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  1. So I recently played through Plutonia Revisited: Community Project and Plutonia 2, in that order.


    • Neither are very Plutonia-esque for the most part; PRCP fares better through homage, whilst Plutonia 2 experiments more.
    • Both approaches work very well IMO.
    • I'd probably say PRCP is the better of the two, although I do love PL2 quite a lot.
    • My favourite maps in PRCP were the closest to Plutonia in feel; small, intense ones that are short enough for a total restart not to start getting old quick.
    • Conversely, in PL2 I most enjoyed the big and adventurous maps (MAP20 and MAP29 spring to mind); mainly for their atmosphere.
    • Both WADs' MAP11 are works of art, for different reasons; PRCP's would've fit well as a regular adventure-esque PL2 map though.
    • I don't really rate either WAD's final boss encounter too highly.
    • PL2 definitely had the better secret maps IMO. Not that there's much in it, they're pretty much all loaded with homage because of course they are.
    • I want more. Of both.

    I'm going to lay it down here: if there's no similar project started by the time I finish GULFENSTEIN 3D then I may well be starting one myself. I'm not the only one who loves the whole Plutonia thing (the original is still best, even if these days I could live without Hunted, Impossible Mission, Tombstone and The Sewers) -- so I dunno, would it be audacious to Community Project the thing? There are so many of those around these days, I feel it might be better just to do a semi-closed project and see if I can get a couple other mappers to join in.

    But I'm thinking on that. I'll keep y'all updated.

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    2. dew


      I love PL2 and I blame it for the vanilla mapping renaissance that kicked off soon after its release and keeps raging to this day. I will also admit that PRCP has more copycat tendencies. But! PL2 under Vince/Gusta was a well focused team effort that wanted to go its own way creatively. PRCP on the other hand aimed to take direct inspiration from the original, a mission pack more than a sequel. Different goals make direct comparison a tad unfair!


      Also to PRCP's defense, it wasn't a carefully vetted team effort, it was a wild and short community project with randoms providing submissions. Increased variety needs to be expected - and I'd say PRCP actually has both more literal copycats AND maps that are more experimental or detached from the "plutonia-norm". Darkwave's map11, both Xaser maps, waverider's map19 - I dare say they outweird anything in PL2.


      Sorry for ranting, I just admire one of the projects a lot and have a personal stake in the other one, so I can't stand when people don't love them both the same!!!

    3. Jayextee


      I personally do love them both though. At first I loved PL2 more, right now I think I prefer PRCP a bit more. This may change next I play them both; they're great for different reasons. There is, after all, a reason I crave more. ;)

    4. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      i remember really liking Plutonia 2 when it was first released way back when (9 years!), and upon replaying it last year, i did enjoy it... but not quite as wholeheartedly as before i don't think. i think the really long maps after another wore me down, with map29 taking the cake for being a gigantic keyhunt that also has a big secret hidden as well. the music is pretty cool too, feeling like the starting point for a new era of Doom musicians like stewboy and Jimmy, which helped making it feel fresh.


      i don't recall as much of PRCP off the top of my head, but i remember liking it absolutely, but perhaps not as much as PL2. i recall being more annoyed by it than PL2, but maybe that's just rose-tinted glassesness.


      Plutonia jungles are cool.