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  1. I don't know.

    I had this crazy dream, where I was in a kingdom and threatened with banishment unless I could slay the beast in the moat surrounding the castle. ONWARD I GO!

    I can remember diving out of bed like it was important, and taking to the floor. I was not, however, on the floor. I had dived out of the castle and into a small wooden dinghy, and was circling the castle as it towered over me. I gazed at the surrounding forest and took in the chill of the twilight air, hoping to prove my worth. I looked back at the castle and felt crestfallen; I was really enjoying that sleep.

    That sleep? Ah, yes! In a sudden, the castle morphed into the bed, and the forest became the various furniture littered around the room. I was not in a dinghy, I was lay on the floor; half-asleep in the cold.

    I got back into bed, a bit embarrassed. This has never happened before. I'm not sure it was sleep-walking per se, but it was weird. I don't even.

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    2. geekmarine


      I had a dream once that didn't end that way, but it was a close call. I dreamed my family was out driving when a tornado appeared. My dad tried to outrun it, but the tornado hit the car and sent it flying and tumbling through the air. Just as that happened, I woke up, except I didn't. I was awake, I knew I was awake, I had control over my body, but I could still see the dream. It looked and felt like I was still tumbling around the back seat of the car. I could have easily done something really stupid in that situation. I realized, though, that it was basically a hallucination, that what I was seeing and feeling wasn't real, so I really quickly opened my eyes and jumped out of bed, which made it end. My gosh, though, that was a vivid experience.

      I also had another weird experience where I fell asleep, immediately went into a dream about a UFO shining a light into my bedroom window while I was in bed, then woke up 10 minutes later. I actually hadn't really even realized it was a dream except for one detail - in the dream, I was lying on my back. When I woke up, I was lying on my stomach. That was the weirdest feeling ever, spending the next minute trying to figure out how to work my body because my body-awareness was thrown off by the dream. Like, I'm just sitting there, trying to figure out which way to bend my legs, and I was extremely confused about why they were bending backwards from the way I thought they should bend.

    3. Jayextee


      Some of this stuff is amazing, guys. I love dreams and the way they just, well, fuck with your mind. It's great.

    4. Cupboard


      I can count on one hand the number of times this has happened to me, but it's always screws with my head when I wake up but some crucial parts of my brain are not online.

      For example, I've had feelings of sleep paralysis as if I'm awake but viewing myself from the 3rd person as I roll down the side of my bed like a jellyfish and other people have been in the room with me. I'll try to move but will feel gravity completely overwhelm me.

      Other times I'll partially wake up and imagine it to be a completely different season. It'll be winter but I feel as though an omnipresent warm breeze float over me as if all the windows in the house were open to let in a calming summer breeze. After a few seconds it becomes obvious it was an illusion.

      A few other times, I can't really remember any details but I'll be awake/just on the edge of falling asleep but suddenly jolt awake before fully going unconscious and have the inexplicable feeling of doing something noteworthy... The feeling of living in a hotel room for a long time, of just getting out of a job interview, of going through prescription painkiller withdrawal, of experiencing a paranormal event, of my ego melting and becoming one with another consciousness that is clearly not mine. Generally just a case of the crazies, thoughts that get implanted as the brain crosses the barrier into unconsciousness.

      To be honest, I do not enjoy many of the dreams I have. I try to forget them all. They are usually just extensive rumination over the events of my life. Recycled situations, characters, settings, struggles, friends, enemies, it's all very recognizable and predictable. As if I didn't engage in depressive rumination enough in my daily life it has to enter my dreams? What a waste. Thankfully the majority of sleeps I have, everything gets forgotten unless something in particular the next morning jogs my memory and I'll "unlock" a dream segment. All else gets erased though.