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  1. Okay, so I've been having worrying chest-crushing pains and after a visit to the hospital it turns out I have worryingly-high blood pressure. I'm shortly to head out to the doctor's to see if I can do anything about it (I'm not medicated at the moment, resting hopes on some beta blockers and possible dietary recommendations, since I eat like shit) but I'm still full of anxiety about it all.


    So, to be slightly melodramatic, if the worst happens will someone upload whatever the latest version of The Becoming is to idgames?

    An odd request to be sure, but I don't like the idea of leaving any loose ends. I'm sure I'll be fine though, I am literally seeing the doc in 45 minutes. Fingers crossed.

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    2. j4rio


      Sounds like angina pectoris, possibly of atherosclerotic origin, although that's up to doctor to evaluate. If that's it, it's unlikely to be a life-threatening condition on its own, but not particularly good news either. Cut the smoking.

    3. Jayextee


      I uh, I've never smoked.

    4. Liberation


      Not such an odd request, I made a similar one last year before jetting off on holiday!