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  1. Jayextee

    Hell Revealed vs Fava Beans

    I think overall I prefer oranges. Apples taste great, probably the better of the two flavours, but it's really really easy to overdo it and give myself acid reflux; which isn't pleasant. Oranges on the other hand, I get bored of before I get sick -- not to say they're bad per se, I certainly love a good OJ any time of the day.
  2. Jayextee

    Community Project concepts that you would like to see?

    32 Icon of Sin maps, that'd be a hoot.
  3. Jayextee

    General thoughts on the Spider Demon/Mastermind?

    I have this theory that perhaps people weren't generally used to sidestepping, let alone circlestrafing or whatever, back in the day when this released fresh off the hype of Wolfenstein 3D. As such; and with the aforementioned pistol-start testing; the resulting game of high-stakes peekaboo may well have been a mini-ordeal for players of the time.
  4. Jayextee

    Have you lost interest on DOOM?

    Swings and roundabouts. My interest in DOOM is very much characterised by having a couple of months of insane hyperfixation at a time, on semi-regular intervals; interspersed with the 'burnout' months of little playing, no mapping, occasional forum lurking and posting. Which is where I'm at right now, didn't even finish Eviternity II but I'll get around to it sooner or later. Also, 2000's signup date, YEAH BOIIII.
  5. Jayextee

    Pallette error between NTMAI and Ancient Aliens

    The fuck is NTMAI? If it's any kind of sprite-replacing mod (weapons, monsters, etc etc) that'll ultimately be why, I feel. Because AA uses its own sprites in places to cater for a significantly-altered PLAYPAL and you may well be using a mod that overrides these with sprites made for the default PLAYPAL, showing why there are custom replicas of the original sprites in the first place.
  6. Jayextee

    Doom's design "language" trends

    I'm a big fan of the Plutonia exit/entrance teleporters, as evidenced by almost all the maps I make for my own projects having them (exceptions really being just the 100-line stuff). There's something quite satisfying to me about an absolutely-unmistakable structure that communicates to the player "yep, you're done here".
  7. Really easy to harshly judge a game released 30 years ago by the standards said game helped to create, from nothing, with no existing source to base anything on except its immediate prequel. Fire? Absolute rubbish, mate. We've got fuckin' lightbulbs now. Can't believe those mugs used to light fires at night way back when.
  8. Shit game for twats. Hotel level was alright.
  9. re: 'fuck you' secrets that you were "supposed to have prior knowledge of", or whatever I don't know if the definition of the word "secret" has changed or whether it's just me being an aged autistic who's a little hung up on the meaning of the word, but IMO secrets by their very nature are things that could possibly remain obscured, or hidden, or not found at all; for perhaps long periods of time or even ever. They're secret. I mean, okay, that's overly pedantic and most function as bonuses for the more-observant players (or creative ones, or whatever) but the attitude that "I must be able to get ALL the secrets. First try. I must be allowed to go back in the map after it's otherwise beaten to look for them. I must be told how many there are so I know when to stop looking for them" is just fuckin' weird to me personally.
  10. We'd have a fraction of the verticality because Tom seemed to still be making Wolfenstein maps.
  11. Really, shouldn't missable secrets be the only ones tagged with sector type 9? >:)
  12. Missable secrets are amazing and I should put at least one in every map I make from this point onward.
  13. Fuck yeah Catacomb Eternal.
  14. I mean, that's the start of a whole chain of events that leads up to Steam not being a thing so perhaps we'd still be buying games in physical form? I dunno.
  15. I guess you make your own meaning. Currently I'm running with the following; Soulsphere = yeah I like this Blursphere = bit of a guilty pleasure (I wouldn't be seen liking this otherwise) Invuln sphere = GODLIKE POST Megasphere = alright yeah this is obviously the map's big arena battle or slaughter encounter so imma save and get out muh best weapon.
  16. Jayextee

    Is Doom a FPS equivalent of SHMUP?

    Tell me you don't understand shmups without saying you don't understand shmups. I'd say there's overlap for sure; in terms of unique enemy types offering different ways to control player space and force certain player action/movement, definitely. But I wouldn't call them equivalent, and not just for the incredibly-superficial reasons Hebonky gave.
  17. Jayextee

    The psychology of "seeing the numbers"

    As per the intended topic of OP, sure, I have from time to time took a sneak peek at how many monsters a fresh map has before I start to tackle it. This is for personal reasons; I'm super prone to burnout and need to know ahead of time if any given map is going to be an overlong slog that I'll have to tackle in multiple sessions; anything more than an hour of play (which wouldn't necessarily translate to map completion time, because failures and reloads et cetera) and my concentration drops off dramatically -- and with it my enjoyment of a map, possible even the WAD itself if it keeps happening. Sometimes even an update peek partway through because JEEZ HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS FUCKER? etc But I never do this with secrets, I'm not interested. I could rant about that whole other topic, as I have some opinions. But I won't, for now.
  18. Now, when playing in a sourceport with the lost soul limit removed, getting a PE infighting and just leaving it there to do *whatever* whilst you're off adventuring elsewhere in a map, that's pretty hilarious and you should try it.
  19. Jayextee

    How many levels is a "MEGAWAD"

    They're all 'mega' to me, I love you crazy mapper guys.
  20. The fact that they annoy players makes them a *good* enemy IMO. So are lost souls, a fact evidenced that you can stick a single-figure number of them in a DOOM map and someone will still complain that there are "lots" of them.
  21. No, it's an absolutely wretched way to play for me personally. By the time I get to a map's exit I'm already sick of seeing it, I am not backtracking to see more of it whilst I hunt for secrets.
  22. Jayextee

    Has the Skill Floor Raised?

    I think the skill floor has raised considerably in general, not just the DOOM community, since 1993. If not due to the popularity of the FPS genre in general (which definitely helps) but because arrow keys and no strafing is most-definitely not the default for most players, and a mouse/keyboard setup for high performance is very common. I'm going to argue that new DOOMers are definitely playing at a high level from the start than those in 1993 did.
  23. Jayextee

    Good Boomer shooter YouTube channels

    Not exactly a hidden gem, but I feel like Coincident's missing from your list there.
  24. Jayextee

    How To "Fix" The Spider Mastermind?

    As a four-legged cybernetic monstrosity, she already isn't. Eight legs is a basic characteristic of arachnida, so I'm taking the 'spider' part of the nomenclature as loosely as it deserves. So anyway. She should fly.