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  1. I had my first crazy dream in ages. I love it when that happens, but it's been very rare of late.

    It was on the news: the UK Government revealed the REAL reason they've been making all the 'austerity' cuts to public services and welfare -- to fund a thing called Project Penelope, which was a village-sized UFO designed to orbit the Earth and be self-sufficient and only house the rich people of the UK so they could bugger off and leave this piece of crap country to the peons. It looked like two neon-blue sloped hexagon-shaped structures, pressed together like a burger bun but they rotated in opposing directions.

    It was also reportedly the same thing seen above protests in Brazil, which was supposed to be a 'secret' test or something.

    I did not, unfortunately, wake up wearing a tin-foil hat. I'm not a 'believer' as it were, but I love crazy dreams because sometimes I rip them off for storylines of my own things.

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    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Hellbent said:

      I don't dream anymore. I used to have pretty cool dreams once in awhile, but now I hardly ever dream. Cataclysms and boy band prisms, and snubbed legends where attention grabbing bathylites unite in bondage where Simpsons' placate and androgynous peasants congregate and oolites pontificate and exogenous tractolytes exopolitize and polarize and breathe more fire into the debate, with less hate, more fate, and wyrd was the word and wrym was the hoarde and all burnt a crisp cept the man with the lisp who sought a soliloquy in the rain soaked hills where the men were less brawny but the goats all less than more fought off the winged beasts from yore.

      Best. Post. Ever

    3. Grazza


      I was recently, quite by chance, in the UFO Capital of the World on the first day of UFO Days.

      Well, a couple of hours before things were meant to kick off for real, as they were still setting up. Things looked kind of quiet though.

      Yeah, I took some pictures, but am too lazy to upload right now.

      Best dream I recall anyone describing was when they thought they were being chased down Tog Hill by a Battlezone missile (go to 4:26 in this video). Or maybe that was an acid trip.

    4. Jayextee


      SavageCorona said:

      Did I turn this into a thread about dreams?

      Nah, I think my last thread in here was about a dream. I love my weird dreams.

      Last night's saw me being offered a ride home from Kevin Spacey, who was in a hippy Volkswagen van, because a storm was headed to town. I got back and my girlfriend and I watched the lightning come closer until it struck the street -- it looked like bold white paint strokes, but we went indoors anyway. Lightning struck the house and it vibrated. Girlfriend's yelling "PUB! PUB! WE SHOULD GO TO THE PUB!" and I started levitating, because I can do that in my dreams.

      My mind is interesting. I'd live there if I could.