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  1. ...except maybe the fact that around noon today a warehouse at the bottom of my street caught fire, and the whole building went up.

    I went to check it out about 3PM; there was black smoke pouring into the town centre and the building couldn't be seen for flame and smoke. Damn.

    So anyways, my concern goes toward my house; it's roughly about 20 meters from aforementioned warehouse's grounds. I ask a fire official, and apparently the fire hasn't spread to the houses. Good.

    Not good. I just got word that my street has been EVACUATED, and residents are to kip in the local leisure centre until the damage can be worked out - the warehouse is in danger of falling, and the fire people cannot figure out which direction. So, wheras nothing ever happens in my neighbourhood, it has. And I feel like I'm up the creek without so much as a popsicle stick. Dang.

    In other news; life sucks, blah blah blah -- I actually can't think of anything but the impending doom of Chez Jrrr, due to a potentially hazardous burnt-out building. Fuck.

    Darth Jrrr out.

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    2. Jayextee


      Still, on a technicality, homeless for the day; word has it they'll be letting us in later this afternoon, which is great; I'm in need of a shave, a wash, a change of clothes, some food.

      I've been homeless before, and it wasn't my idea of a picnic. Thank (deity of choice) that this is only temporary. And thank (expletive of choice) for the Library -- somewhere to go during the day whilst I wait for the dudes in blue to give the street the allclear.

      Well, not even the street; they deemed most of it safe. Like next door -- how irritating is that? I happen to live in the LAST BLOODY HOUSE BEFORE THE POLICE TAPE. Arse. Fuck. Swear.

      Oh well, at least it wasn't *too& humiliating asking an ex-girlfriends father if I could crash last night, given the circumstances; I should be thankful I had a roof to sleep under, I suppose.

      Still, I'm missing my GBA and comics. Dagnammit.

      [update]The police tape has been moved! Yay! Now it's one door down, and as a karmic* reward I can laugh at teh sad basrads next door whilst I'm able to change my underwear. w00t -- it's the small things.

      I hear it's been on the regional news and everything; shame I didn't represent so the cameras could catch my blacker-than-thou (:P) visage in it's splendour ;)

      [*; Nobody ever said that Karma doesn't work both ways, so I claim my reward of laughter at those poor unfortunates next door]

    3. SYS


      I'm glad to hear that your once again in your home, that would have really sucked if it got contaminated or caught on fire. Sometimes it's better for things to stay dull.

    4. Jayextee


      Yes. The building in question is being demolished now. It's a pity; it was a really good-looking one; victorian in design, and yet still functional. I really shoulda took a photo or sketched it while it stood (Ah, 20-20 hindsight... :p) so I could base some architecture on it's design, but c'est la vie, I suppose.

      Hopefully next week will be boring again so I can have some downtime before (re)starting college... ;)