic's key colour order convention; with Raven's propensity toward occasionally-sprawling and sometimes-labyrinthine map design, it helps to indicate to players where their focus should be -- e.g. not hunting for access to the blue key first, going for the yellow and then the green instead. I was working on a Heretic episode myself at one point recently and, yes, I did keep to this convention (except in nonlinear maps where all keys are required for the one exit).
  16. Jayextee

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Just sketchbooking, y'know?
  17. Jayextee

    HERETIC HD project

    So now the gem isn't aligned vertically with that decorative stripe and looks worse.
  18. Jayextee

    Honest opinions on Shores of Hell and Inferno?

    This is great, absolutely excellent way of describing what it is precisely about Sandy Petersen that makes him my personal favourite of the OG mappers. One thing to always bear in mind is how high-concept he is as a level designer, presumably from his background in tabletop gaming and (I assume) GM'ing; in such a game for example, were the GM to tell a party "you're back where you started, everything's the same" and have that mini-scenario play out to "you think you've reached the exit, again, but THE WALLS DROP TO REVEAL THE NASTIEST MONSTER YOU'VE FOUGHT SO FAR" would've been hype as fuck, possibly a highlight of a campaign between friends. But instead, the medium changed from the physical to the virtual, you get E3M9 and it hits different. Or concepts like "monsters aren't the real danger here, the floor itself is and you've only a finite amount of protection against it" being executed as the ever-unpopular E3M7 (which I personally like, and think people are wrong about, for exactly this reason). Love or loathe his approach, he tried things dagnammit. And although Romero was consistently solid with his OG maps, I'd probably say most of the really memorable experiences (for better or worse) came from Sandy.
  19. I dare say that E1M3 is the great barrier in Nightmare. It might not be the toughest level per se, but if you can beat E1M3 on NM then it's looking good for the rest of episode 1, which is the toughest NM run of the original three. Again, I never tried E4. Just the idea of tackling that nigh-healthless E4M1 on NM makes my NOPE-glands twitch pretty hard.
  20. Way back in the 2000's when I was at my most DOOM-obsessed, I did indeed beat E1 through E3 on Nightmare difficulty. Wasn't going to even attempt E4 though, and an attempt at DOOM II fell flat pretty early, as MAP02 is absolutely torturous. Whilst doing E1/2/3 I did personally find the episodes to have something of an inverse difficulty curve though; with E3 being by far the easiest of the three in general.
  21. Jayextee

    Honest opinions on Shores of Hell and Inferno?

    E2 - overrated, some neat bits and pieces but they're like looking for delicious peanuts in a hill of elephant shit. E3 - underrated masterpiece, everyone's wrong about both Unholy Cathedral and Limbo. OP asked for honest, I gave honest. What I will not give a shit about is being @'ed about this. I know you disagree, I'm very aware how The Accepted Opinions™ differ from my own and don't need the 9000th reminder.
  22. Are we only counting big/notable FPS games here because I'm pretty sure more than a few people here have released little itch.io or Steam games here and there.
  23. Jayextee

    Who's your favourite female character in video games?

    I'm loving the KOF rep in this thread, but I gotta put forward King (originally from Art of Fighting) as my choice... ...along with Chun-Li, Blaze Fielding, Morrigan Aensland, Sarah Bryant, Nina Williams, Charlotte from SamSho, Rouge the Bat, Hornet from Hollow Knight, Draco Centauros, and so on and so forth. I sure do main a lot of female characters in games huh.
  24. I've only ever played DOOM Eternal on PS4, beaten on both HMP and UV; the latter can get rough and it feels most-definitely built for a control scheme in which you can turn in an instant to react to threats, for sure. But never impossible. In most cases the toolset availed to the player gives more than enough mitigation measures to make up for non-mouse turning. I prefer to play on HMP personally. It's about as tough as DOOM 2016 PS4 on UV in my estimation, and a good time; for me at least. Eternal PS4 UV was maybe a bit *too* rough for my liking. YMMV