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  1. Taking a cue from @Doomkid, my WADography. Some of the early ones are shit, mind.

    Murderous Intent (2001) - seven techbases. Too cramped, shitty implementation of difficulty.

    No Hope For Life E1 (2001) - E1M3 is mine. Again, too cramped (I had a poor perception of space, I think). Way too homagey.

    Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #2 (2001) - MAP10 and WTF, this is poor. Looks okay for a speedmap of the time, plays like ass.

    Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #3 (2001) - MAP05, better than the above (kinda) and I like the traps. But why did I forget ANY health?

    Sinister Intention (2012) - seven techbases (familiar? :P) in which I effectively forced pistol use against all low-tier enemies. Ugh, WHY?

    100 Lines (2013) - several maps are mine, check the readme. I enjoyed this project enough to crib together my own episode.

    900 Deep in the Dead (2013) - one map cribbed from the above, full E1 replacement. Am still proud of this, actually.

    Switcheroom 2 (2015?) - MAP01, a mashup of sorts between the first and last maps of DOOM 2. Eh, not bad.

    Nex Credo (2016) - 11 DOOM 2-styled maps, a mixed bag. Some of the better maps being used (with permission) for FreeDoom currently.

    The Becoming (2017) - still BETA, still working on E2M9, but some maps here I really like.

    FreeDoom (?) - On top of the above supplying some phase 2 maps, so far I have created a new C3M1 for phase 1.


    Yeah, I had a break for ten years whilst I got my shit together (SPOILER: I still don't got my shit together). I'm not the most prolific mapper by far, but I've been around a bit.

    1. Jayextee


      Don't know if it counts also, but I did make 100 maps (admittedly small arenas, and technically just 50 then remixes of those 50) for SLaVE - whenever that's finished.