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  1. Do you know what I think is stupid? Not knowing there was a mole on my neck THAT COULD HAVE ONLY BEEN THERE ALL MY LIFE until I shaved the fucking head off it this morning. Blood everywhere, I shoulda scanned my neck and used it for hell textures :p

    (Note: Had I a scanner, I probably would have done, rofl)

    Oooh, yeah. I've been trying some subtle things with Intent2... I've reverted to the old, simple Intent1 sky cause it gets the right atmosphere (And the more detailed skies I knocked up from Hexen graphics and the like just didn't "do it" for me.). Speaking of atmosphere, though - I could add a HELLUVA lot just by tweaking the colour palette... to make it more like I'd imagine Mars to be like, all I've got to do is make the least red damage palette the standard one... only problem with this is that it makes everything that's grey look a bit brown. And a lot of the greens. So, you know, I'd get the "OMFG this is too like quake all brown just like poop!" retards shuffling their retarded vernacular my way. Uhm.... nope.

    Also, I toyed with slightly yellowing the palette, but this effect is even worse for the brown-ness. I'm toying with the idea of some interactive easter eggs in Intent 2, and just more in general. I included ONE in the Map01 demo I sent to about five people nearly two years back, and thought it was a cool thing to do. Then Action Doom happened. Love it, but it kinda beat me to the entire thing. Damn.

    Well, at least I *do* have some new concepts... somewhere, I'm sure :D

    I actually dreamt that I completed MAP04 last night... w00t. Now if ONLY I could remember how I *did* such a convincing 3D bridge with just stock BOOM effects... nah, dreams ain't worth shit. Wishful thinking on my part.

    Wish I could find an alternative to cmaptool that I could use with Heretic, though. NEED coolass underwater colormaps. I can't wait until I'm free enough to do for Heretic what I'm doing with Intent2 (Oh dear, a little teaser statement for anybody whom might care :D) ;)

    I'm also toying around with releasing 2 versions of Intent2 with different soundtracks... one in .mod format for ZDoom users, so I can show off a bit more with my musical "creativity"...

    OT: http://profiles.yahoo.com/jayextee <-- Anyone like my hair? Man, it's about a couple of inches longer than that now, and I can STILL do the same style. It's kinda half pink, half black now as well. Whomever would have thought that I would have gotten out of a depression by identifying with society's alternative, unwanted underbelly? Well, kind of. It didn't hurt :D But I'm proud, dagnammit!

    Anyways, I'm one out of seven Chaos Emeralds richer on Sonic Advance 3, and absolutely loathing Cream or Tails as either player or partner... They didn't make Sonic the fastest ever platform game to play slowly and fly around everywhere, now *did* they?

    And I'm toying with resurrecting an old comic strip I used to do about a year ago. It should rule, given my "skillz0rz" and shit with the scribbling.

    Well, this is Darth Jrrr signing off. Again.

    1. Grimm


      What port are you using? I think ZDoomgl allows for off-pallete stuff . . . it's shame to limit yourself to the original pallette.

    2. Jayextee


      Technically, BOOM compatibles, so the neither-legacy-nor-zdoom fencesitters can both play, so therefore I'm wanting to use BOOM standard stuff -- wider audiences and all that. That's why I need to generate a colormap like the custom ones I'm using for Intent2.