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  1. Well, I'm almost starting (yet) another college course, so that means less social time (Tiredness) so I'll get back to editing fully. Whee, I'll be teh hermit again. So, Intent 2.

    I've not been actively mapping on it, but when I'm not doing that, I tend to think things out concept-wise.
    And I've been thinking about Murderous Intent2;

    I always planned a sequel levelset -- if anybody read the readme file, a rough story was outlined wheras you escaped the mining facility, and headed toward the city where you'd escape Mars for Earth. Well, that said, it was supposed to be a MegaWAD, with the three "episodes" (skies) being Mars, Space, Earth -- essentially 32 levels of pure techbasery (Not a word, I know). Too much work for one stress-ridden individual.

    So, as seperate levelsets now, I planned MI2 to be the Space episode. Then I released Intent, and people liked it. There was call for more of the same, more or less, and I didn't really feel I did the theme justice with the rough maps I did (Being that they were my coming of age, really. map04 remains unchanged architecturally as the sixth map I *ever* made!).

    So as it stands, Intent 2 is a retelling of the first.

    However, I've been playing the original now, and feeling half disgust at my early maps, and half pride at how good some of teh areas are, and I don't know whether to remake the first intent as part of the second, and do the space episode that I really want to do now (Overflowing with ideas -- I love Vrack, so I always wanted to do my own "version", darker in feel and spread across several smaller maps.)

    Although, this puts me in a little heap of contestation -- if I actually re-release (So to speak, I'll tody them up something chronic, and completely rehaul the gameplay) the same seven maps, Then there are going to be big complaints. Nobody likes rereleases, right? Even if I'm going to add all the new Intent2 stuff to these.

    Also, there's the fact that I planned the Space Episode as just that; an episode, with a start. How can I force a pistol start on map12? I can't, really. Not even with map11 ending in a player death, because some people will complain at being handed no health whilst they struggle to keep all the weapons.

    So I thought; make it in Ultimate Doom. This means no archviles, I know, but I'm waaaaay too fond of those anyway (And might, one day, make a dedicated Archvile wad -- there's a lot that can be done with them in a gameplay sense that hasn't been done). But it also means that I can't exactly keep the same Intent feel; I'd have to make the ealier levels easy, and baron-less for the E1M7 setpiece to work. Therefore, I keep Spidies and Cybies out of the way till later.

    To me that would improve the gameplay, but I'll alienate anybody that wanted a "more-of-the-same-but-better" sequel (Which, until yesterday, was what I was heading toward).

    This would also cover the fact that I'm running into a wall trying to remake the same themes (Mining, warehouse, et cetera) in a different vein for the sequel; if I just polish (perfect, to my mind) up the old maps, I've essentially got seven layouts I can re-use. I'm not lazy, I just like doing different things, instead of remaining stuck on one.

    In short, I really, REALLY want to remake the old levels; they're flawed genius, I think, and could really do with a facelift (All custom textures, new effects). I also REALLY want to keep the three maps I've done as yet for Intent2. I also REALLY REALLY want to do a space episode, and the start level I'm craving to do (It'll be worth it). Therefore, I might do this;

    A 3-episode (Actually, I might even go for a bonus fourth) Ultimate Doom WAD that would encapsulate everything I'm after doing;
    Episode 1; Murderous Intent, remade.
    Episode 2; The Space Episode I want to do.
    Episode 3; Storyline dictates a return trip to Mars, after a sabotaged space journey.

    But I don't know -- I feel like it's a little blasphemous to retread those old levels (Trivia: MI2 was originally titled "Blasphemous Intent", due to my dislike of real sequels). What shall I do?

    1. Szymanski


      Do the space episode. Go back to the old maps when your bored/uninspired.

    2. Jayextee


      I'm uninspired now, kind of. I'm bored with making "more of the same" when I can see that what I'm making more of the same of isn't up to scratch. Plus, I want to retexture the whole lot; it sucks.

      I guess I should never have released Murderous Intent in the form it stands; I'm really unhappy with hit, so a remake is on the cards anyway (I've decided; during the planning of remake map05, I had some inspiration for a cool set-piece or three).

      Maybe I'm at that point in mapper's block where I realise what would be REAL EASY to do right now (I like intros and boss levels), and what I'm not so good at (All that middle stuff :D)

    3. Szymanski


      I enjoyed it, ok it's not ultra detailed but it played well. Maybe the start of map 4 is a bit too narrow but thats about it.