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  1. There are like a dozen fallacies and false equivalencies in that screed so I'm tapping out and not engaging any further.
  2. If games were patched in the '90s it usually would've been for crash bugs, hardware conflicts and incompatibilities. Non-egregious mapping errors were likely left in, especially secrets, because:
  3. Ideally speaking, everything in game development is done with purpose and for a good reason. Realistically-speaking, things get overlooked; or hacked-together in a rush; or were deprioritised; or any number of reasons you'd end up with a silly little bug quirk like "no secrets on map = 0%". I do apologise for my tone earlier. We've had an influx of, well, rather poor posts on the technical side of DOOM's behaviour of late and I think I was riding a wave of frustration from all of that.
  4. I gleaned from this a dismissive "it's not that hard" attitude that probably wasn't there. To wit, it could've been a single extra line of code to do this. But no, secrets were not that important. Still aren't.
  5. Once more y'all are ascribing more importance to secrets than id Software likely did, or than they deserve.
  6. Nah, they actually put a token secret area surrounding the exit switch so players could get 100% secrets in Dead Simple.
  7. Presuming, of course, the tutti-frutti effect on the skies (usually the portion hidden by level geometry in the iWAD) is fixed.
  8. I'll say, with a target height of -10128 (I looked). Okay so action 71 moves pretty quickly, can you achieve a similar goal with a higher target sector and one of the slower moving floor actions?
  9. Have you tagged both the sector and the linedef? Also make absolutely, absolutely sure there are no other sectors touching the one you want to downwards.
  10. Jayextee

    DOSBox integraded into a source port?

    I didn't, I asked Because, really, I have not the slightest clue what it is you're positing the idea of or what it would achieve, and therefore it's literally impossible to give you any advice as to how to achieve your goals and indeed what it is you're hoping to achieve (or, by the looks of this post and your previous posts, get someone else to do). Before you go on the defensive, again, about this; sometimes you gotta help us help you, man.
  11. Jayextee

    DOSBox integraded into a source port?

    To what end, and what would this offer that a sourceport cannot?
  12. It was an oversight, an afterthought. Secrets are in no way mandatory, it's not as stupid as you're making out.
  13. Jayextee

    Idea For Community Project

    I don't know what kind of loser would base a WAD on Nine Inch Nails but sure, this concept seems in-keeping with the spirit of DOOM's soundtrack at least.
  14. Perhaps secrets and their end-of-level total were intended more as a bonus to players; an afterthought; and not the all-encompassing unwritten hard-goal modern Gamers™ and their FOMO seem to think they are.
  15. Jayextee

    Ruins of Kalnik - why the name?

    BRB naming my next map "Badamar Shosesi, Baku, Azerbaijan". Just to mess with people like you continue this unique naming trend, heh. In seriousness, the Caves of Bosnia thing always confused me. But hey, I'm not the mapper, right? There could be a multitude of reasons behind the name that I'm not privy to. It's certainly more memorable than "Military Base" for the 9001st time or whatever.
  16. No. Until you start to put your "theories" and/or "analysis" into any kind of actual form, there's literally no difference between the two. "This could be done because RetroArch did it" smacks of blind ignorance; RetroArch and its many cores are the result of literal decades of work by many, many developers over the years and refactoring many years (again, in a whole 'nother direction) of work on sourceports to behave in the same 'moduled' way would be a waste of time and effort to practically no avail; users are likely going to find the module/core that's "best" for them (and, dollars to donuts; pounds to pound cakes, it'll likely be GZDoom after all) and stick with it. Because DOOM is DOOM is DOOM, and to a lot of people that's GZDoom -- there's no equivalency between, say, switching from Neo Geo ROMs to SNES ROMs to something else like in RetroArch. Next to nobody wants nor needs your idea, there are so very few use-cases for it. So for the effort you're being told; repeatedly; that it will take to get such a thing in motion, there simply wouldn't be the payoff to justify it.
  17. Jayextee

    Ruins of Kalnik - why the name?

    Mt. Erebus, a snow-covered volcano in real life, is the name of a hellish lava-filled crater in DOOM's third episode with no snow anywhere in sight. So, um, I guess nothing's in a name really.
  18. Jayextee

    PNG to Doom format conversion issues

    Those shades of blue aren't in the DOOM palette. The conversion is doing its best with the nearest it does have.
  19. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    It's my opinion, bruh. Fuck limit-removing. Also I'm exaggerating right now. The quoted post, I was being dramatic. Not at all serious; I do play most DBPs when they come out these days, and those tend to be limit-removing or BOOM so...
  20. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Alright. It's over. Beaten. Done with. That last third threw at me some large-scale confusing maps, about three in a row, and I got incredibly sour about that for a while because the original (and this is part of why my attention span and I love it) is home to shorter maps where the sting of the repeated punches in the face have just enough time to be felt without being numbed by more and more. I gave it 3.5/5 on my Tumblr where I, for some reason, have been reviewing the WADs I play for the past year or so. I don't generally do the .5's when scoring stuff, but 3/5 seemed too harsh and 4/5 too fair. It's okay, good even. But holy shit if it ain't fucking wretched toward the end in places.
  21. Jayextee

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I mean, I beg to differ there...
  22. Jayextee

    Can you just make game in GZDoom and sell it on steam?

    If you've created every single asset found within the attached .wad or .pk3 files, you absolutely can do this. Because Freedoom has no mechanics, it's literally just a .wad of said assets, created for free use by the community. The engine (in this case GZDoom) does all the mechanics work.
  23. Jayextee

    Possibility of an awesome Doom movie?

    Two hours of just that though? I'd be more interested in the plot of my popcorn.
  24. Jayextee

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    Plutonia 2 is GOATed as far as I'm concerned. It's not perfect and has a few 'of its time' quirks, but I wouldn't be back in the DOOM community after a break(down, heh) were it not for the allure of PL2. Anywho, I'm posting in this thread once more about PRCP2. Last third. I'm sick of wandering around overly-large levels with superdetailed (and not very clean) automaps that explain precisely nothing about where the ever-living fuck the next key might be, or how to get there, or how I raise those bars to the greyed-out area that's been taunting me for a full 20 minutes now... Limit-removing DOOM was a mistake.