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  1. Anyway. Another genuine blog thing from Darth Jrrr (Ask my housemates about that one... :D). I thought I'd elaborate; yes you guys, I'm alive and back.

    Man did I have a pile of shit thrust upon me, life-wise. Drugs, suicide attempts, alcoholism, splits and manic depression. All water under the bridge now, and Videogames have been there for me, as opposed to my family or friends... how about some support you guys?

    Nah, never mind. I can go it alone.

    Yeah, so. A RL update for you guys; Jayextee is well and kicking. I'm working feverishly (Lie. I'm working slowly) on Murderous Intent 2, playtesting it roughly 500% of the time I spend editing to make sure it's as right as it can get. I'm including whatever effects I can to make this look as good as I can get it without going silly with the detail; I'm still running the P200, by the way guys, but depending on a loan or something, I may be getting a new Puter... something that can at least run GLEdge at a passable enough rate for me to use a gazillion sectors on vertical lighting for the Exhumed TC (I've done some experiments; slow, but good-looking lighting is possible. With enough dedication, you can fake lightmaps :D).

    And, I'm working toward something very good, games theory-wise, that I can apply to level designing. The result; things from me get better. When they get finished.

    Anyways, it's great to be back, people.

    Non-Doom update; Sonic Advance 3 has the best soundtrack since Sonic CD (European and Japanese MegaCD version) IMHO. Love it. What's the deal with the CastleVania levels? Dunno, but I love it. Still not as good as Advance2, but there you go. And my Amy/Sonic speed combo rocks your petty little white socks. I'm loving time trials in this; the levels are a little messy, but it's stil waaaaay better than Sonic Advance 1 (Let it be said; the only Sonic I've not even attempted to get all the emeralds on). Piece of crap.

    Well, I've got some nice music for an upcoming Sonic project I'm (Als very slowly) working on... I've no idea what it will be (Either an Edge mod, a ZDoom mod or a Kilk'n'play thing, if I can get the physics right... only the title, 'Sonic Gaiden'... sounds Japanesey enough to fit, and the title works... I'm not recruiting yet, but the music I've got (That's all as yet, bar some planning) is very Sonic-y... I love it.

    Yes, I fucking LOVE the Sonic games. It's all about Sonic, Doom, Puyo Puyo, StreetFighter and CastleVania for me...

    This is Darth Jrrr, force neutral, signing off.

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    2. Jayextee


      No, NiN were. I honestly don't know how I would have got by at times without The Downward Spiral. Therapeutic -- you know, like someone else _knows_ what it's like... fucking love the album.

      Beatles are cool though.

    3. dsm


      Jayextee said:

      Man did I have a pile of shit thrust upon me, life-wise. Drugs, suicide attempts, alcoholism, splits and manic depression. All water under the bridge now, and Videogames have been there for me, as opposed to my family or friends... how about some support you guys?

      Damn, that sounds like a visit to Hell. Glad you managed to suck it up and get through - I mean it!
      I dunno what to really say supportwise other than advising you to stay off the damn alcohol. If you're depressed, the worst thing you can do is to get drunk, because alcohol stimulates the mood you're in; if you're happy, you're likely to get overjoyed, if you're depressed, you get suicidal. Believe me, I've tried both. Here's some elaboration:

      Happiness: After I got through what amounts to Secondary school, I went to a party arranged by two girls from my class. I and those two gals were the only ones from my class that showed up which at first was disappointing considering that it was meant to be a party for my school class, but it turned out to be for the best, because one of the girls had invited a few friends that neither I or the other girl knew and they turned out to be really nice people (some of my other classmates would've ruined the whole thing because they were jackasses). The party got off to a good start, I got drunk and I ended up going to bed in my sleeping bad in a state of complete bliss.

      Depression: Boy have I had lots of those at other parties. I won't pick one specific because I'd rather forget about 'em. Basically every party with hordes of people, music so loud that you can't fucking converse with other people without having to shout AT THE TOP OF YOUR FUCKING LUNGS(!!!).
      I'm a kind of person who's very bad at getting to know people when there are lots of people - I don't know how to start a conversation and I basically go unnoticed so the chance of somebody starting up a conversation with me is minimal at best. I usually end up just hanging out in a corner, or desperately trying to find those few people in the party that I already know.
      It's under those circumstances that I'm prune to get angry (about the fact that it's so fucking difficult to get into a decent conversation) and depressed. And when I drink a lot at parties (hanging out with a bunch of friends and having a beer or ten with them is the typical way to "be social"), my depression reaches ..uh.. depressing heights.

      So..uh..yeah...don't drink to improve your mood, because you're only making it worse for yourself.

    4. Bucket


      My friend told of an experience when we was freaking out on LSD-- he listened to Eraser(polite) at full blast for hours on end...