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  1. Is the Unity-port version affected by this bug? Just downloaded it tonight for PS4.
  2. NICE WORK! Well I guess this explains the recent BtSX e2 crunching I read in another thread... <3
  3. This tends to happen with midtextures that are taller than the sector they're in if both sides have the same flats/lighting value. Try changing the light level of just one of the sectors touching the line (front or back, it doesn't matter) by 1 so the engine realises they're different sectors and splits them; therefore culling the midtexture as desired.
  4. Jayextee

    Do you ever take breaks from Doom?

    Long-term, no. Short-term, all the damn time. I'm on one right now. I shall elaborate. Basically I picked up DOOM in late '99 when it was already unfashionable; not yet having my own computer, I'd use my then-girlfriend's to create WADs. I did wanna make Quake maps, but ended up with WadEd and it kinda spiralled from there until like about 2002/3-ish when I just burned out HARD with depression and did something else entirely for a while; namely college and university. I think I picked it all back up (but this time switching to DOOM Builder) about 2011/2-ish? DOOM never really goes away. Or we don't, kinda like Hotel California: you can check out at any time, but you can never leave. Shorter term though, yeah I have 'tides'. Only thing that has appealed to me of late has been The City of Damned Children, which is a very unique and excellent WAD. But when I get the 'urge' again, I have three previously-started projects waiting for me to complete. Or make like a map and get temporarily-burned-out again, who knows? I come and go, but like a lot.
  5. I would hardly call being denied unsanctioned free access to copyrighted material oppression, but hey. You do you I guess.
  6. I think there are some people who have a grave misunderstanding of what 'vanilla' means around these parts. #OldManYellsAtCloud
  7. Jayextee

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    FreeDOOM's maps may prove to be a little complex in places for the SNES to handle well; bear in mind some of the original maps were cut for what I presume is a similar reason? I've offered my 900 Deep in the Dead maps for such a purpose, being small 100-linedef maps; but this wouldn't fill out three episodes. Not entirely.
  8. Just chiming in here, trying to convert Eviternity to vanilla would fucking destroy much of what was amazing about it (can you imagine a seriously-gimped version of Xaser's Transcendance, for example, being even half the map it was in the original?). Would make more sense to create a vanilla megaWAD from scratch using the palette and OTEX; which I'd be game for, personally.
  9. Jayextee

    DBP26: The City of Damned Children

    GOOD SHIT. No, really. DOOM hasn't been creepy to me since my teens when first playing the PlayStation version; until this. Loved the atmosphere, you could almost smell the grime. It was an eerie, gloomy joy to explore. Couple of points didn't sit right with me though; - D64/PSX Cyberdemon 'sight' noise used for roaming demons took some adjusting to. - MAP10's MIDI had a held note that seemingly kept getting louder, seems intentional given the tone of the thing in its entirety, but I couldn't bear it for too long and had to IDMUS to something else. These two niggles aside, I really enjoyed this!
  10. Same, when I saw the title just now. I'd be so up for that, too. :/
  11. Jayextee

    Favorite Breakout/Arkanoid genre game

    Okay, fair warning, this is going to turn into a plug for a game of mine. But it is nonetheless topic-relevant. Anywho, it's not a genre of game I particularly like -- but I played a fair bunch of Arkanoid back in my youth as my dad was a big fan of them for some reason. Only part of them I could even STAND was when you got multiple balls, because then the game turned from boredom into an excitng challenge. So I thought "what if that was the game, all the damn time?" and made APOCABRIX! Aside from this I'd probably cite Devilish on the Sega Megadrive, Plump Pop in the arcade, or WizOrb on Steam as somewhat-interesting takes on a genre that is otherwise not really for me.
  12. Jayextee

    Potentially new Strife Content?

    Even vanilla mapping has evolved to a point where it's notably distinguishable from what appeared in the games themselves back when. IMO it would be cool to knock something out within vanilla limits that's still totally stunning. Totally possible.
  13. Jayextee

    favorite game to mod outside of Doom?

    Heretic. ;) I know this doesn't count, so serious answer: I was for a time active in the Sonic the Hedgehog hacking and modification scene over at Sonic Retro and some of my work can be seen in the first two zones of a hack called S-Factor: Sonia and Silver. Was originally intended for my own hack, 'Sonic One', but I lack the technical knowhow to do even simple things in ASM so I sorta quit and donated my work...
  14. Jayextee

    Why is Plutonia good?

    For what it's worth, 'pro' is short for 'professional' and means that you're being paid to do your thing as a vocation. I wouldn't treat it necessarily as a qualifier of skill level, although that can be a factor in whether or not one becomes a professional. Just a mild caveat there.
  15. Jayextee

    Why is Plutonia good?

    No actually I'd say there's near enough a 50/50 split on that one. Plutonia's detractors mainly cite the same reasons as you. Of course, as @GarrettChan mentioned, there's the legacy Plutonia has on the WAD climate of today; the extreme (for the time) difficulty of Plutonia no doubt inspired the creation of the Hell Revealed series and their ilk, and later on the whole slaughtermap genre - love or loathe it - with some citing MAP32 'Go 2 It' as the first, or 'proto', slaughtermap of note. None of this is why I personally love Plutonia. I've opined before that it's DOOM as an arcade game; throwbacks to older entries in the series, unrelenting tests of reactions, space perception and (yes) rote-memorisation - it certainly fits the bill. I've also said before that it is to DOOM what The Lost Levels are to Super Mario Bros. and I stand by this assessment. Indeed, Plutonia is VIDEOGAME AS FUCK and that is why I personally love it; and personally view it as a superior sequel to the original DOOM than its own numbered sequel. As ever, especially with Plutonia, your mileage may vary. ;)
  16. Jayextee

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    This may be a little out of leftfield here, but if any modding efforts require some lightweight maps for any reason (keep framerates high-ish, testing purposes, whatever) then I offer my 900 Deep in the Dead for this purpose. 100 linedefs per map shouldn't strain the Super NES much, even if I do use some midtextures here and there (small effort to edit these out though).
  17. Jayextee

    Where can I get a custom title?

    Custom titles are stored in the balls.
  18. Jayextee

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Probably not a simple question: Is there a source port that allows me to entirely disable loading and saving of games? Let's say I want to make a super-faithful FPS Contra or something.
  19. Jayextee

    Searching people for making an idtech1 game

    OP raises more questions than is answered with this request. By "the doom enging(idtech1)" do you mean a source port? And which one? (I'd guess GZDoom due to its all-encompassing ubiquity, but let's not leap to assumptions here) Is your game a FPS even? What's the theme? The style? What are you looking for? Artists, musicians, mappers, foley? Free game, or are you planning to sell? And, if the latter, what's your budget for the work?
  20. Jayextee

    Any speedmapping sessions soon?

    I used to be similar. Rather, it wasn't ideas but motivation. But I've found of late I tend to map better when I take a breather after any significant portion of a map whilst I, away from DOOM Builder, think about it and how it connects (or should connect) to everything else; what I'm doing with the map next, etc. This isn't really conducive to speedmapping, which is probably a contributing factor in my failure to make anything good of it.
  21. Jayextee

    Any speedmapping sessions soon?

    Also interested, sorta. Dunno, I've tried speedmapping in the past as a personal exercise and only once of like a dozen attempts has it actually blossomed into something I can use instead of just some pointless aborted rooms with nothing of note to them. I wonder if the energy of being part of a group event kinda thing will change that? Hmmmm.
  22. Jayextee

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    Yes, this is okay. Gimme muh circle-strafing. Honestly I don't think the lack of rotations is the reason, else the Saturn version of Hexen; which also lacks rotation sprite frames; wouldn't allow circle-strafing. Which it does. Can't speak of the PlayStation version, literally never played it.
  23. Jayextee

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    All I want now is a ROM where I can turn and strafe at the same time, thanks.
  24. Jayextee

    Am I the most hated member on Doomworld forum?

    Post less. Lurk more. Get a feel for the flow of conversation, how prominent users talk with each other, learn to read the room. Don't worry so much about being 'hated', just try not to annoy; contribute to discussions well, and post intelligently if you can.