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  1. For the three different difficulty flags, I generally treat them as 'careless, comfy, careful'. Namely; - careless = given that I know this map well and where everything is, it's pitched so I can beat it without being too particular about avoiding damage or accuracy; health is given out more, as is ammo and such - comfy = this setting, 'normal' is designed to be a challenge to me, but not too hard; moderate health and ammo, some slightly-harder monster placement - careful = although I know where everything in this map is, it is pitched so that it'll still kill me if I've not got my wits about me; ammo and health are both tight, often pushing the player in search of secrets to get by, and this is the only setting I'll allow myself to get away with 'dickish' monster placement It's completely subjective, of course. And player feedback (ideally) offers suggestions on how to tune-up all three of these, but it's a reasonable enough starting point until maps get tested.
  2. Jayextee

    TENEBRUM (GZDoom+Heretic megawad, released)

    Hard pass on this. You're gonna slow me down AND punish me for the loss of speed? Nope.
  3. Jayextee

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    The lowest point of my mapping career was a HUGE burnout, caused by IRL issues weighing down on me unbearably. A bout with depression, unemployment, a failing relationship, that kind of thing. At the time I was making a follow-up to Murderous Intent -- itself my first official WAD release (although I'd made a couple of handfuls of maps before it, experiments really) from which I'd learned enough to make what I thought was going to be my mapping magnum opus. Alas, any work I have of Murderous Intent 2 is lost to the aether, having not made the jump from the computer I was initially creating it on; although screenshots exist from the three maps I had completed, featuring my first (and thus far only) foray into custom DOOM texturing. The closest to a sequel I got was making Sinister Intention, more than ten years later. A DECADE! Now that's burnout! ;)
  4. Jayextee

    The more I play Heretic, the more it frustrates me

    "I never used the Tome of Power" is all I see here. Notwithstanding, there's more than enough Hellstaff runes littered through the maps (episode 2 onwards, of course) to make the weapon pretty much a mainstay for almost 3/4 the game if that's your jam. And if you run out, there's plenty of Dragon Claw orbs. As noted, if you're tryna kill everything with the Ethereal Crossbow then of course you're going to have a bad time.
  5. Given that I've volunteered to be the 'czar' of Phase 2's second episode, I've just been playing through with some thoughts as to the management of this episode. This first post will be changed of course, but here are my initial thoughts: MAP12 (Catoptromancy's having at this one) I'll also say that this map is long. I don't believe it should be MAP12, and given the size of MAP14 I think it prudent to switch the two. It's a good map IMO, well worth fixing for VPO/HOM to keep it -- in fact, with a few exceptions I think it better to fix rather than ditch. MAP13 From my own, this was a tech base that's serviceable enough with the futuristic-looking city skyline. Thinking the northern outdoor areas could do with a lick of polish (probably visible details beyond the mountains that can't be reached), and embellishing the penultimate encounter a little; maybe get rid of the Spider Mastermind replacement all together? This is a tougher map than the following, but will work if MAP12 and MAP14 are switched. MAP14 Another Nex Credo map of mine. I want this as a pistol start map, in the MAP12 slot. Pretty happy with it, even if there's a graphical error I couldn't seem to be able to fix on the ceiling detail near the red switch. MAP15 Just needing a few changes for flow. MAP16 Serviceable, but very very cramped. May be able to mitigate this with a lower monster density? Also, a walkway with blocking lines just before the drop to the yellow key (looking out to some inaccessible scenery) could do with a fence texture. MAP17 --blank slot-- Jaws In Space requested this for the third episode. MAP18 The old MAP06. A few small changes away from completion. MAP19 Yet another Nex Credo map by me. Strong enough, save for the identical and lazy areas behind the red doors; in fact the entire North of this map could stand to be redone (I could do it if needed). Also that final encounter could do with a rethink. It's a little too small a space for what I've got going on there, even if I do like the Archvile nastiness. MAP20 --blank slot-- Jaws In Space requested this for the third episode. --EDIT-- Jaws In Space is nabbing this and mashing it up with the better parts of MAP29 to make a new third episode map. MAP31 Last of my Nex Credo maps. This has been discussed elsewhere; secret exit needed, do something about the north-east cybie for 'fairer' MAX runs. Perhaps embellish details a little? If I simplify the 'cross' ceiling window outside the red key room it buys a few more visplanes to spend on pretties? Because this map sorta needs some. It also needs a proper secret exit to MAP32 as well. Can do this. MAP32 --blank slot PENDING-- Waiting for response re: Shadow of the Wool Ball secret. --- SUMMARY MAP12 and MAP15 are in need of hefty work to get vanilla-compatible, MAP17 and MAP20 going to the third episode. MAP32 is in limbo for now. Everything else? Small fixes in places, but serviceable. Discuss, by all means.
  6. If I remember correctly, this is more-likely with cardinal directions (straight N/E/S/W) than it is with angled/diagonal lines; makes sense due to entity collisions being essentially boxes, I guess.
  7. Jayextee

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    I can't talk about Reddit, not being very acquainted with it. However I have found of late that I'm slowly leaving the various DOOM groups on Facebook one-by-one, as the posts inevitably tend toward alt-right intolerance memery with time; such as, the most-recent one I remember, editing the original cover art so the demons have Pride flags so DOOMguy is, well, I won't go into that. But the amount of positive reacts and comments said very clearly and openly that they ain't the places for me. Facebook's a hole anyway. But I digress, what little I've seen of Reddit is worse somehow.
  8. Almost answered your own question there. Civvie elaborates a little on this point in his Quake II video -- it's the mere fact that by then it was pretty-established exactly what kind of thing you'd expect from a game by id Software; the player's arsenal being the most-iconic and most-reliable sign that you were playing an id Software game because it represented all of the favourites a player had come to know and, again, expect from a game of the brand. I mean. I enjoyed Quake II a lot and do think it's a good solid arsenal; so why not re-use it?; but this is beside the point.
  9. Jayextee

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    No lies, I saw the trailer on Twitter and thought it had compressed the ever-living FUCK out of the audio with how barely-audible it is. Then checked out the HQ trailer on YouTube and found it just as bad. Raw. :/
  10. I'd have made it a full-on arcade game. Keep the lives and scoring system in there, disincentivise saving/loading somehow (possibly a score reset upon load?), probably expand the scoring mechanism with a multiplier cooldown to push combat forward. Less RNG and luck in the mechanics, balance the game for pure adrenaline-fuelled arcade UNGA BUNGA DAKKA DAKKA. I know without response that there are a LOT of people now thankful I don't have access to a time machine. ;)
  11. Jayextee

    Wolf 3d would using a map be cheating

    I'd consider that an overdue accessibility option since I can personally no longer manually hit a fire button 10x per second like I used to be able; resulting from getting RSI in my right hand in February. To-mah-to versus to-may-to, I guess.
  12. Jayextee

    Wolf 3d would using a map be cheating

    Quality of life features added to subsequent official versions of the game are not cheats.
  13. Jayextee

    The marauder better not return.

    None taken.
  14. Jayextee

    The marauder better not return.

    I don't see how an enemy being able block player attacks is somehow not very FPS when we had 'em as far back as 1995.
  15. To elaborate on Quasar's answer, this is the act of dragging a slider slowly over a video timeline to find an exact period; often slowly to study in a practically frame-by-frame manner.
  16. Jayextee

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    I have been thoroughly-impressed with both Shrine 2 and DBP26: The City of Damned Children. Both have amazing and singular atmospheres and interesting aesthetics.
  17. Jayextee

    The marauder better not return.

    Biggest agree. They're fine enough on replay, but changing the dynamic of a first-time fight into "where do I find the totem" instead of, y'know, actually fighting -- now THAT was a pacebreaker.
  18. Jayextee

    The marauder better not return.

    Yeah, the Marauder has basically no defense from the rear; I recall a video by UnderTheMayo discussing how remote-detonating rockets behind him is effective. Even more reasons the Marauder-whiners are just barking out of their rectal openings. The Marauder is excellent.
  19. Jayextee

    The marauder better not return.

    The Marauder was the best damn addition to DOOM Eternal by a mile. When the game essentially tells you how to defeat him and he's got both an audio AND visual 'tell' to indicate his vulnerable period I'd say it's less 'git gud' and more 'pay attention'.
  20. Jayextee

    do you know any doom wad/mod or retro FPS that has dragons?

    Heretic has Weredragons, if that counts?
  21. Jayextee

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    Can confirm, if the ceiling flats on those 'sloped' sections don't VPO, then you're asking for HOM with those 2s linedefs; which are more a bane to me personally than VPOs ever have been, if I'm honest.
  22. Jayextee

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    So are you going to pretend you didn't also say these things? Notwithstanding, I'm just disagreeing 'respectfully' like you. No need to get defensive.
  23. Jayextee

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    "You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time." - Abraham Lincoln, or so the Internet tells me. :P I really don't know what is expected from a project that, once again, is worlds apart from anything else produced for the vanilla version of a nigh-on thirty year-old engine with limitations up the wazoo; and is being released for free. As an artist and designer myself, I think it looks amazing; and definitely is not 'monotextured'.
  24. Is it at all possible to entirely-remove options from GZDoom's menus? I played a bit of a free game, Solace Dreams lately, which does this; running on an older version of GZDoom. This game had some beautiful polish, including very to-the-point menus containing only what the game itself required; no scrolling through two entire screens' worth of control options to cherry-pick the relevant ones whilst trying to guess which of the zillion mod-friendly options won't be needed this time, just the stuff the game itself has. However, playing this game's data with an up-to-date version of GZDoom sticks all of the game's stuff at the bottom, past a --- divider, after all the now-extraneous fluff. It's horrific, and messy, and actually undoes a lot of the polish the game established IMO. I want to make a game eventually using GZDoom, but if I require the player to swim through a couple dozen options they shouldn't be using in my game, then I wouldn't consider it fit for purpose. Which is a shame, I like the port otherwise.