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  1. Seriously, guys, I don't keep a livejournal or anything so I'm blogging here. Tell me if it gets too much, ja? ;)

    Anyways. Latest news; Jay hates Doom 2. No really, I fucking detest it for the most part, lately. It's a real great game filled with some of the lousiest levels I've ever had the misfortune to play. Yes, I know I just set the place on fire, but this is a blog, and I'm merely venting an opinion.

    Well, anyway; my reasoning. Games are, at the very simplest, an interactive tool for the manipulation of virtual space and time in artificial environments. I could explain that if you wanted, but I'll leave it at that for now. Anyways, it is of my opinion that a good game will present the player with as much opportunity as is possible to manipulate said space, and violation of this principle will make a game less fun to play. Hence, I dislike Doom2's levels. To start with, they're a helluva lot more linear than the much-loved (And rightly so) Episode 1, plus a lot of them feature far too cramped spaces, or far too open spaces; two very uncomfortable extremes.

    To me, all space within a level in a game should have some playable worth. A lot of Doom2's virtual space is nigh on worthless. Of course, I'm not arguing on a per-sector basis, because decoration is important in a narratological sense to set a basic atmosphere and theme. But if a sector is navigable by the player (Or monsters that the player can interact with; still a manipulation of space thus) then it is playable space. And not all of Doom2's space is well used -for example, how many people actually travers all corners of MAP30 for any reason? There's no reason to. Then why is the level shaped as is? My point here is that all navigable space represents potential gameplay, and "wasted" space like this merely feels to me to be just that - wasted. It's gameplay I'm missing out on, potentially.

    And don't even get me started on varying heights and the abuse of autoaim that is forced upon the player from Doom2's levels.

    Of course, by now I'm the hypocrite; many of the principals I've mentioned I violated with Murderous Intent. Well, all I can say is look forward to the sequel. It's not perfect (Levels are still not as nonlinear as I'd like, alas, but they're a lot better) but IMHO a step in the right direction.

    I'm playtesting Mi2 a hell of a lot. I want it to be as good as I can ofer at this point. I'm playing all the levels I have as yet about twice a day. I play roughly 10,000% of the time I spend editing, because that's what it's about for me; passion. I still love Doom2; I was lying above, for the sake of a highly flammable intro. But when I consider that Doom2, a game which I believe to stand up favourably against today's titles, is as flawed as it is, I stop to think what kind of crap the Industry is churning out these days, and what little I can do to rectify that.

    Well, that was my two cents,
    Darth Jrrr signing off.

    [edit]Edited for spelling (Some may remain, but it at least reads well now)[/edit]

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    2. Bloodshedder


      Jayextee said:

      Darth Jrrr signing off.

      Is this a subtle hint that you want your username changed or something?

    3. Jayextee


      No. No hint, just a nickname I've acquired from "roomying" with another Star Wars freak... I'm his Sith apprentice :p

      And, if you're offering, hey a custom title wouldn't go amiss ;)

    4. Combustable


      I dont hate the doom 2 levels, but I played them years ago when i was too young to really play the game with any skill, so i cheated and basically just goofed aroudn with it, and now i've gone through the entire game and all the levels are old and BOOORING now. Its just that the maps get old, and stale. And... Yeah, I hate all the doom maps now. I wanna go back to play it again, but then im like. "fuck it" and go do something else, because I have them all spot welded into my brain, and i'll never get rid of em. Damnit