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  1. me: making a Wolfenstein 3D parody should be easy right? Layouts in that were simple as fuck.

    also me:


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    2. Jayextee


      Thanks! :D

      What I'm doing is sticking to a simple rule: buildings are right-angles. Not 100% strictly mind (I love a good curved staircase here and there) but for the most part.

      But to hell with the idea of making any rock faces or other natural outdoor structures right-angled. Hell naw.

    3. geo


      I assume small sprite rock structures would look good enough to blend a flat wall to the ground.


      Scorpions or rattle snakes as a melee enemy could be nice. This is the desert after all. Then again who breaks into an enemy compound to find a waist high scorpion?

    4. Jayextee


      If I can be bothered to draw the sprites (don't forget, these are 8-direction rotations so I'm drawing the same animation from various viewpoints) then stuff like that will go in. Given that I'm the mapper, scripter, texture artist and musician thus far as well as the sprite artist; any shortcuts are welcome ones, even stuff like "no sneks plz". :3