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  1. Well yeah. A worthwhile entry from the Darth Jrrr? Maybe.

    Doom2 on GBA. Let me face facts, I got it for one reason alone; DM. It's a fair enough translation in SP (Miles better than the original) but the DM, now I've played it, is awful.

    Well, I say awful but I mean; I'm a purist. I can live with the PSX version not allowing me to play orginal DM, but at least -altdeath is represented well. Not so GBA. For some reason, they're made certain powerups respaen in DM that shouldn't. I'm talking mainly the invisibilty orbs. Dagnammit, that makes the DM-playable (In my humbled opinion) level total drop from two, to one.

    Yeah, MAP01 is still quite fun, but what good is one map? Well, good enough for half an hour, as it worked out, but my GBA Doom2-owning friend isn't exactly the kind of Doom obsessive who can play MAP01 all day. Damn.

    Well, at least that's only slightly LESS of a disappointment to finding out how much of an explorefest Sonic Advance 3 really is (If you want the emeralds)... fucking game. It's forced me to playing the first; in retrospect not too bad, but not Sonic Advance 2 (Still rocks my socks). Why can't they remake Sonic the Hedgehog (Original) for the GBA, with some added Time Attack modes and all, without butchering it like the Saturn Sonic Jam version? I'm sure it would sell well, given the amount of Sonic Kiddies out there still... but that's Sega all over; no business sense.

    Oh well. At least I've got the NiGHTS GBA demo to look forward to. WHEN I can be arsed to even play Billy Hatcher. Fucking game - don't get me started.

    OKay, so I had a weekend indoors, despite the heat, gaming. That's all I do anyway.

    Darth Jrrr signing off.

    1. myk


      But why play -altdeath? Or is it all it has?

    2. Jayextee


      Yes. Very like the PSX version, there's no choice. I could live with that were it not for the respawning invisibilty effectively KILLING map07.

    3. Sephiroth


      though a good port it had the rushed feeling. i didnt like the fact that you could only save once you beat a map. also it was slow in a few areas. not to mention that they had to censor the game, ok not really that bad. wolf3d was a port i liked better.

      i never tried DM, if you are a doom purist you are not really gonna be happy unless you play on a computer