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  1. I've done some things in my WADs over the years that could be considered trollish; but in my eyes it's really just experimentation, because I personally doubt everything has been tried yet, just most things. Off the top of my head: Sinister Intention never giving the player the chaingun, forcing some pistol play The Becoming E2M8 put a few noses out of joint with its incredibly punishing suicide walkway surrounding the cyberdemon fight apparently Bleedthrough's untagged secrets I admit, my intent isn't to troll but to provide some hopefully unique experiences in my maps. For better or worse; not every experiment's a banger, and I accept that. It's why they're experiments. It's good to see what works and what doesn't IMO.
  2. Ohhhhhh ffs, I know exactly why this has happened. Somebody, and that somebody was me, carelessly autoaligned the BROWN96 somewhere that's adjoined to this thing here. It's happened before and, ugh, clearly it happened again when I wasn't looking. Thanks for picking up on this (and the meme, got a good laugh outta me <3 ).
  3. I had thought about this, and have had the suggestion to make the player's starting sector tagged secret so that it'll at least be a 100% at the end to satisfy the UV-MAXers. I may yet make this change, since I've a lot of respect for the speedrunning community in general -- it's a way to capitulate whilst still holding true to the part of my vision (yeah, yeah, you can use the word 'pretentious' all you like) that doesn't want to incentivise wallhumping et al. Wondering if this one change can rescue the entire WAD from its fate of being labelled 'painfully unfun' though? ;)
  4. That's it, ladies and gentlemen; theybies and gentlethem, and anybody not conforming to any of those schools of thought. The secret to good gameplay revealed, and it's a pat on the back for discovering areas off the beaten path. To think of all the time mappers spend waste on challenging combat and flowing layouts when they could just make sure their secrets are tagged!
  5. Ooof, nice catch there. It would be one of the older maps there, part of the earlier The Becoming -- I don't think I was quite as paranoid about either HOM (easily fixed, I can stand to shave a couple 2s lines from that area) or VPO at that point.
  6. Chasm: The Rift, or DOOM II MAP24? Because I've not played the former and the latter is much more narrow walkway-focused than my own DOOM platforming designs. Otherwise, thank you! ;) I feel incredibly complimented by this, thank you so much. I'm going to try and nutshell my complex feelings on the matter, but I've recently come to the opinion that the seemingly-mandatory secret search a lot of players engage in on their first playthrough (of games in general, not just DOOM) detracts somewhat from the experience; something is lost in doing so. So I unmarked them all to disincentivise this somewhat. I was also somewhat incensed by this post from stewboy on the matter -- and indeed, whilst watching test playthroughs of Bleedthrough or YouTuber Let's Plays of an earlier indie game I'd made, it got a little frustrating to see players locate and see the exit, and then turn back and start digging into every visible nook and cranny looking for secrets. This bit in particular caught my attention: I just don't want to obligate players to ruin the experience that way. If they find secrets along the way, awesome. Sometimes they help with the combat -- a thing players hunting for them after-the-fact won't actually get the benefit from. Eh, so much for the nutshelling... ;)
  7. Jayextee

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    Hah, this is basically how I beat the thing; with the exception that I watched the last cybie and spidey fight and realised that, yeah, that's gotta be some deh trickery going on right there.
  8. Jayextee

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    I've actually voted 'yes' to the poll. Saving *is* bad. I don't have an argument, I just see a complete lack of nuance in the scattered discussion in this thread on the matter and I thought I'd perturb the waters a bit.
  9. Jayextee

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    Not only should you not save, but you should only ever play on UV and get 100% kills and secrets on your first playthrough of any map, regardless the cost or method.
  10. Jayextee

    Why people delete their good works?

    My shit sucks, I'll destroy it if I want to.
  11. Thank you! This is so good to hear, given that I'd say toward the end about a third of my mapping time was probably wrestling against the double-threat of detail-related HOM and the dreaded VPO. Vanilla is torture; I love it. ;)
  12. I hadn't realised I had a preference until this topic. Although I'm able to SR40 in both directions to equivalent amounts of accuracy, if I absolutely want precision for a jump then I'm gonna A/D that and go left. As I say, I hadn't really thought about that. So although I can do both, voted 'left'.
  13. After maybe a couple months if nobody finds anything that breaks things horribly (you'd know that I don't count speedrunning skips here, heh) then sure. :)
  14. So I occasionally make YouTube videos and want to fill a subsequent one with DOOM footage. Although I generally set my content to 'not for kids', I kinda wanna be on the safe side of things so I wondered if there's a vanilla/chocolate DOOM compatible mod that replaces all of Ultimate DOOM's gore (sprites and textures) -- it doesn't matter if it's a simple GBA-style greenification of the blood or whatever, just as long as it's somewhat sanitised. Also, I do not want the bloody flat and related textures replaced. Chocolate DOOM is my source port of choice here, ergo please don't suggest that GZDoom thing that makes everybody bleed confetti or whatever. It's neat and all, but no. Thanks. CLARIFICATION This is to play my own maps with as I talk about them for a few minutes. No, Chex Quest is not a good answer.
  15. Jayextee

    What are your creative crutches?

    You are the reason people feel like they're missing out for not playing UV.
  16. We don't need a fucking remake of DOOM Eternal yet. Not for about 20 years.
  17. And yet the DOOM engine makes this distinction. It's a limit-removing map, so has to work this way really.
  18. Jayextee

    What's your favorite video game?

    My favourite game ever is the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, on the Megadrive. Yes, without the spindash move. Don't @ me with your bullshit, you're wrong about Labyrinth Zone, wrong about Marble Zone, and most definitely wrong about the game punishing speed or whatever opinion you were told to have via a YouTuber that knows about as much of game design as an Elephant knows about flight.
  19. Jayextee

    What are your creative crutches?

    If in doubt when mapping, I tend to stick a big circular room with a staircase spiralling up the outside somewhere to connect two areas. Whoops.
  20. Jayextee

    What's your favorite color?

    How the fuck has this obviously high quality thread gone on for this long without anyone mentioning the only acceptable answer for a favourite colour?
  21. Jayextee

    How to get a better mapping schedule?

    You mean to say there are other methods of mapping than "bang out a bunch of maps in a flurry of hyperactivity for two weeks and then go back to uninspired and lethargic for months on end until the next hyperactive episode"? Sounds fake but okay.
  22. Hurt Me Plenty because I'd rather have a fun time than get frustrated satisfying some weird FOMO about enemy placements.
  23. Archvile, so that for as long as I'm alive my friends never have to die.
  24. Jayextee

    Source-portmanteau Name Game

    what in the fresh hell is this thread