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  1. Y'know, it bothered me that when I came back to Doomworld I couldn't remember my old password and get my old account back. Signed in as 'ComicMischief' because that's a handle I use elsewhere sometimes, but it just wasn't the same, man...

    ...I mean, a quick Google search revealed some teen-angsty old blogs of mine on here with bad spelling and references to things I've since forgotten and are now incomprehensible, and I should be embarrassed but damn man - it was me!

    I remembered the password. Just now. Actually, I came across an old blog on here whilst seeing if there was any chance in hell I uploaded my old Heretic levels anywhere but my old Geocities. Nope. But somehow I remembered through ten years of password changes and got the account back. Fuck yes.

    New guys here, you don't need to know what I just said. Old guys, if you remember who the fuck I was (I made a leaving post at some point a decade ago and got words to the effect, hahahah). It's great to have the old underwear back, is all.

    Also something something Murderous Intent 2... (I'm kidding)

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    2. Danarchy


      I also remember you.

      GreyGhost said:

      It does happen. I've been wondering if 40oz requested Danarchy's old custom title.

      He did what now?

    3. GreyGhost


      It apparently had something to do with the way he was un-losered, 40oz spent a few days on the forums with "loser" as his custom title before it quietly reverted to the forum default.

    4. Jayextee


      Danarchy, your current custom title is hilarious. Sim City 2000; remove so much as a single dollar from the transit funding (even for areas you don't currently have, like rail or air) and that dude LOST his shit. From lurking, I know you used to have that guy as your avatar too. :)